[노래] 보여줄게

The Crush The Ex-Crush gave me 6GB worth of Kpop last spring probably because I can’t relate when he’s gushing over this song and that song of this girl group and that girl group since my Korean music knowledge, aside from G.O.D songs and 2NE1’s is only limited to drama OSTs. Because of that, I’ve gotten to know Kpop more and started liking it. Yes. I’ve learned listening to Kpop!

However I’m no expert compared to real Kpop fans. I still don’t know who’s who in SNSD and know nothing outside my now 600+ Kpop songs.

Anyway, I asked Ally from The Blue Hanbok Ally for song recommendation after reading her Top 5 Songs on my Korean Playlist post and she recommended 보여줄게 to me.

I’ve heard this song a number of times before because it’s one of the 600+ songs The Ex-Crush gave to me. But it’s only now that I put much attention to the lyrics – and it instantly became a favorite! The MV is also 완벽해!

I’ve watched the MV for like 5 times and I was smiling the whole time. I still have nothing to 보여줄게 at the moment because I’m still stuck and keep going back to the 자꾸 눈물이 흐르는 순간. But heck, the song makes me want to 부여줄게 too!

그래! 좀 기대해! 나도 새로운 나로 변할 수 있어! 더 예쁜 나로 더 행복한 나로 변할거야. 기대해! 보여줄게! 칫!

Thanks Ally! I shall listen to this song the moment I wake up every morning! A good dosage of mood-lifter for the brokenhearted.

내가 사준 옷을 걸치고
내가 사준 향술 뿌리고
지금쯤 넌 그녈 만나 또 웃고 있겠지

그렇게 좋았던 거니
날 버리고 떠날 만큼
얼마나 더 어떻게 더 잘 해야 한 거니

너를 아무리 지울래도
함께한 날이 얼마인데
지난 시간이 억울해서
자꾸 눈물이 흐르지만

보여줄게 완전히 달라진 나
보여줄게 훨씬 더 예뻐진 나
바보처럼 사랑 때문에
떠난 너 때문에 울지 않을래

더 멋진 남잘 만나 꼭 보여줄게
너보다 행복한 나
너 없이도 슬프지 않아
boy you gotta be aware

산뜻하게 머릴 바꾸고
정성 들여 화장도 하고
하이힐에 짧은 치마 모두 날 돌아봐

우연히 라도 널 만나면
눈이 부시게 웃어주며
놀란 니 모습 뒤로 한 채
또각 또각 걸어가려 해

보여줄게 완전히 달라진 나
보여줄게 훨씬 더 예뻐진 나
바보처럼 사랑 때문에
떠난 너 때문에 울지 않을래

더 멋진 남잘 만나 꼭 보여줄게
너보다 행복한 나
너 없이도 슬프지 않아
무너지지 않아
boy you gotta be aware

니가 줬던 반질 버리고
니가 썼던 편질 지우고
미련 없이 후회 없이 잊어 줄 거야
너를 잊을래 너를 지울래

보여줄게 완전히 달라진 나
보여줄게 훨씬 더 예뻐진 나
바보처럼 사랑 때문에
떠난 너 때문에 울지 않을래

더 멋진 남잘 만나 꼭 보여줄게
너보다 행복한 나
너 없이도 슬프지 않아
무너지지 않아
boy you gotta be aware

2NE1 Manila Concert – on impulse!

You all know that I’m not a K-pop fan. And even if I recently fell in love with g.o.d. I still can’t pinpoint who’s who until now (except for Yoon Kye Sang of course!). But I’m a Filipino, therefore I know Sandara Park!

I’m not a fan of her when she was still here in the Philippines. But she is very famous. And I find her really cute. And by the time she returned to Korea for good (pre-2NE1) I’m already into Korean stuff – thus the more interested I am with her – and I kinda ‘follow’ her. I even joined (and lurked around) her fancafe and I liked her more when I saw her talking in Filipino in her cafe with her Filipino fans.

I was happy when I saw her cameo in The Return of Il Jimae, and was even happier when I first saw her perform with 2NE1 through ‘Lollipop’. And then I was completely stunned when I first saw their first single ‘Fire’. I can’t believe that it is Sandara!

Since then, the only K-pop group (that is not related, in any way, to Kim Sun-Ah) that I listen to is 2NE1. But, just like how I am with g.o.d. I can’t pinpoint the other members except for Sandara. And I only listen to their music and watch their MVs. I’m really not into performances and music shows.

But last year, in our Korean class, we were required to make an MV and sing a Korean song. Our group choose 2NE1’s ‘I Don’t Care’. Thus I had to watch and rewatch their MV plus performances and dance tutorials.

Since then I’ve grown to like these girls. Their performances were just outstanding. They are oozing with energy and they look like they were enjoying it. And as I learn their dance step for ‘I Don’t Care’, the more I admire them! They have killer dance steps yet they make it appear simple and easy (giving false hopes to a helpless dancer like me).

Anyway, I still don’t ‘follow’ them around, but they will always be my favorite performers.


I’ve always wished they would have a concert here in the Philippines. Kpop groups has started coming here once in a while. If there’s a group that should come here, it must be 2NE1. So I was very happy when I heard that they will have a concert here.

But I forgot about it. Totally!

I only realized it from Facebook feeds on my wall the day of the concert itself. I feel bad that I forgot about it. I haven’t prepared for it. At the same time I have an appointment that day that I would never exchange for a 2NE1 concert.

I would really have to pass by Cubao area on my way h0me from my appointment. It is where Araneta Coliseum is located. It is where the concert is being held. It was past 8:30pm then. I decided to go there and try to see if it’s already starting and if there are still tickets.

Luckily, there are still tickets. There are also a few people buying tickets when I arrived. I suddenly found myself lining up and buying a ticket – the cheap one – Upper Box A.

I can’t believe I really went there!

I just want to see them and hear them perform. Plus I want to see Sandara again. I hurriedly climb the stairs of Araneta, thinking that I was very late for the show that started at 7:00pm. When I took my seat, that’s when I realized that there are actually tons of front acts! So I actually didn’t miss any 2NE1 at all. In fact I was even sleepy from too much front acts. Luckily I was late, so I was spared from watching more than half of the front acts.

When they finally appeared the entire Araneta became alive. So, this is how it feels in a concert. Truth is, it was my first time to watch a concert – ever! I’m glad it was with 2NE1. And I don’t care that I’m alone. Coz I was singing along with the crowd.

They are really awesome. Minzy is so cute with her Filipino greeting and her energy is simply unbelievable. Bom is of course sexy. And CL’s powerful voice is pounding Araneta. And of course Sandara – our very own Sandy. You can feel Sandara’s happiness in the entire Coliseum from the moment they appeared, and until they left the stage. It was indeed her night! She also keeps talking in straight Filipino all through the night. And she also sang her once famous song when she was still here in the Philippines – “In or Out”.

Aside from Sandy’s “In or Out”, my favorites were “Fire”, “Clap Your Hands” and of course “I Don’t Care” (because honestly I don’t know the rest of their songs! I really am not a fan!)

I would have been very sad if I missed their concert! Sometimes things on impulse are much nicer! Thanks for the wonderful concert girls! What a nice way to spend the last few days of my summer vacation. 🙂

[노래] 잔소리

Tonight, a twitter friend shared this very cute video of my dear Kim Sun Ah singing 잔소리 with film director Kim Sang Jin. This video was taken yesterday from the 쫑잔치 of Kim Sun Ah and Kim Joo Hyuk’s upcoming movie “Fighting Spirit”.

I don’t know what 쫑잔치 is and I wasn’t able to find it in any dictionaries. Someone from hanlingo explained to me it’s 끝남을 기념하다는 잔치. ^^

After seeing this video, the fan in me immediately searched for the song.

늦게 다니지 좀 마 술은 멀리 좀 해봐 열살짜리 애처럼 말을 안 듣니
정말 웃음만 나와 누가 누굴보다 아이라 하는지 정말 웃음만 나와
싫은 얘기 하게 되는 내맘을 몰라
좋은 얘기만 나누고 싶은 내 맘을 몰라
그만할까 그만하자

하나부터 열가지 다 널위한 소리 내 말 듣지않는 너에게는 뻔한 잔소리
그만하자 그만하자 사랑하기만해도 시간 없는데
머리아닌 가슴으로 아는 이야기 니가 싫다해도 안 할수가 없는 이야기
그만하자 그만하자 너의 잔소리만 들려

밥은 제때 먹는지 여잔 멀리 하는지 온종일을 니옆에 있고싶은데
내가 그맘 안거야 주머니 속에 널 넣고 다니면 정말 행복할탠데

둘이 아니면 안 되는 우리 이야기
누가 듣는다면 놀려대고 웃을 이야기
그만할까 그만하자

하나부터 열가지 다 널위한 소리 내 말 듣지않는 너에게는 뻔한 잔소리
그만하자 그만하자 사랑하기만해도 시간 없는데
머리아닌 가슴으로 아는 이야기 니가 싫다해도 안 할수가 없는 이야기
그만하자 그만하자 너의 잔소리만 들려

눈에 힘을 주고 겁을 줘봐도
내겐 그저 귀여운 얼굴
이럴래 자꾸 더는 못 참고 정말 화낼지 몰라 (난 몰라)

사랑하고 말거라면 안 할 이야기 누구보다 너를 생각하는 마음의 소리
화가 나도 소리쳐도 너의 잔소리마저 난 달콤한데
사랑해야 할수 있는 그런 이야기 내 말 듣지 않는 너에게는 뻔한 잔소리
그만하자 그만하자 이런 내 맘을 믿어 줘

After listening to it I kinda liked it. I think I want to study the lyrics, but got impatient with my slow and often erroneous translations (!), so I looked for an English subbed version (I’m still putting this song on my to-study list though).

So this is the famous IU. My first “encounter” with her and her songs was during a K-pop contest in our university 2 years ago. A contestant did an IU number and it was indeed cute. I’ve heard about IU once in a while but not enough for me to recognize her nor her songs. So she is indeed cute!

I wouldn’t have found this song hasn’t Suna Unnie sang it. She really is the one who always open doors about anything Korean to me. And for that I’ll always be thankful.

So tonight I’m letting my g.o.d. songs rest. It will be 잔소리 on loop for the entire evening. ^^

word for the day: 잔소리 – nag

I had this odd moment again…

I just learned 잔소리 and I keep hearing it now on the dramas I’m watching.

Oh my g.o.d.

Oh my god! I never thought I’d go crazy over g.o.d. this much. I just discovered their music a couple of days ago yet I’m spazzing over their recent perf on Music Bank last night. Too bad there’s just Tae Woo, Ho Young and Danny (did I get their names right?) last night. I wish one day they can all (including Yoon Kye Sang) perform together.

By the way, I love the fanchants for their 거짓말. Actually since I don’t watch music shows, probably 2 months ago I have no idea what fanchants are. I just learned about it from my classmates who are Super Junior fans. 🙂 I wish I can learn the exact fanchants for 거짓말. ^^

Right now I’m enjoying watching their old perfs… ㅠㅠ

I think I know what song/s I would like to study next. 🙂


와! I just discovered my newfound love – g.o.d. a couple of days ago. I wished that they’ll have a reunion album or concert soon. And now I was so surprised when I saw some news today: ‘뮤직뱅크’ 600회 특집, 지오디 5년 만에 한자리에 모여 – Danny Ahn and Fellow g.o.d. Members to Have a Reunion at “Music Bank”

꺄악~! I’m still in the process of getting to know them and their songs yet my wish will come true tomorrow! Can’t wait for music bank tomorrow!!! Oh I mean later tonight! 꺄악~~!!

g.o.d. is love

I could recite Korean drama dialogues and sing Korean drama OSTs but when it comes to K-pop I’m helpless. I thought G-Dragon is a girl (thanks to the Secret Big Bang). I can’t distinguish Wonder Girls from SNSD (unless one of them sings either Tell Me, Nobody, Gee or Oh). If Kim Sun Ah didn’t dance Sorry Sorry in City Hall, I wouldn’t know Super Junior. I only know 2NE1 because of Sandara Park (and if we hadn’t performed I Don’t Care last semester I wouldn’t know who CL, Minzy and Bom are).

I love listening to music but I guess I’m just not really into the music scene. Be it local, Korean or American. My playlist is full of Korean Drama/Movie OSTs. And whenever I go to 노래방 with my friends or classmates, I usually have no idea what they were singing, and they have no clue with my song choices either.

Recently I was introduced to 2AM because I got their Saint O’ Clock album from the Korean Speech Contest that I joined. I find their ballads really nice and have included them on my playlist. But it was nothing special to me.

But last night, I was searching random stuff in youtube and got myself checking out g.o.d.. I know and have heard a lot about them in the past. But I haven’t tried listening to any of their songs before. After listening to two songs I’m officially in love with them!

And no! This has got nothing to do with Kim Sun Ah. Although I know a long time ago that Kim Sun Ah started training with them and was supposed to be one of the original g.o.d. members (Yup! When G.O.D was formed, it was supposed to be five guys plus a girl to form a six-member-group. And they were supposed to be named G.O.D Six) and these lovely boys often calls her 형 instead of 누나, it’s got nothing to do with me liking them. In fact I’m glad that Park Jin Young decided to take Kim Sun Ah out of the group. I kinda hate him for doing that because my Suna Unnie must have been hurt, but I’m truly grateful too because 1 ). I wouldn’t have “met” Kim Sam Soon and the rest of her lovely drama/movie characters if Suna Unnie pursued (*chokes*) singing and 2.) I couldn’t imagine g.o.d. with Kim Sun Ah!!!

If I'm not mistaken, this is from "The Last" concert of g.o.d. This is not Kim Sun Ah, but Jung Sun Ah (a theater actress) playing as Kim Sun Ah. They are apparently re-enacting some fictional events among g.o.d. members (re-enacting fictional events? go figure!). I think they are implying that Danny Ahn kissed Kim Sun Ah back in the days, but they are both saying it was not true and this 'scene' is just fictional.

I like their style. I think their music and voices are very soothing (who has that very husky and deep voice?), be it a ballad, disco, R&B, or a pop song. I listen to their music until I fall asleep last night.

I guess I finally found my K-pop group!

I don’t think I’ll go to the extent of saving all their images, researching their biographies, watching their interviews and all that jazz. But I’ll definitely keep listening to their lovely music (and probably watch their MVs and perfs once in a while).

recent photo

지오디, 만나서 정말 반가워요. ♥ I hope they’ll have a reunion album or concert soon. 🙂

[노래] 반말쏭

My current addiction:


Funny… I saw this first from S[e]oul Discovery‘s blog while lazily browsing some blogs one evening. The following morning, we started studying 반말 in our class. So I remembered the song and thought of posting it on our class’ Facebook group. But I can’t remember whose blog it was from, I checked Shanna’s, Jeannie’s, Isabel’s but I wasn’t able to find it (I haven’t bookmarked Weixin’s blog yet at that time) so I just dismissed the thought. The following morning our 선생님 posted the song in our Facebook group (the live version). I was really shocked. Today I visited Weixin’s blog again and found out that it was from her.

Here’s the lyrics:


맨처음 너를 보던 날
수줍기만 하던 너의 맑은 미소도
오늘이 지나면 가까워 질거야
매일 설레는 기대를 해
무슨 말을 건네 볼까
어떻게 하면 네가 웃어줄까
손을 건네보다 어색해질까봐
멋쩍은 웃음만 웃어봐

우리 서로 반말하는 사이가 되기를
아직 조금 서투르고 어색한데도
고마워요 라는 말투 대신
좀 더 친하게 말을 해줄래

우리 서로 반말하는 사이가 될거야
한걸음씩 천천히 다가와
이젠 내 두눈을 바라보며 말을 해줄래
널 사랑해

너와의 손을 잡던날
심장이 멈춘듯한 기분들에
무슨말 했는지 기억조차 안나
마냥 설레는 기분인걸

우리 서로 반말하는 사이가 되기를
아직 조금 서투르고 어색한데도
고마워요 라는 말투 대신
좀 더 친하게 말을 해줄래

우리 서로 반말하는 사이가 될거야
한걸음씩 천천히 다가와
이젠 내 두눈을 바라보며 말을 해줄래
널 사랑해

우리 서로 사랑하는 사이가 되기를
잡은 두손 영원히 놓지 않을꺼야
바라보는 너의 눈빛속에
행복한 미소만 있길 바래
우리 서로 사랑하는 사이가 될꺼야
아껴주고 편히 기대면 되
너를 보는 나의 두 눈빛이
말하고 있어
널 사랑해

I should have been memorizing my speech, why am I memorizing the lyrics of this song instead??? And getting engrossed on fellow Korean learner’s blogs…