My Current Book Haul from KCC Library

IMG_4220_phixr (1)

I met a friend today and was able to visit KKC Library! Result – 2 books for the week! Yey!

The first one is 중급 한국어 2. I’ve finished the first chapter on my way home. I’m loving it because I think it’s just right for my level. It’s not too easy and the grammar patterns are those that I either don’t know yet or I know but I’m not very comfortable using. The book is entirely in Korean but not so difficult.

The second one is a travel book but meant for locals and not for foreigners, thus entirely in Korean. The title is 두근두근 서울산책! The moment I first saw this book late last year, I immediately fell in love with it (I just can’t borrow it that time). So I’m really glad I have this book on my hand now! I love Seoul. And I love walking! So this book is ♥. I also love it because it is not the usual travel guide books for foreigners. It’s a bit difficult for me to read but the book is full of pictures and drawings (but still there are a lot of texts!). I’ve only managed to finish reading the Author’s note and I already love her! 🙂

I have one week to finish these books! I’m not sure if I can finish both but it’ll be my goal for the week. 🙂


[Book] You Shouldn’t Have To Say Goodbye – Finding an old paperback novel

I’ve been a library geek since I started elementary school, thanks to our school librarian who encouraged me to keep reading.

Our grade school librarian is someone who many kids fear (and make fun of when she’s not around). She is your ‘typical’ strict-looking librarian. But that didn’t stop me from frequenting our school library since I moved to my new school in first grade. I just can’t contain my happiness with the big collection of pretty books with colorful illustrations. I vowed to read everything there is on the shelves! So from the day I learned how to borrow books, I kept borrowing children books one after the other.

Maybe our librarian was amused with the 7-year old me who frequents her library that is almost always empty (I guess I was the only one with a used borrower’s card (and I even need to have a second and third card in some years), not just among the first graders but probably among the elementary school kids). So she, without batting an eyelid, told me to stop borrowing the colorfully illustrated children books and lead me to the dusty young adult fiction section. She told me I’m ‘too old’ and ‘too good’ to be reading kiddie stuff.

I was scared with the books at first. They look scary. They were full of small text, have hundred pages, and the only illustrations were the cover (and I’m lucky if I come across books with one or two illustrations inside). But the gullible me followed our librarian’s ‘order’ and before I knew it I’ve become more addicted to reading books. I also owe my English skills to our librarian! I don’t think I’ll ever be fluent in English if not for her.

Anyway, amidst the Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Sweet Valleys and the numerous Apple Paperbacks that I’ve laid my hands on, there’s one special paperback I’ve fallen in love with. I remember crying so hard while and after reading it. And I remember I borrowed it over and over and over. I have thought of having it copied before graduation (because I will be transferring to another school in High School), but as expected of me, I failed to do so. I remember remembering the title of the book, but as I grow older I eventually forgot it. But I didn’t forget that there’s this special book and still hoping that maybe one day I’ll get to find it again.

The only thing I remember about it now is that the mother of the main character died of cancer and that it was an Apple paperback and the cover has a sad picture of the mother and the main character sitting. And the color of the paperback is purplish pink. That’s all I can remember. So I actually don’t have that much hope anymore in finding it. Ever.

But while doing my part time job tonight, the book just crossed my mind and I tried my luck and google ‘young adult novel mother died cancer’ and low and behold I found THIS link. And I was surprise someone else also have the same quest of finding the book and, yes, I now remember the main character with her friend eat sandwiches her mom made on the roof. And luckily someone has answered her query too! YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE TO SAY GOODBYE! Yes! Yes! YES! That’s the title! That’s the book! By Patricia Hermes. Yes! That’s right! That’s the name of the author (I now remember I did a book review of this for one of my English classes then, that’s why even the name of the author rings a bell now!)!

And here’s the original cover (awww!)



(I later learned after googling some more that it was reprinted and re-issued last 2008 with a different and newer cover).

The internet is truly amazing! It only took me less than 5 minutes to find something that I’ve been wondering about for almost two decades now!

Next goal, to get hold of this book once again. I want to read it again (will I still cry as much as I did when I was 10?) and want my young friends to get to read this too. 🙂