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I’m free!

I clicked the UPLOAD FILE button in our class’ yahoogroups. The FILE SENT acknowledgement message marked the start of my summer vacation! Phew! Finally, I’m free!

The past 4 weeks was hell! Right after our speech contest, I have to deal with school works that piled up. Readings, exams, field works, assignments, papers, papers, and more papers! I missed blogging. I missed watching my dramas. And I missed studying Korean (for the past week, at least) too. God knows how much I anticipated for this day to come – the day when I can leave the past semester behind.

Actually there’s nothing much to celebrate. Summer classes will start by the 14th. 😦 And I also regret the fact that I procrastinated too much. Had I not, I could’ve enjoyed my summer vacation a week earlier. 😦

Well, enough sulking. I’m thankful and am looking forward to the next few days. Summer vacation means more time for Korean study and Korean dramas and fangirling and blogging! Anyway, I’ll only have one class this summer (Math! bleah!). I guess (I hope!) that it would still leave me enough time for all the things that I want to do this summer.

Now to commemorate the beginning of my freedom – a re-watch of  When It’s At Night! 앗싸!

말하기 D-1

Yesterday was such a long day.

I went to the post office yesterday morning to pick up a package from a good friend. It was some souvenir items from Kim Sun-Ah’s fancafe’s 10th year anniversary.

Then arrived late in our Korean class and we practiced our play.

After the class, we proceeded with our practice, but I have to leave them because I still haven’t memorized my speech.

I went to our university’s big open space (sunken garden) and started “re-memorizing” page 4 of my speech. But it wasn’t very successful. I went to the library instead and managed to memorize it.

I went back to the International Center. When I tried reciting my speech I started forgetting loads of stuff from page 3 onwards. Eventually I managed to recite it in full in front of my 도우미 with a few pauses and clue-asking in some parts. It was far from a good delivery.

We sent a good friend off. She’ll be returning to Korea after her almost year-long exchange student stay in the university. We had dinner then we went to the airport. All those time I was trying to memorize my speech. I didn’t get to fully enjoy the moments I had last night with old and new friends.

I returned home late at night. Actually early in the morning. And worst, I still can’t recite page 4 without looking at the script once in a while. I decided to practice very little and then I slept. I woke up then I tried reciting page 4. I finally managed to recite it completely – however it was very slow. I read some more and I tried reciting the entire thing. I was able to do it.

I can see some hope now. I think, as long as I can do what I did this morning, I can survive the speech contest. I still have a few hours to practice, and hopefully improve some more.

Now, if only I don’t have an oral exam (and a play to worry about) in less than 6 hrs, it would have been a lot better.

Speech contest in less than 10 hours. I’m off to school now! 아자!


Oh! And what a good way to start the day – seeing Suna Unnie’s new photos! Here’s one that makes me really smile!

Unnie, I’ll do well! Promise! ^^

말하기 D-2

Yesterday I woke up earlier than usual. I went to our university early in the morning and jogged while memorizing the last part of my speech out loud. Usually I do one lap around our academic oval (I’m not sure but I think it’s about 2.5 km), but whenever I’m feeling lazy I cheat and use the shortcuts reducing almost half of the lap.

Yesterday, feeling lazy, I decided to do just half of the lap. But I got so engrossed in memorizing my speech that I ended up doing 1.5 laps instead. I even wanted to complete 2 lapses but I was thinking that my legs went make it anymore.

During my jog, a couple of Korean guys passed by. Actually I didn’t realize they were Korean because I was not even looking at fellow joggers. They were coming from the opposite direction. I was reciting my lines, and right after we passed each other, I heard him say “와! something something” – the rest fainted away as we jog further away from each other.

재미있어요! I’m sure he didn’t hear a lot from my speech so I don’t think his 와 is because I was doing good. I think it was more of a surprise for him to hear a Filipina muttering Korean stuff while jogging. Nonetheless it was still fun.

I managed to memorized until the end of my speech. But they all disappeared into thin air after my first class. ㅠㅠ

In our Korean class, me and a fellow participant was asked to do a demonstration of our speech. My speech was printed into 4 pages of A4 paper (double spaced, ok!). I managed to recite pages 1-2 confidently and with minimal pause – but I ended up just reading pages 3-4. What frustrates me is that I thought I have already mastered page 3 too.

Another thing I discovered, I easily panic. I think the reason why I ended up reading page3 instead was when I forgot something, I lost focus on the entire thing – I can’t pick up from where I left off and I lost all my self-esteem.

I also had a strange little stage fright. I noticed I was shaking a bit. But maybe because it was the first time I’m doing my speech in front of a crowd, at the same time I know in my heart that I’m not ready.

But my classmates’ and 선생님’s reaction made my heart grow bigger, and made me recover my lost self-esteem. 선생님 said my powerpoint is pretty, and I still have time to memorize, and told my classmates that my speech is 4 pages long. My classmates’ reaction was priceless. They laughed at the right moments. And they all were listening eagerly. When I sat down a number of them muttered “언니 your speech is really good”, “I didn’t know it was that good”, etc.

I then wanted to do much better. If there’s something I’m proud of during my demo, it was the speech’s content and my “pretty” powerpoint presentation (forget about my fluency and pronunciation). I thought, I should give justice to my speech. I should do better.

After class, I practiced alone again in our university lagoon. I repeat pages 1-2 over and over with actions and gestures. Then I re-memorized page 3.

On my way home, I’m still trying to say page 3 without pausing. The lady beside me asked me where I’m studying “Chinese”. I told her my university name. She asked me how much I’m paying for my classes. And told me to do well because it will be useful for me in the future. It made me smile (even if she thought I was reading Chinese).

I decided to spent the night with a good friend – the winner of our university’s speech contest 2 years ago. Well, she actually didn’t give me any tips nor corrections but she checks if I forget anything on my speech. At her place I managed to recite page 3 fluently and managed to connect it to pages 1-2. And even after sleeping, I still can recite pages 1-3 now with very minimal pauses. I still have to practice it though. But now I’m focusing on the most difficult part – page 4. I have memorized it, but I still have to re-memorize it.

I only have a few hours left for all the things I need to do… 아자!

Full days ahead

Tonight. I have to finish memorizing my speech & finish my readings for my Ling115 class.

Tomorrow. I want to go jogging while memorizing my speech. Ling 115 class. Then, I have to present my speech in front of our Korean class and to my 도우미 to fulfill our bet (and hopefully I’ll win! haha!). Maybe practice for our play too. Have to look for a dress to wear on Friday. Get a gift for my Korean friend. Sleepover a friend’s place to practice my speech with her. I have to submit a paper for my Ling180 class too (but I guess I won’t be able to make it ㅠㅠ).

Day after tomorrow. I want to jogging again while reciting my speech. Ling125 class. Need to prepare letters and dinner for my ‘best’ Korean friend who’s leaving that day. Have to practice thoroughly for the speech contest and play. Pass by a salon (?). Send my Korean friend to the airport late at night. Have to prepare for an oral exam for my Sociolinguistics class. !!! To think I want to have a good night’s sleep on that day.

Friday. Ling 115 class (please please please have it cancelled! please!). Final oral exam for Ling 180. Speech. Play.

Saturday. Sleep the whole day! 꺄~!

Too much to do. Just too much! Usually I’ll feel stressed with this kind of schedule, but somehow, today, I’m feel so good that there’s no more ‘space’ left for stress to seep in. ^_^


Darn! Why did I even clicked that inbox button? It seems like another friend is about to go to Korea too. ㅠㅠ Oh well, good for her. I should just ask her to buy loads of stuff for me. Yey! Haha! ^__^

말하기 D-3

Sorry for my long rants last time. I just wanted to vent my frustrations.

Today I’m feeling a whole lot better. I had an exam on one of my Linguistics classes earlier. Although I didn’t get to answer everything, I’m sure I passed the exam. I may not get a perfect score this time, but nonetheless I’m thankful and happy that I get to answer a lot despite the fact that I only reviewed for an hour before the exam.

We didn’t have an exam on our Korean class. We had another ‘birthday-party-with-monster-pizza’ in class and our 선생님 just let us practice for our play. Tomorrow we’ll practice again and on Thursday – and I’m sure we won’t have classes on Friday. We’ll probably use the time to prepare.

I spent the entire afternoon in our university ‘lagoon’ – alone. I practiced and memorized my speech aloud. And I’m glad I’ve made some improvement. The first 25% is still pretty good. The next 25% are now way better than how it was yesterday. I’m almost done memorizing the next 25% (but still have to pause a lot to recall stuff). I’m gonna start memorizing the last 25% right away. Hopefully I can memorize them all before the sun rise tomorrow.

Aside from the bet I had with my 도우미, 선생님 also told us that we have to present the speech tomorrow in front of the class. So I have another reason to finish memorizing everything tonight.

Also 3 good friends have made my day. My ‘twin sister’ sent me a very funny and encouraging SMS earlier. My good friend asked me to spent the night over to practice with her tomorrow. And when I opened my e-mail, I was surprised with Shanna’s new blog entry dedicated to me!!! I was not expecting something like that from her. I was very very very VERY touched! 감동했어요.

Now I have more reasons to give my best! I’m still not sure if I can do well on Friday, but I’ll really try my best! 아자!