What is your number 18?

I was googling some Korean song lyrics yesterday when I first encountered “This song is my # 18”. Does it mean my 18th favorite song on my top 20 fave list? And what’s the big deal if it’s the 18th? It’s not like your number 3 or 2 or 1. I later learned that “My # 18” means the song that I can sing the best.

And this morning, as I was watching Episode 5 of Ohlala Couple, I encountered that expression again. Soo Nam (on Yeo Ok’s body) was blurting some classical song when his mother (Yeo Ok’s mother-in-law) asked him (thinking it was her daughter-in-law) to turn the radio off.

니 18번이 ‘밤 비 내린 영동교’잖니!

Isn’t your # 18 “Night Rain Falling on Yeong-dong Bridge”? How come you are suddenly on classical music?

But why 18? What’s with the number 18?

A Korean friend briefly told me the expressin originated from Japan and later on spread in Korea as well with a slight modification on the original meaning (and he didn’t elaborate further! :p).

I found THIS on Daum 지식. And according to the answers, it has something to do with Japanese culture. One explained it further saying it has something to do with Kabuki – a classical Japanese dance-drama. Though # 18 means one’s favorite song, usually it also has the meaning of the best and most interesting thing. And the latter meaning is the one that originated from Japan. Anyway, in Kabuki theaters there is usually an intermission in between scenes. The intermission is a popular one-act play that are separated into 18 parts distributed all throughout the kabuki performance. And usually the last part of these one-act plays, the 18th, is the best, most interesting and most popular. Therefore these meanings (best, most interesting) is attached to the number 18. And probably where the expression “What’s your number 18?”, which is frequently used in noraebangs, originated from.

I’m not sure about the accuracy of this information though. I don’t know much about Kabuki either. I just relied on the answer I found on Daum. I am not even sure whether my understanding is 100% correct or not. If you know more about this expression and why and how it started, leave a comment below. 🙂

Sadly I don’t think I have a # 18. I don’t sing very well. 😦

How about you guys? What’s your # 18?


I just learned this expression yesterday through this blog. It means ‘Let’s go!’ or ‘Let’s do it!’

Funny thing though, Kim Sun Ah used it today on her me2day. Cool!

여향일본프로모션보고서 #0.5……!첫날 잠시 나홀로 탈출!성공! \(^o^)/!택시타다 머리안이계산기로돌변.. 약 3분45초정도에 내린듯.ㅋㅋ그리곤!전철로 고고씽.!이런 잠시나마의자유~잠깐의 자유~얼마만인가?
전철셀카 나름 스릴만점인뎅? ☆김슷하☆의보고서는 쭈~욱 ..! 헷갈리시는분들을위해! 2011년12/18-21…여향프로모션! in Tokyo!



Hmm, our Unni posted on her Facebook too. And guess what? She used 고고씽 again. ^_^

오랜만이죠?전 바쁜일정속에 잘지내고있답니다..ㅎㅎ^^

2011년 우리 수고한 킹콩가족분들을 소개할께요…
이동욱,이진,성유리,박민영,김범,이광수,유연석,송민정,윤진이,참석못한..두배우님은 따로
얼마전종영한 꽃미남라면가게에서 양은비양으로 열연한 이청아 그리고 중국에서 열촬중인.지일주……&저 김선아…!!!!(King Kong STARS~~Lee Dong Wook, Sung Yuri, Kim Bum, Park Min Young and Lee Kwang Soo ,Song Min Jung,Yoon JiNy,Lee Chung A, Ji Il Joo………….&Kim Sun A*^^*)

우리 킹콩보스~이진성대표님!ㅋ표종록대표님..과

우리 열혈매니져님들..

그리고 쵝오 홍보팀 최희영,윤선희,이나영,장인서,이달임…님…


올한해도 열심히 달려왔고…

내년에도 모두가 행복하며… 더 원더풀한 식구로…

그래서 많은분들께…사랑을 나눠드릴수있고..사랑받는 한해로 고고씽.합시다…..^^

Now, I don’t know if she only started using it, or she often used it and I just didn’t notice it since I don’t know that slang before O.o. I better browse through her older messages… 🙂

8282! (빨리! 빨리!)

What a good way to spend the Valentine’s!

I have so many things I need to accomplish today. Tons of readings to finish, major papers that I haven’t even started yet, homeworks that piled-up, writing assignments, part-time jobs… Plus I really need to finish memorizing my speech. I only have 18 days left – which reminds me that we also have to perform a play 18 days from now too! And not to mention quizzes and exams in between… I’m sooo dead! I need to finish all of these as soon as possible! 8282!!!

March is approaching really fast, and starting to get really worried!

Okay, I’m blabbling nonsense today… I’m just really stressed a lot. I guess I need to relax a bit. 숨을 깊게 들이마셔~Shall I take a nap? Or watch some Kim Sun-Ah dramas first? 🙂