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[노래] 잔소리

Tonight, a twitter friend shared this very cute video of my dear Kim Sun Ah singing 잔소리 with film director Kim Sang Jin. This video was taken yesterday from the 쫑잔치 of Kim Sun Ah and Kim Joo Hyuk’s upcoming movie “Fighting Spirit”.

I don’t know what 쫑잔치 is and I wasn’t able to find it in any dictionaries. Someone from hanlingo explained to me it’s 끝남을 기념하다는 잔치. ^^

After seeing this video, the fan in me immediately searched for the song.

늦게 다니지 좀 마 술은 멀리 좀 해봐 열살짜리 애처럼 말을 안 듣니
정말 웃음만 나와 누가 누굴보다 아이라 하는지 정말 웃음만 나와
싫은 얘기 하게 되는 내맘을 몰라
좋은 얘기만 나누고 싶은 내 맘을 몰라
그만할까 그만하자

하나부터 열가지 다 널위한 소리 내 말 듣지않는 너에게는 뻔한 잔소리
그만하자 그만하자 사랑하기만해도 시간 없는데
머리아닌 가슴으로 아는 이야기 니가 싫다해도 안 할수가 없는 이야기
그만하자 그만하자 너의 잔소리만 들려

밥은 제때 먹는지 여잔 멀리 하는지 온종일을 니옆에 있고싶은데
내가 그맘 안거야 주머니 속에 널 넣고 다니면 정말 행복할탠데

둘이 아니면 안 되는 우리 이야기
누가 듣는다면 놀려대고 웃을 이야기
그만할까 그만하자

하나부터 열가지 다 널위한 소리 내 말 듣지않는 너에게는 뻔한 잔소리
그만하자 그만하자 사랑하기만해도 시간 없는데
머리아닌 가슴으로 아는 이야기 니가 싫다해도 안 할수가 없는 이야기
그만하자 그만하자 너의 잔소리만 들려

눈에 힘을 주고 겁을 줘봐도
내겐 그저 귀여운 얼굴
이럴래 자꾸 더는 못 참고 정말 화낼지 몰라 (난 몰라)

사랑하고 말거라면 안 할 이야기 누구보다 너를 생각하는 마음의 소리
화가 나도 소리쳐도 너의 잔소리마저 난 달콤한데
사랑해야 할수 있는 그런 이야기 내 말 듣지 않는 너에게는 뻔한 잔소리
그만하자 그만하자 이런 내 맘을 믿어 줘

After listening to it I kinda liked it. I think I want to study the lyrics, but got impatient with my slow and often erroneous translations (!), so I looked for an English subbed version (I’m still putting this song on my to-study list though).

So this is the famous IU. My first “encounter” with her and her songs was during a K-pop contest in our university 2 years ago. A contestant did an IU number and it was indeed cute. I’ve heard about IU once in a while but not enough for me to recognize her nor her songs. So she is indeed cute!

I wouldn’t have found this song hasn’t Suna Unnie sang it. She really is the one who always open doors about anything Korean to me. And for that I’ll always be thankful.

So tonight I’m letting my g.o.d. songs rest. It will be 잔소리 on loop for the entire evening. ^^

word for the day: 잔소리 – nag

I had this odd moment again…

I just learned 잔소리 and I keep hearing it now on the dramas I’m watching.

Study Plan – Summer ’11

With the end of my Korean classes, I’m back to self-studying again. I’m anxious because I don’t know how I can handle it this time. I didn’t do well for the past 3, 4 years. I really think that had I been more serious in the past my Korean could have been way better than how it is now. I have no problem exposing myself with the language. I was consistent with it all these years. With tons of dramas to watch, unending loops of Korean songs on my playlist, keeping in touch with Korean friends, participating in Korean forum boards, keeping an eye on news about my Suna Unnie, I don’t think I’ll ran out of “Korean things” to do everyday. However seriously completing a lesson – I have never done that all by myself. I’m also afraid that I’ll start to loose all the things I’ve learned in school for the past year.

However I’m more serious and more motivated now. I’m also inspired by a lot of fellow Korean learners who shows a lot of passion in learning.

I’ve been trying to make a study plan for the past few weeks, but my summer schedule has been sort of a roller coaster ride. Thankfully it has pretty much settled now (hopefully there won’t be any changes). So probably I can layout some good study plans.


I want to take the 23rd TOPIK (중급 ) on September. I want to finish the Sogang Korean Program. I want to finish all (of) my (few) Korean books at home (most of which I have started but haven’t finished). I want to organize my Korean Lessons folder in my laptop (got dozens of stuff I’ve download/written in the past which I haven’t read/reviewed). And I want to make sure I’ll never forget my old lessons.

I want to be able to finish the Sogang Lessons before a new semester starts in our university. And then finish the rest by September. Afterwards I can make a new study plan.

I got myself a new notebook for my summer lessons. I usually start the day reviewing vocabs (thru Anki). Then dedicate at least 2 hours studying my Sogang lessons. I spent the rest of the day doing random things (fangirling, house chores, running errands, more fangirling, blogging, completing a term paper, facebooking, and more fangilring). My entire evening is for my part-time job *sigh*. Then midnights to early morning is either some more Korean studying or a lot of fangirling/spazzing and dramawatching). Once I’m done with the Sogang lessons, I can start finishing my unfinished books and answering old TOPIK 중급 papers.

Setting these goals and laying out a study plan is rather easy. Whether I can keep up with it would be my biggest challenge. Let’s see how far my determination will take me this time.

For starters, I’m NOT allowing myself to rewatch My Name Is Kim Sam Soon until I’m done with the Sogang Korean Program. EVERYTHING on the Sogang Korean Program. I’ve been itching to have a re-watch of my favorite drama of all times. I haven’t re-watched it since I started my Korean classes in the university. As I watch other dramas, I’m pretty amazed with how my comprehension has improved over the past year. I’m sure when I watch My Name Is Kim Sam Soon again, I’ll be surprised with how I can understand more of it now. But I want to complete at least Sogang’s lesson first and surprise myself even more.


수업mates – a term we coined while we were taking Korean10-11. It was a day when we practically spent the entire day hanging out (because it was Korean Week then) and have the need to use the word classmate many times but we didn’t know yet what is classmate in Korean. But we know that class is 수업. A classmate used 수업mates instead to call us. We find it really funny and we started creating words such as 수업방, 수업-ify, 수업-ified,수업-ification, 수업-ifier, and other ridiculous terms. But somehow 수업mates stuck, much to the frustration of our 선생님 who keeps insisting that we use 반친구. 🙂

KOREAN 10-11

June 8, 2010. I was very anxious because it was the first day of school and I’ve been away from the university for about 6 years. Good thing my first class is Korean – the excitement somehow balances the anxiety. It’s my second time to attend a formal Korean class and my first time to actually earn a grade that would reflect in my transcript for a Korean class (awesome!). It was also my first time to have a Korean professor. I was the oldest in the class (actually there were two of us, but my batch mate would insist that I’m 7 months older than him!) – but thankfully not older than our professor. However my classmates never made me feel that I’m too old.

We have a what we call an integrated class. Instead of the usual 3 units per class, it was 6 units. It’s like taking 2 subjects. It was Korean 10 (Sogang 1A) and Korean 11 (Sogang 1B). The first half of the semester will be Korean 10 and the second half would be Korean 11. Because of that, we have to meet everyday (awesome again!).

The first few days bore me. I’ve been self-studying (elementary) Korean (lazily!) for the past 4 years. But after the alphabet and the greetings lessons I started enjoying it. I get to re-learn a lot of vocabs that I’ve forgotten. And I get to retain vocabs that I keep forgetting. Korean 10 was basically a breeze for me. I can complete homeworks while on the bus going to school. I never prepared for exams yet I get perfect scores. I just take in as much new words as I can and new expressions from our professor.

Korean 11 started to get a bit difficult. Grammars that I haven’t encountered yet were taught. We also began writing diaries. I started studying for exams and I spent more and more time in doing my homeworks. My mistakes started getting plentier. But it was really fun and I really learned so much. And a lot of my Korean friends (and Korean speaking friends) have noticed that my Korean has improved a lot. It was also the semester when I took my first TOPIK.

More than the things I learned, it was time spent with my 수업mates that made Korean 10-11 very memorable. I’ve never been in a class as happy and as close as we were then. Despite the fact that we came from different colleges (different courses/majors) and our ages range from 15 to 27 (blame me for making the age range that big!). We often meet even after class and we keep on talking online.

Our professor is very cool too! She’s like a kid at times. And she loves having fun with all of us.

We wore 한복 together, we made 태극기 together, we ate 떡 together, we played like crazy, we watched movies, we noraebang all night long, we go to Korean restaurants, we ate Korean ice creams, we cooked 호떡, we took TOPIK, we watched dramas, we had picnics, we chat like crazy, we spazz over our favorite Korean stars/Kpop groups, we recorded Korean songs and filmed  our own (gasps!) MVs, and we took hundred of photos together!

KOREAN 12-13

November 9, 2010. First day of Korean 12-13 (Sogang 2A & 2B). Only less than half of our Korean10-11 continued either because they already graduated or they don’t need anymore foreign language units or the schedule is conflicting with their other class schedules.

It was awkward at first. Our group (those who came from the same Korean 10-11 class) doesn’t interact much with the other half of the class (who came from other Korean 10-11 classes). The lessons were more difficult and the class is conducted in Korean (simple Korean at that).

I first thought that because we were so close with each other in Korean 10-11, it would be difficult now to get along with our “new” classmates. We still keep in touch with our old classmates from our Korean 10-11 class. Some of them sits-in in our Korean 12-13 class when they have free time. We often have lunch together as well and were excited whenever we meet old classmates along the campus.

Some of the 수업mates from the Korean 10-11 were even hesitant to get close with the new classmates and even felt bad when we started using 수업mates to call our Korean 12-13 classmates too.

But who would have thought that we’ll also be really close with each other. Not just the entire Korean 12-13 class, but together with some of our 수업mates from the Korean 10-11 who didn’t continue with Korean 12-13 (at least those who are still in the university).

It was a bit slow to get at ease with each other. But as days pass by and as we enjoy each class time, we get to enjoy each other’s company more and more. If it was the Korean Week that bonded our Korean 10-11 class together, it was the Korean Speech and Short Play competition that bonded our Korean 12-13 class together.

We spent all our free time practicing and preparing for the play and usually stayed until night time in the International Center (university dormitory for international students) to practice with our 도우미s.

Our professor is a very elegant lady. She is fluent in English but refuses to talk in English in class as much as possible. She prepares the lessons well and she encourage us to do our best.

Both Korean 12 and 13 were difficult classes (for me at least). I still get to reap the small fruits of my self-studying and drama watching (and Kim Sun Ah-stalking) and it helped me with the lessons. But all in all, it was difficult and, except those who have been exchange students in Korea, almost everyone in the class were pretty much on the same level.

Despite the fact that the classes were more difficult, I didn’t study outside the class at all. Our professor is really great that I don’t see the need (read: lazy!) to study at home anymore. As long as you attend your classes everyday, you won’t get lost (actually even if you miss a lesson or two, it would be easy for you to keep up).

I can’t distinguish Korean 12 from Korean 13 since every lesson is new for me. Because of Korean 12-13 I get to express myself in Korean more. I am now able to understand bigger portions of songs and dramas. I can also write letters and diaries using only Korean (with the help of good dictionaries).

And since we get to express ourselves more in Korean, the class started getting more and more fun. Despite frequent nose bleeds (ref: urban dictionary definition #4), we get to crack more jokes and often came up with ridiculous and/or hilarious Korean sentences much to the amusement of our professor.

We laughed so much in class (that the professor on the next classroom would often comment that our class is an extremely happy one – sarcastically most of the time though), we chatted happily before and after our class (that often resulted to another professor lecturing us that we are in a “learning institution” and not in a marketplace), we held numerous pizza parties in class every time someone  celebrates their birthday (god knows how many pizzas we had in our class), we surprise birthday celebrants with cakes or cards, we spazz over our Korean dramas and Kpop groups, we took countless photos, we ate lunches and dinners, we went noraebang, we practiced till night, we rant with each other, we played like kids, we had picnics, we played in amusement centers, we watched running naked guys in our campus (UP Oblation run), we had our Christmas party, we made Korean friends, we ate in Korean restaurants and we harassed our professor into admitting that she is dating another professor.

The end

March 23, 2011. Our final exam for Korean 12-13. Our last day of class.

After we were done with the exam, we weren’t able to bond as a class anymore. It was finals week so most of us were busy with other exams, paper completions and thesis defenses. A few of us were able to eat a late lunch together.

It was a bit sad that we weren’t able to formally bid each other farewell. On the other hand, we also think it was okay since it was not really goodbye yet. We hope that we’ll get to still see each other – soon!

What’s next?

Nothing. Unfortunately. That concludes my formal Korean classes. Those were the only Korean classes in our university. There has been a proposal for Korean 14-15 but it hasn’t materialized until now. So we have no choice but to take another foreign language (or other subjects) next semester. So for Korean, I’m back to self-studying.

I’m thankful for these Korean classes. It made my first year in the university very enjoyable. It helped me A LOT with my Korean. I will forever be thankful to both of my amazing 선생님s and my wonderful 수업mates.

Oh my g.o.d.

Oh my god! I never thought I’d go crazy over g.o.d. this much. I just discovered their music a couple of days ago yet I’m spazzing over their recent perf on Music Bank last night. Too bad there’s just Tae Woo, Ho Young and Danny (did I get their names right?) last night. I wish one day they can all (including Yoon Kye Sang) perform together.

By the way, I love the fanchants for their 거짓말. Actually since I don’t watch music shows, probably 2 months ago I have no idea what fanchants are. I just learned about it from my classmates who are Super Junior fans. 🙂 I wish I can learn the exact fanchants for 거짓말. ^^

Right now I’m enjoying watching their old perfs… ㅠㅠ

I think I know what song/s I would like to study next. 🙂

[드라마] Greatest Love trailer

Greatest Love seems like a good drama. 1.) It’s Cha Seung Won 2.) It’s Yoon Kye Sang 3.) It’s Cha Seung Won + Yoon Kye Sang in one drama and 4.) It’s written by the Hong sisters.

To watch or not to watch? I have every reason to watch, but I have one big reason not to watch it – Kim Sun Ah, unfortunately, is not part of this drama. I’ve always wished, for many years now, that Yoon Kye Sang and Kim Sun Ah will have a drama together.

Kim Sun Ah visiting Yoon Kye Sang's filming

Now, her having a drama with both Yoon Kye Sang and Cha Seung Won would be heaven for me. It’s just a 39 second trailer but I feel jealous for Kim Sun Ah already. ㅠㅠ

I know it isn’t fair, but I have a tendency to not like seeing Suna Unnie’s previous partners (read: Hyun Bin and Cha Seung Won at least) acting opposite other actresses. I have endured Secret Garden. I actually wouldn’t have watched it in the first place if it wasn’t written by writer Kim Eun Sook. I don’t know if I’ll have the courage to watch Athena sometime in the future. Now, would I have the heart to watch this drama? It seems really really interesting and I don’t think I’ll let a Cha Seung Won-Yoon Kye Sang drama pass. I guess I’ll just have to endure it, especially when Cha Seung Won gets extra sweet to Gong Hyo Jin (keeping fingers crossed that there won’t be any bed scenes nor sweet kisses please!).

Why why why doesn’t Suna Unnie have a drama now?

Now, who said I’ll won’t watch a new drama until I’ve completed my unfinished dramas? 🙂

My new dictionary

My new dictionary.

Well, not really new and not really mine… 그냥 사전…

I “sort of” borrowed it from my best friend. She had this for years but she hasn’t opened it (at all!) and I think it’s such a waste that it has never been used. So I decided to ask for it (read: borrowed but probably no intention of returning it to her. 언니, you are not reading my blog aren’t you? Well, in case she needs it again, and I have already gotten used to using it, I’ll probably just get her a new one. 🙂 ). In exchange I gave her my elementary Korean books and my Berlitz Korean Concise Dictionary.

I only use online dictionaries or my Haansoft dictionary (when I’m offline). Then when I started taking Korean classes in our university a friend lent me an electronic dictionary. I enjoyed using that electronic dictionary for one year – mostly because I can carry it around anywhere without breaking my shoulders. I have a Berlitz Dictionary that I won from a 삼육구 game in class but I haven’t used it after opening it. Though it has Hangeul spelling, it is romanized first and it follows the roman alphabet word order. So just imagine how frustrating it is to use the Korean-English section. I was just keeping it as a remembrance from my Korean 10-11 class but have no intention of using it whatsoever. I told my best friend that I might get rid of it in the future or she can have it if she wants to. She seems interested with it so I let her have it.

Now I’m so excited with this new baby. I’m not sure how good the quality of this dictionary is, but it seems that it’s good enough. I have a tendency to check words on those online and electronic dictionaries, use it, then forget about it after 5 seconds. I want to try a different strategy this time. Maybe manually looking for words on a ‘real’ dictionary (and marking them as suggested in the book The Word Brain) would work for me better. At the same time, I want to get more familiar with the ㄱㄴㄷㄹㅁ order. I know it will be tasky at first, but I’m sure I’ll get use to it. Of course I’ll never let go of Naver (and/or Et-house) dictionary because I love reading the sample sentences too.


Tangled, 2010

Rapunzel: I’ve been looking out of a window for eighteen years, dreaming about what I might feel like when those lights rise in the sky. What if it’s not everything I dreamed it would be?
Flynn Rider: It will be.
Rapunzel: And what if it is? What do I do then?
Flynn Rider: Well,that’s the good part I guess. You get to go find a new dream.


와! I just discovered my newfound love – g.o.d. a couple of days ago. I wished that they’ll have a reunion album or concert soon. And now I was so surprised when I saw some news today: ‘뮤직뱅크’ 600회 특집, 지오디 5년 만에 한자리에 모여 – Danny Ahn and Fellow g.o.d. Members to Have a Reunion at “Music Bank”

꺄악~! I’m still in the process of getting to know them and their songs yet my wish will come true tomorrow! Can’t wait for music bank tomorrow!!! Oh I mean later tonight! 꺄악~~!!

[드라마] 9 Ends 2 Outs – random thoughts


I was actually a bit annoyed with Nan Hee at first because I thought she is just playing with Jung Joo’s feelings. It seems like the boy loves her so much. I could see Chul Su (What’s Up Fox?) in him, so even though the drama hasn’t gotten deep into his feelings, I can somehow imagine how it is (based on Chul Su). But in this episode, I’m glad that Nan Hee does loves him too.

I also am not a big fan of dramas where leads co-habit. It’s just too cliche-ish. However, somehow it works for me on this drama. I’m liking the friendship of Nan Hee and Hyung Tae so much.


And Episode 3 was nice. I’m beginning to think that the writer is really good despite my initial annoyance with obvious similarities from What’s Up Fox?. I love the scenes between Nan Hee and Hyung Tae. I like the touching scenes between them at the beginning, though I still don’t see them as potential lovers. I’m just loving their friendship.

I also noticed an incorrect subtitle (lately I can notice inaccurate subtitles more and more, does that mean my Korean is improving? Finally improving? 🙂 ). Anyway, it just caught my attention because of the mention of Go Hyun Jung – one of my favorite actresses. The subtitle reads: Just like the Go Hyun jung of our era. But what was said is actually 모래시계 고현정인거지. 모래시계 is Go Hyun Jung’s classic drama Sandglass (that I still haven’t gotten myself into watching even though I would really love to watch it!). Saying ‘Just like Go Hyun Jung of our era’ doesn’t make sense but saying ‘Just like Go Hyun Jung in Sandglass’ makes more sense in that scene.

Oh, I so love their speed dial scenes.

This episode ended really light heartedly that I was literally leaping around the house because I just feel so light and happy. And somehow I’m happy with Nan Hee and Hyung Tae’s current situation now that I really don’t want them to actually be together anymore, and just stay with their current relationships and remain as good friends – if it’s possible. I can’t imagine how painful it will be for Jung Joo if he and Nan Hee breaks up again.

4 회

Now this episode makes me sad – the love story of Chun Hee, the ahjussi with chicks (chicken chicks), Nan Hee’s pride at work… but why is it that every drama seems to be boiling down to a My Name Is Kim Sam Soon clone?

I’m also getting bored as this drama tries to compare life with baseball. I’m not a sports fan and I don’t even know how baseball is played, so that association with baseball kinda ruins the fun for me (note: I wrote this a couple of weeks ago – and that was before I realized that Kim Sun Ah’s new movie is all about baseball. Now I’m enjoying the baseball scenes on this drama! 🙂 )

[노래] Fly Again

I have a couple of cheer-up songs. 그래 나를 믿자 and One Dream. Both of them are from the OST of City Hall. Whenever I’m down, losing confidence, feeling insecure or wanting to give up I just played (and sometimes sing) those two songs over and over and over until I feel better.

Now I’m glad to find an addition to my cheer-up song list – Fly Again from 9 Ends 2 Outs. And I think I like this better than the two I’ve mentioned above (or probably just because this is relatively new to my ear).

Fly Again

엠 트리(M Tree)

사는 게 힘들어도 사랑에 넘어져도
언젠간 내게도 좋은 날이 올 거야
지금이 시작이야 인생의 주인공은 나야
Don’t forget who you are

괜찮아 걱정 마 누구나 힘든거잖아
하룻밤 자고 나면 금방 괜찮아질거야

포기란 말 난 잘 몰라 I’m fine 꿋꿋하게
언제나 씩씩하게 참고 견뎌낼거야

I believe
사는 게 힘들어도 사랑에 넘어져도
난 절대 울거나 떼쓰지 않을거야
지금이 시작이야 인생의 주인공은 나야
I never don’t cry
슬픈 눈물아 안녕 힘든 고민아 안녕
어젯밤 상상한 멋진 날아 기다려
오늘이 시작이야 난 잘해 낼 거야 Smile again

괜찮아 두고 봐 열 번을 넘어진대도
일어나 당당하게 난 다시 이겨 낼 거야

비바람이 몰아쳐도 I’m fine 꿋꿋하게
언제나 씩씩하게 참고 견뎌낼거야

I believe
사는 게 힘들어도 사랑에 넘어져도
난 절대 울거나 떼쓰지 않을거야
지금이 시작이야 인생의 주인공은 나야
I never don’t cry
슬픈 눈물아 안녕 힘든 고민아 안녕
어젯밤 상상한 멋진 날아 기다려
오늘이 시작이야 난 잘해 낼 거야 Smile again

그래도 니가 있어 오늘도 웃는거야
늘 곁에 있어준 소중한 친구야
더 높이 날아 올라 하늘 끝까지 fly me again

수백 번 넘어지고 수천 번 넘어져도
난 절대 여기서 멈추진 않을거야
지금이 시작이야 인생의 주인공은 나야
I never don’t cry
슬픈 눈물아 안녕 힘든 고민아 안녕
어젯밤 상상한 멋진 날아 기다려
오늘이 시작이야 난 잘해 낼 거야 I don’t cry

사랑이 날 떠나도 세상이 날 울려도
언젠간 내게도 좋은 날이 올 거야
지금이 시작이야 인생의 주인공은 나야
I never don’t cry

The lyrics are good, isn’t it?