Archive | July 2011

Burned Out

I haven’t blogged lately – and it also equates to not being able to study Korean these past few weeks… months perhaps. ㅠㅠ

School’s killing me. And I can barely make time for my part-time job(s), thus I’m running out of money – and it makes me feel more stressed and burned out. It also doesn’t help that I now live in a boarding house in our campus – away from home.

Kim Sun Ah’s new drama has started. It’s usually a festive time for me, along with other Kim Sun Ah fans, but this time, though I’m happy and excited for weekends because of this drama, I can’t enjoy it the way I enjoyed her previous dramas. I want to talk about it. Blog about it. Hang out with other fans and talk about it. But all I can do now is just watch it live and download it afterwards. And although I joined a subbing team, I can’t get myself involved in subbing it, as much as I used to do before. And it’s also killing me.

I have borrowed Korean books from our library, but returned them without even lifting a page. I dropped out of the Pegasus Society’s skype lessons because I can’t make time for it. The only “Korean lesson” I’m having is our one-hour-a-week language exchange program in our university with Korean exchange students (and watching Kim Sun Ah’s new drama, if that would count as “Korean lesson”). And I can feel that my Korean is starting to drift off. I’m starting to forget a lot of vocabularies and even some grammar patterns. I don’t get to write in Korean lately because I don’t have time to hang around Kim Sun Ah’s fans on her fan cafe.

Today I received a short ‘hi’ from a longtime Korean friend through me2day and I decided to write her a rather long email. It makes me feel lighter and happier being able to write in Korean again after a long time (it feels like a really long time for me). So tonight, despite the fact that there are tons of things I need to do this coming weekend – I have too many backlogs in school and work that I need to catch up on asap; I need to work part-time; and finish my lessons (especially Japanese lessons), I thought taking some time off to study Korean – and I hope it could make me feel lighter so that I can face school works better (I hope so!).

Once I catch up on school, I would love to blog again. There are tons of things I wanted to blog about, but haven’t gotten the time to do so. ㅠㅠ