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[드라마] ‘9 Ends 2 Outs’ – finally!

Yesterday I finally managed to finish 9 Ends 2 Outs! Phew! And I didn’t like it. 😦

And although I’m not asking for my 16 hours back, can I barter for… probably my 6 hours back?

I feel bad because I used to like this drama when I started watching it. I fell in love with it right away. But somehow, towards the middle, I knew that I would have some problems with it towards the end because I develop a liking towards Hyung-Tae and Nan-Hee’s own love interests that I’m afraid I might not like them when they start having a romantic relationship eventually.

And my instincts were right. After they started getting romantic with each other, I lost interest. But not only that. I also hate the fact that things just keep repeating. Nan-Hee’s problems, their feelings towards each other, the other characters’ problems. There are also too many characters and not everyone gets their ‘resolution’. I was like, “So what happened to him and him and her?”. I also think there are too many open holes in the drama.

Nan-Hee is cute (and I think Park Soo-Ae is a good actress), but I ended up hating her character so much! I empathized and sympathized with her, but towards the end I don’t think her character developed much. Hyung-Tae is handsome – and hot. He was so cool at the start, but when he started acknowledging his feelings towards Nan-Hee he became such a jerk! He likes Nan-Hee yet he keeps dating his pretty girls. As if hurting Ji-Sun is not enough! He is worst than Sam-Shik!

I really feel bad because I like the premise of this drama. As I’ve mention before I’m a sucker for 30-something-women stories. They could have made this a whole lot better. But the story became really dragging towards the last half. It became too bad – it makes me sad. It doesn’t help that I’m watching 49 Days too (which is really addicting). It makes this drama more boring.

When I said before that drama watching for me is starting to become a task because I study as I watch, I didn’t realize that it was REALLY because of the drama. I thought then that I like 9 Ends 2 Outs but I feel so lazy watching it.  I thought because I have to study it as I watch that’s why I’m feeling lazy. I really thought then that I like the drama. But somehow I didn’t feel what I used to feel when watching dramas. I thought it was me who changed. Apparently it was a wrong drama choice. I didn’t realize that it was a sign that it was not my kind of drama after all. I started watching 49 Days and I’m hooked! And I feel exactly how I’ve always felt whenever I’m watching dramas.

Oh well, I love the dialogues in 9 Ends 2 Outs anyway. Plus of course I’m thankful because I found a very nice cheer-up song – Fly Again. And thanks for a lot of new words and expressions you taught me. But other than that, unless I know you have a feeling towards (or falling in love with) your best friend, I won’t recommend this drama to anyone. 😦

홍양이, 형태야 잘 살아! 안녕~

[드라마] 9 Ends 2 Outs – random thoughts


I was actually a bit annoyed with Nan Hee at first because I thought she is just playing with Jung Joo’s feelings. It seems like the boy loves her so much. I could see Chul Su (What’s Up Fox?) in him, so even though the drama hasn’t gotten deep into his feelings, I can somehow imagine how it is (based on Chul Su). But in this episode, I’m glad that Nan Hee does loves him too.

I also am not a big fan of dramas where leads co-habit. It’s just too cliche-ish. However, somehow it works for me on this drama. I’m liking the friendship of Nan Hee and Hyung Tae so much.


And Episode 3 was nice. I’m beginning to think that the writer is really good despite my initial annoyance with obvious similarities from What’s Up Fox?. I love the scenes between Nan Hee and Hyung Tae. I like the touching scenes between them at the beginning, though I still don’t see them as potential lovers. I’m just loving their friendship.

I also noticed an incorrect subtitle (lately I can notice inaccurate subtitles more and more, does that mean my Korean is improving? Finally improving? 🙂 ). Anyway, it just caught my attention because of the mention of Go Hyun Jung – one of my favorite actresses. The subtitle reads: Just like the Go Hyun jung of our era. But what was said is actually 모래시계 고현정인거지. 모래시계 is Go Hyun Jung’s classic drama Sandglass (that I still haven’t gotten myself into watching even though I would really love to watch it!). Saying ‘Just like Go Hyun Jung of our era’ doesn’t make sense but saying ‘Just like Go Hyun Jung in Sandglass’ makes more sense in that scene.

Oh, I so love their speed dial scenes.

This episode ended really light heartedly that I was literally leaping around the house because I just feel so light and happy. And somehow I’m happy with Nan Hee and Hyung Tae’s current situation now that I really don’t want them to actually be together anymore, and just stay with their current relationships and remain as good friends – if it’s possible. I can’t imagine how painful it will be for Jung Joo if he and Nan Hee breaks up again.

4 회

Now this episode makes me sad – the love story of Chun Hee, the ahjussi with chicks (chicken chicks), Nan Hee’s pride at work… but why is it that every drama seems to be boiling down to a My Name Is Kim Sam Soon clone?

I’m also getting bored as this drama tries to compare life with baseball. I’m not a sports fan and I don’t even know how baseball is played, so that association with baseball kinda ruins the fun for me (note: I wrote this a couple of weeks ago – and that was before I realized that Kim Sun Ah’s new movie is all about baseball. Now I’m enjoying the baseball scenes on this drama! 🙂 )

[드라마] 9 Ends 2 Outs – First Inning

I was craving for a Korean Drama as soon as summer vacation started. I still have plans to finish my many unfinished dramas and I can’t wait to re-watch my favorites. But somehow I was itching to get my hands on a fresh one – not necessarily a currently airing one, but at least someone that I haven’t started watching yet.. After much thought, I’ve decided to try 9 Ends 2 Outs.

Honestly I haven’t heard a lot about this drama. No one has recommended this to me either. I think I just came across it while browsing some Korean drama websites. And I thought the story is something that I might like. A story of a 30 year old woman – they had me at that.

I don’t know why, but I’m a sucker of stories about 30-something-women. Is that an age thing? I’m not sure though because even when I was younger these types of stories have more appeal to me (I’d chose My Name Is Kim Sam Soon and What’s Up Fox? over My Girl and Goong anytime).

But just like the rest of the dramas I’m planning to watch, I didn’t get myself into watching it sooner.

Luckily I picked this drama over my swarming to-watch list. And the drama had me in less than a minute. The song Fly Again has captured me. And the lead girl narrating.  그래, exactly what I love.

I can sense a What Up Fox? kind of story right away. Nan Hee, just like Byung Hee works in a so-so publication company – and has a much younger (way too young) boyfriend. I was caught off guard with that plot because I wasn’t expecting the lead girl to have a boyfriend – a young one at that. I even have to re-check and make sure I have the right drama.

Then just after a few minutes, I sensed a My Name Is Kim Sam Soon with Hyung Tae’s past love story. It has that “in search of lost time” feel on it.

Anyway, I don’t know if those plot lines combined together will work for me. But what I like most in the first episode is how Nan Hee defined the pains, fears and insecurities of being 30. At 30 she hasn’t proved anything and hasn’t done anything right. But hey, she has a cute young boyfriend and a good-looking and sexy best friend. What more can she ask for? Hahaha!

좋은 아침

Today is a good morning!

Actually I almost missed the morning because I stayed up all night watching 9 Ends 2 Outs and reminiscing the SunBin couple (Kim Sun-Ah and Hyun Bin – My Name Is Kim Sam Soon). Anyway, I had breakfast in my mom’s store and we talked about our Korean dramas over breakfast. She’s FINALLY watching Secret Garden (after I literally harassed her into watching). She is already on the first body-switch so we just laughed all morning while we talk about Hyun Bin being Gil Ra-Im. I also told her about my new drama 9 Ends 2 Outs. If I’ll like it, I’ll probably lured her into watching it too. We ended up talking about out favorite pairing – Kim Sun-Ah and Hyun Bin in My Name Is Kim Sam Soon.

We used to watch dramas together. But since I returned to the university, our drama watching schedule doesn’t match anymore, so we ended up watching on our own. I kinda missed watching dramas with her. But talking about dramas over coffee is good enough. I’m loving my summer vacation.

Today, I also received my most awaited e-mail from a Taiwanese friend. She finally sent me my photo holding the gloves that Suna Unnie gave to me in Taiwan last year.

It just made my day! It was my only photo with those gloves. And it’s the first time I’m seeing it. It took me almost 10 months to track this photo down. If only I know Mandarin it would have been easier. Nonetheless, with the help of a good friend (cum personal translator!) I finally got hold of this (plus a few more extra photos from Taiwan). Now, I don’t have any more excuses not to write about my Taiwan experience in Suna Unnie’s fan cafe. I know it’s gonna be difficult, but I’m excited to practice my Korean writing skills again. I haven’t written anything long after my speech a few months ago.

Also, since it’s a weekday, I don’t have a part-time job in the morning – therefore more study hours. Yeah!

Anyway, enough prattling for now. Off to study Korean~ ^^ (and hopefully I’ll have extra time to blog some more before my part-time job starts later tonight)