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[촬영장소] I Do I Do – 수상한 포차 목동점 Choong Baek’s Restaurant

The place where EVERYTHING started in I Do I Do – Choong Baek’s 포차.

Scene from the drama

Scene from the drama

I went there twice. First to just look at the place. Next time I went there to join a 모임 with some Korean fans of Kim Sun Ah. The food and drinks were good! 🙂


서울시 양천구 신정동 902-1 산정빌딩 4층 403호.



Take subway line 5. Get off 목동역 exit 1. Walk straight for a few meters. It’s on your left, right next to a 노래방.

[촬영장소] When It’s At Night – National Museum

Whenever Korea’s National Museum is mentioned, When It’s At Night is always the first thing that comes to my mind. Why not? If more than half of My Name Is Kim Sam Soon was filmed on Sam Shik’s restaurant, more than half of When It’s At Night was filmed at the National Museum.

Scene from the drama

Scene from the drama

Scene from the drama

Scene from the drama

The M cafe!

After the drama finished, there used to be a tarpaulin of a photo of Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Gun in this cafe. But it’s gone now. Instead a photo of a different was attached to one corner (and I didn’t bother checking which drama it was).

1. I wasn’t able to go around (especially the park areas because we don’t have much time (on my two visits to the National Museum).


2. I haven’t seen When It’s At Night for a veeeery long time, so I can’t remember where exactly most of the scenes were and what National Treasures appeared on the drama.

But they are all there! Inside and around the National Museum. 🙂


Get off 이촌역 and basically it’s just around the corner. You can see it right away. You won’t miss it.

The M cafe is on the second floor.

[촬영장소] Scent of A Woman – Line Tour

We were on our way to King Kong Entertainment, Kim Sun Ah’s agency, from Sam Shik’s Restaurant near 삼성 역. I kinda saw the name POSCO from afar, but I’m not sure if it’s the same POSCO as the one used as Line Tour in Scent Of A Woman. Luckily we have to pass by that building and I was able to confirm that it was indeed Line Tour.

Behind The Scenes photo


735-3 Posco P&S Tower, Yeoksam-dong, Kangnam-ku Seoul

서울특별시 강남구 역삼동 735-3 포스코P&S타워


Take Line 2. Get off 역삼역 exit 3 and walk a few meters. It’ll be on your left.

However, we actually just walked from Sam Shik’s restaurant to reach this place. Quite a long walk though if you are not used to walking.

What is expensive?

I woke up hearing Koreans talking. Suffering from bad withdrawal syndromes since the day I returned home from Korea (yesterday), I thought I was just dreaming. But apparently it’s true. A group of Koreans were sitting on the cold floor of NAIA terminal 3, a few meters away from me. There were too far for me to decipher what they were talking about though.

Three of the girls from the group started walking away. One of them looks like my Korean-American friend from the International Summer Session of CNU. Still half-asleep, I really thought it was her so I followed them (I realized now that it is just impossible that  it’s her since she never mentioned anything about visiting the Philippines before going back to Missouri). After all I also want to head to the same direction they were all heading to – the airport convenience store – to get another cup of hot coffee because I’m freezing to death. The airport’s air conditioner seems on full blast – on a rainy day like this! >.< It’s funny how just 2 days ago me and my friends almost “died” from the heat while trying to squeeze in some last-minute sight-seeing in Seoul before I leave (literally a few hours before my flight).

Anyway, as expected the girl is not my Korean-American friend.

I passed by them and I can’t help but smile after hearing them convert the prices to 천원 or some 백원 and all together squeal “싸다 싸다” while checking the prices of items. It brings me back to the day I first arrived in Korea a little more than 40 days ago (was it really more than 40 days ago already?). Like them I went to a G25 convenience store in the airport, converted the prices of the items to Philippine currency, but ended up putting things back on the shelves while muttering “너무 비싸요!”

Now they are back with the items they’ve hoarded from the convenience store and happily munching on some snacks. I wish I can see and hear their reactions when they get out of the airport and see the real prices of stuff here in the Philippines. The airport prices, just like on any other airports, are a bit more expensive than outside shops/markets.

I’ve been staying in NAIA airport for more than 24 hours now because of floods everywhere and I’m running out of money. I only prepared enough cash for a direct travel back home from the airport – not for camping out in the airport (plus I have to get hot coffee every hour else I’ll freeze to death). When my wallet’s gone empty (except for a few coins both in won and peso), I realized that I can still withdraw some money from my ATM. An amount that all Korean ATMs ignore can be withdrawn from any Philippine ATM machine. And it could still get me a couple of decent meals (or even 4~5 for-survival food). I was also wishing there’s some instant rice too in the convenience stores here because I have some canned chicken with me. Then I realized that fast food stores sells what we call “extra rice” which were half the price of the cheapest (on sale) instant rice in Korea.

If there’s one thing I like in the Philippines more than Korea, it’s the cost of living.  In Korea the money I brought with me suddenly lost it value. Now that I’m back in the Philippines the coins that I got used to ignore in Korea is enough to feed me and keep me warm for more than 24 hours now.

Nonetheless, I still miss you Korea. ㅠㅠ