Contracted Words

I was once “victimized” by these contracted word forms before. A Korean friend emailed me and used the word 담주. I tried looking at the dictionary but I can’t find 담주 anywhere. I asked another friend whose Korean level is much higher than mine and she said laughed and said it’s 다음 주. She told me that she was once “victimized” by 절 and spent time trying to look it up in the dictionary too when she was still a beginner.

I’m compiling these contracted word forms as I encounter them. I still sometimes get caught off-guard when I see them, often on internet forums and drama scripts.

전 – 저는

절 – 저를

난 – 나는

넌 – 너는

날 – 나를

널 – 너를

울 – 우리

담 – 다음

낼 – 내일

맘 – 마음

넘 – 너무

단 – 다른

남친 – 남자친구

여친 – 여자친구

땜에 – 때문에

이건 – 이것은

서울엔 – 서울에는

어젠 – 어제느

이러면 – 이렇게 하면

그러면 – 그렇게 하면

저러면 – 저렇게 하면

어떡하다 – 어떻게 하면

x욜에 – x요일에

글구 – 그리고

뭔 – 뭐슨

Talk To Me In Korean have a lesson about this too:




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