[뉴스] Pinoy tourists to South Korea expected to increase following relaxed visa rules

Pinoy tourists to South Korea expected to increase following relaxed visa rules

 (The Philippine Star) | Updated August 25, 2013 – 12:00am

MANILA, Philippines – When the South Korean government relaxes its visa rules starting Sept. 1, the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) Manila Office expects more Filipino tourists to Korea.

Filipinos who have visited Korea at least once are now eligible for a one-year multiple-entry visa under the new rules.

Those who have visited Korea more than twice are eligible for a three-year multiple-entry visa.

And visitors who previously held a three-year multiple-entry visa can now obtain a five-year visa.

Rules have been relaxed for Chinese and other Southeast Asian nationals, too.

Sangyong Zhu, director of KTO Manila, is positive that easing visa rules will translate to more visitors to Korea.

“Korea is always ahead in visa processing compared by other countries. We are confident that visitor arrivals to Korea will surpass more than 12.5 million visitors again this year, “he said.

From January to July, Korea welcomed more than 6.3 million visitors.

This year, tourists from Philippines alone increased by 61.5 percent in March, 8.5 percent in April, 12.1 percent in May, 47 percent in June, and 74.4 percent in July compared to 2012.

For information, call the KTO Manila office at 880-0312 to 0313 or e-mail

꺄악!!!!!! This is good news! Getting a tourist visa to South Korea has always been a struggle for many Filipinos. I’ve been there. Done that. It’s NOT EASY! And now… now… I may be able to get a 3-year multiple-visa entry???!!!!! 꺄아아아아아ㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏ!!!!! Thanks to this news my mood got better. I was, yet again, on a sour mood since yesterday… but now I can finally smile and have something to look forward to…. ^^