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A lazy Saturday morning

Even though all classes and are now officially over (yey!), I still have tons of linguistics papers to write (4 to be exact!) – 4 difficult papers! And I must finish all of them in tada~ 5 days!!!

I should be in am in panic mode now. But I hated that I woke up today rather lazily. Like too lazy lazy. Went through my usual online routine when I turned my laptop on – and it didn’t even excites me. Either I’m really too lifeless today or there’s not a single interesting thing out there.

I tried opening my semester’s folder and just looking at it makes my heart heavy – and in pain – literally (yeah, I can feel it!). I can’t even bring myself to open the documents that need to be done today. For some reasons, it dreads me.

Why today is too lazy, I do not know! I don’t even have any music on because I can’t think of anything that would interest me. Not even my Korean audio lessons excites me today… not even my drama OSTs… shall I try listening to Korean radio today?

I don’t know what to do! The only thing that seems to interest me today is watching The King 2 Hearts but I know it would only waste my very precious time if I start watching it. Besides… no, it’s still not yet that interesting for me (at least not this morning).

I’m thinking of probably watching an episode of a Kim Sun Ah drama… then probably watch one episode in between writing my papers for the next 5 days. I’m sure it’ll keep me going. But I’m also equally sure that it’s gonna be ‘dangerous’ once it gets out of contol. But if that would make me awake today, then shall I try it?

I hate it that for the past few weeks it seems like my brain has packed her bags and hopped on a plane to Korea leaving me behind. Come back you stupid brain! I still need you here!

Shall take a shower, eat some more breakfast, grab a cup of coffee perhaps, a bar of chocolates and probably take some energy vitamins or something. This lazy mood won’t do! Definitely not on crunch time!

For whomsoever it may concern

*Found this poem on First Impressions

These studies and this fatigue
The hard work at its peak
The pain is too much to bear
I’m on the verge of tearing my hair
Why can’t these exams (alodia: papers too!) get over soon?
Rest and sleep will then be a boon
Exams are a sheer test of memory
Just mug up like I did for history
ICSE syllabus was so so sweet
With ISC, my head I have to beat
Nothing goes inside, nothing is understood!!!!!
Getting not-so-good marks is the likelihood
It’s the first time I’m giving my class XI exams
So results will not be as good as mixed fruit jams
So please don’t scold me and don’t feel sad
I haven’t really worked for these exams (alodia: and papers) and I know that
I’ll (alodia: will also not) get good marks in the final you bet
I promise to you and this i won’t forget
You’ll be smiling and will feel proud of me
I’ll not let you down in the next term, you’ll see.

*I’m dying! O.o –> alodia

How big a Kim Sun Ah fan am I?

For the past few days, overwhelmed with schoolworks, I had this sudden fondness in checking random blogs of exchange students who went to Korea. And I came across nanchugeosseo’s blog. I don’t know him but apparently we are from the same university and we have some common friends. I just browsed some of his posts and clicked some random photos, when I came across one from Insadong.

And guess what I first noticed on this photo. Kim Sun Ah!

No, she’s not there. But her photo is. Can you see? Can you? It’s there! On the ice cream store. Still can’t see?



I swear, that’s her!

Believe me!

Back in 2008, she made a drama about cultural heritage, When It’s At Night and she and Lee Dong Gun filmed a date montage in Insadong. One of the things they did there was ate ice cream. So whenever I came across photos of Insadong, I’m always on the look out for ice cream stands hoping I would recognize the exact ice cream stand/store they used for filming and viola! I found it!

See? The hair, the blouse. And the ice cream store owner's vest! I'm not sure if this is still in Insadong... I wish it'll still be there when I visit... someday... someday... someday...

I wish I’m not scaring anyone with this post. O.o Hey, it’s not just me! Other fans of Kim Sun Ah can recognize her on photos even if it’s very blurred (me too! I even recognized a DVD of her movie S Diary among the hundreds of DVDs on the dvd rack in the drama What’s Up Fox?) or even  if it’s only her foot showing.

Anyway, I just got excited seeing this photo (read: seeing Kim Sun Ah on this photo) and I myself can’t believe how big a Kim Sun Ah fan am I. 🙂

Ok, enough of the random things and back to reality. Schoolworks, go ahead and kill me!!!! ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

King Kong Entertainment Officially Announced Kim Sun Ah’s casting in “I Do, I Do”

King Kong EntertainmentKim Sun Ah‘s management company, surprised fans early this morning with an official news confirming Kim Sun Ah’s casting in the upcoming MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama “I Do, I Do” via the actress’ Official Facebook Page

Kim Sun Ah was tagged as “The Queen of Tears” on last year’s SBS drama Scent Of A WomanBut this time, it is expected to see a new and different Kim Sun Ah – a chic and stylish “Cool City Girl”.

“I Do, I Do” is set to broadcast by the end of May, following “The King, Two Hearts”.


팬 여러분! 안녕하세요?
여러분께서 기뻐하실 차기작 확정 소식이 있어, 팬여러분께 가장 먼저 알려드립니다.
따뜻해지는 날씨와 함께 좋은 소식을 전달드릴 수 있어 기쁜 마음입니다^^김배우님은 MBC 수목드라마 <아이두 아이두>로 안방극장에 컴백하게 되었습니다.
<여인의 향기>의 ‘눈물의 여왕’ 김배우님이 이번에는 시크하고 쿨한 ‘차도녀’로
새로운 모습을 선보일 예정이오니, 즐거운 마음으로 조금만 기다려 주세요!
<아이두 아이두>는 <더킹 투하츠> 후속으로 5월 말 방송될 계획입니다.

저희 킹콩엔터테인먼트도 김배우님이 더욱 좋은 활동 할 수 있도록 최선을 다하겠습니다.
김배우님에게 항상 뜨거운 사랑과 응원을 보내주시는 팬분들께 깊은 감사의 마음을 전합니다^^


This is King Kong Entertainment

Hello to all the fans!
We’re glad to inform all the fans first about Kim Sun Ah’s next project.
We are so happy to deliver the good news together with such a warm weather today.

Actress Kim Sun Ah will make a comeback to television through MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama “I Do I Do”

In Scent Of A Woman she was the “Queen of Tears”, but this time expect a Kim Sun Ah with a new look – a chic “Cool City Girl”. Please wait for it a little bit.

I Do I Do is planned to broadcast in the end of May following The King, Two Hearts.

We at King Kong Entertainment will do our best for more good activities/projects for Kim Sun Ah.

We deeply thank all the fans of Kim Sun Ah for constantly giving a warm love and for continously cheering for Kim Sun Ah.

Actually, last night Kim Sun Ah logged in at her fancafe, Sunforever, and hinted that she’ll be posting something really soon but she can’t promised what time exactly. Apparently they are waiting for morning to make the official announcement. 🙂 Happy me!
There’s another news via Newsen and Edaily but I’m too exhausted to translate them. OTL

내 마음을 어떻게 아세요?

Strange as it may seem, but really… I don’t know how she does that… but whenever I miss her sooooo bad – like to the point that it hurts already, she’ll appear. And I’m telling you, it has happened many times before!

Not too long ago I tweeted and blogged about how much I missed her:

Then, out of the blue, she appeared on her fan cafe!

And now, all of a sudden, all my worries are gone. All confusions are gone. Stress are all gone too. The solution is HER after all.

I’m happy. I learned a few words from her post too. And she’s such a tease, saying she’ll post something but asking us not to wait for it for she can’t promise when/what time she can post (it). Even if she said not to wait, I’ll be waiting. 🙂

Unni, you are such a tease. But nonetheless, I’ll be working on my paper while I wait for you. From today on, I’m going to work extra harder, I promise you Unni!

Thank you for coming tonight and for making my day and for making me feel so much better. 🙂



Uhm, so now there are 2 definite ways to predict when will Kim Sun Ah go online. 1.) If I log out earlier than usual and 2.) Whenever I miss her badly – the type that can almost make my heart burst. XD

[Learning Korean With Kim Sun Ah] I Don’t Care! 사관 없다, 신경 안 쓰다, 관심 없다

I was originally interested with the word 감정 since I encountered it on a previous TOPIK paper and I found that word used on a scene in Scent Of A Woman. But I actually found the dialogue on the scene interesting because of 사관 없다, 신경  안 쓰다 and 관심 없다.

세경: 그 남자가 너 같은 애랑 얼마나 만날 수 있을 것 같아? 어차피 결혼은 끼리끼리 하게 돼 있어. 그럼 너는 버려질 거고.

연재: 상관없어.

세경: 뭐?

연재: 일어나지도 않은 일, 신경 안 써.몇 달 뒤에 무슨 일이 벌어질지 관심 없어.나한테는 오늘, 지금, 내 감정이 제일 중요해. 강지욱 씨가 나 만나고 싶어하면 만날 거야. 왜냐 하면 나도 그 사람이 보고 싶거든.

사관 없다, 신경  안 쓰다 and 관심 없다  all means “I don’t care” in general, but I like how the writer used all 3 in a short exchange of dialogue, emphasizing the little differences of the 3.

I made a research and submitted a post, Drama Dialogue #2: 여인의 향기 “I don’t care!” in with a more in depth discussion of 사관 없다, 신경  안 쓰다 and 관심 없다.

Does 물망 & 검토 중이다 means 확인 now?!

Forgive me with this rant post, but I’m starting to get really annoyed with English news circulating regarding Kim Sun Ah‘s casting in the upcoming MBC Drama I Do, I Do.

News articles in English states Kim Sun Ah is expected and will take on the role. To me “expected” and “will take on” mean confirmation.

I know I may sound overreacting. Yes, for all we know, Kim Sun Ah will really take this drama. Fine and good. But that’s beside the point. For as far as I know 물망 & 검토 중이다 doesn’t mean 확인. Even google translate can recognize the difference!

And I don’t mind if they write articles about it, but I wish they get their details right. How come Dramabeans was able to write about it a few days ago without being misleading and others can’t?

Government and Binding Theory

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What the…??? Haegeman, let’s do this tonight!!!

2012 Korean Speech Contest (Metro Manila)

Details and Registration Form available at KCC’s OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

Hmm… I’ve read the contest details thrice. I’m qualified to join. Contest proper will be on May 18th which is still 2 months away. I can write a speech until April 20th which is more than a month away. Both dates are within summer vacation. Topics are interesting a. What you want Koreans to know about the Philippines? OR b. My Impression on Korean Culture. The grand prize is something I’ve always wanted – Trip to Korea.

But the question is, do I have the courage to go up on that stage again??? 자신 없어요…

[Learning Korean With Kim Sun Ah] 산딸기 무스 케이크

I’ve always been curious regarding the cakes used in the drama My Name Is Kim Sam Soon and we basically have information about most of them, except for one used, not on the drama, but on the photo shoot.

I want to get some photos of the exact cake that Sam Soon was holding in the poster of My Name Is Kim Sam Soon but I don’t know what’s it called even in English. So I googled some Korean keywords until I came across some Korean blogs and I found out what kind of cake it is.

It’s called 산딸기 무스 케이크 (Raspberry mousse cake). It’s fun being able to get the information I needed by using Korean keywords. Today I learned what raspberry is and probably will never forget it (because at first I thought it was some sort of a strawberry 달기 that grows in the mountains 산 O.o)

I miss Kim Sam Soon. 😦 I want to eat this cake now!!!