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I forgot how to write

It seems… ㅠㅠ

I think this is the longest time I’ve been on hiatus since I started writing this blog.

I just spent 51 days in Korea. I was initially planning to blog everyday – but not only did it not materialize, I also haven’t written a single blog entry either! Things just got busy. REALLY busy! Many things happen: good things, problems, happy things, heartbreak, more problems, exciting things, more heartbreak, funny things, disappointments, satisfaction, heartbreak and well… HEARTBREAK.

My heart was filled with different strong emotions each of the 51 days. Emotions and feelings that are just too strong (too happy or just too sad) that I can’t find the energy (and time) to put them down into words. And during my lowest points I chose crying myself to sleep over writing.

And now that I am back (and suffering once more from a severe case of withdrawal syndrome… and oh! not to mention…yes… heartbreak still), I guess I better resume writing to keep myself sane. My thoughts are still cluttered in my head. And it’s been like that for quite some time now. I guess (and hope) that writing (again) can help me better sort AND handle my thoughts.

I will try my best to recount wonderful experiences in Korea (even if I am not even done recounting the experiences I had during my summer stint there last year). And of course, write more about learning Korean. But as early as now I’d like to warn my readers (gasp! readers?!) that I might write nonsense posts about uhm… love(!). I’ll try to limit it and will just probably rant more about it on my Korean blog.

Too many things to do… too many things to restart, reassess rethink… too many things to fix and to salvage… One by one… one at a time… 천천히… 하나씩 하나씩… 한걸음…