Don’t you find it strange that when so learn something new, say a new word or a new grammar pattern, you suddenly keep on encountering that new word / pattern?

Today since I didn’t go to school (played hooky). So I wanted to know how to say it in Korean.

First, I checked Kim Sun-Ah‘s movie She’s On Duty. I remember that there was a little dialogue from that movie about playing hooky.

Kim Sun-Ah plays Jae-In, a police officer on an undercover duty as a high school student. She saw the potential witness they are looking for in school and chased him. She failed to catch him. And she forgot momentarily that she is a student and she just cut her classes.

천반장: 잘 들어갈 수 있겠냐?

재인: 어딜 잘 들어 가요?

천반장: 지금 수업 땡땡이 친 거잖아.

After checking that scene, I checked the dictionary for ‘playing hooky’ and found out that it’s 땡땡이 치다.

And, just about 5 minutes later, as I was reading Equinox’s blog, I saw she wrote “꼭 땡땡이 치지마”

I’m starting to memorize my speech too. I think about 75% of the words used on that speech are all new too me. But now, as I memorize them, they keep appearing on other stuff (like song lyrics, drama dialogue, blog posts, etc). Like the game 가위바위보. I use to check the dictionary every time I want to write it. Even if I play this with friends, in rapid speech it’s just something like [과이바이보 ] to me. But in my speech 바위 keeps appearing. Now I realized that that’s the same 바위 in 가위바위보, and I finally have successfully written 가위바위보 without looking at the dictionary. 🙂

Maybe it was only because I’m aware of the new stuff that I get to notice it now. Still it feels a bit odd. 🙂

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