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Update on “I Do, I Do”

A new article came out today regarding the upcoming MBC drama, I Do, I DoHowever there’s still no confirmation regarding the casting of Kim Sun Ah, but this time, there’s a hint regarding the storyline.

According to MyDaily, Kim Sun Ah is a strong candidate as the female lead. The people behind the drama has already sent their offer/proposal to Kim Sun Ah and she is in the middle of reviewing it. If this will push trough, this will be Kim Sun Ah’s return to MBC after 4 years. Her last drama with MBC is When It’s At Night   last 2009. The production is still looking for a possible leading man, among current Hallyu stars.

The drama that is set to air this coming May is a hilarious romantic comedy about a Gold Miss (an unmarried woman of marriageable age) who is a successful shoe designer in a shoe company (In Time With You anyone?) who gets in trouble and got pregnant after a “one night mistake” with a rookie employee.

Kim Sun Ah’s role as a terminally ill patient, was well received, on last year’s SBS drama Scent Of A Woman.

My reaction? I’ve read from some Facebook friends that Jung Yong Hwa was being considered in this drama, and I can’t understand why. Now I know why. But this kinda reminds me so so so much of Foxy Lady/What’s Up Fox? (of Kim Sam Soon writer – Kim Do Woo) – a one night stand with a noona, only this noona is not a girl next door, rather an elegant one (me imagining Ariel Lin’s look from In Time With You since Ariel is a manager of a shoe company in that drama). I guess a lot of Kim Sun Ah’s fans will be very happy. They’ve been wanting to see a glamorous Kim Sun Ah in a drama for once. Me, I’m not yet sure… it’s always easy for me to relate to Kim Sun Ah’s character because they were always the average girls from Kim Sam Soon to Heo Cho Hee to Shin Mi Rae to Lee Yeon Jae. I’m kinda aloof with classy, glamorous characters AND am not a fan of May-December love affairs (since I’m not into “flower boys” either). Let’s just wait and see. After all Kim Sun Ah hasn’t confirmed the drama yet. Although seeing a pregnant Kim Sun Ah and a Kim Sun Ah with a baby kinda excites me!!!

Dia, who are you kidding. It’s a Kim Sun Ah drama. Even if she takes a role of a tree, I’m sure you’ll love her to death still, isn’t it? XD

[Learning Korean With Kim Sun Ah] [단어] 대충

Recently I’ve been studying previous TOPIK Intermediate papers. It’s still very difficult for me because of the overload of new words and grammar points. I barely have time for studying Korean these days (especially that the semester is ending), so I deviced a plan where I could sneak in Korean studying in between completing my requirements for this semester.

Finding the Korean transcript of Scent Of A Woman makes things easier for me. I can now search for new words/grammar from both My Name Is Kim Sam Soon and Scent Of A Woman. Once I find the word/grammar I’m looking for, I wrote down the sentence/s where it was used and clip the audio. I compile them all together and I listen to it whenever possible – actively (like really listening and figuring out the other words and the meaning) or not (just playing in the background while I’m doing other stuff, just like now!).

Anyway, when I searched for 대충 (which can roughly be translated as approximately, roughly) I found that that word was interestingly used in Scent Of A Woman.


지우: 이만 돌아가죠.

연재: 네? 벌써요?

지욱: 대충 다 본 것 같은데요?



연재: 저, 주제 넘지만요.내일은 오늘처럼 다니지 마세요.여행 상품 만드려고 사전답사 왔다면서 대충 보고 어떻게 알겠어요.사소한 거 하나하나 좀 보고 느끼고 만져보고 먹어보고 직접 겪어봐야 알죠.해 보지도 않고.즐겁지도 않고.어떻게 좋은 여행이라고 얘기하면서 모객을 할 수 있겠어요?일한다 생각하지 말고 그냥 좀 즐기세요.그래야 더 좋은 여행 상품을만들죠.본부장님이 이번 출장에서 만드실 여행상품이요.누군가에게는 태어나서 처음으로 해 보는 여행일 수도 있고, 또 누군가에게는 죽기 전에 마지막으로 해 보는 여행이 될수도 있잖아요.


지욱: 그런데 참 별일이네요.

연재: 뭐가요? 는 뭐든 대충이셨잖아요.대충 봅시다.대충 가죠.그런데 뭐, 이 일은 왜 이렇게 발 벗고 나서세요?아!이 일 안 하면 아버지가 회사 안 물려주신대요?


연재: 아, 역시.쉽게 버니까 쉽게 쓰는구나.

지욱: 네. 대충 전철역 근처에 세워주면 되죠?

연재: 만날 대충이래.그냥 가는 김에 좀 데려다 주시면 안 돼요?


지욱: 내가 그 기획안을 본 기억이 없는데.

상우: 지난번에 대충.제 선에서 알아서 하라고 하셔서.

지욱: 뭐? 대충?그 기획안 당장 가지고 와.오늘부터 대충 일할 생각 없으니까.


지욱: 여기까지 어쩐 일이에요?

연재: 걱정이 돼서요 이번에도 대~충 보실까 봐.제가 만든 기획안이잖아요.본부장님이 상품 대충 만들어서 히트 안 되면 억울할 것 같아서.감수 좀 하려고요.가실까요?

These scenes suddenly became funnier for me after knowing 대충. English translations/subtitles in this case, can definitely give you an understanding of this word but I think the nuance of the word is somehow lost if I were to rely merely on subtitles.

다시 시작 할께요

I have a Korean Blog but after a few entries last year, I never continued. Lately I’ve been trying to buff up my comprehension by studying many new words and grammar points. But I realized I haven’t been giving much efforts on applying them in writing or speaking. I’ve been trying to talk to myself / think in Korean recently when I realized I DO have a Korean blog that I’ve abandoned. So I thought I guess I should restart writing in Korean.

I’m taking pressure off in writing in my Naver blog. I guess I stopped writing because I lack things to say or writing in Korean exhaust me. I’ll just write what I want to write. Sometimes I’ll use a dictionary, a textbook or a grammar book, but sometimes not. I’ll just write what I want to write or rant about. I’ll make mistakes. Tons of them. I will not mind it. At least not right now. Maybe in the future, once I’m better, I’ll start writing more carefully and with better stuff. But for now, my goal is to just keep on writing. Hopefully there will be people correcting my blog entries. But if there aren’t I won’t care. I’ll use lang-8 if I really want corrections. I will just write in Korean. Write. Write. Write. Until I get the hang of it. ^^

Korean Drama Transcripts

Korean subtitles for Korean drama is every Korean-language-learner-who-loves-Korean-dramas’ dream. I have attempted to sub My Name Is Kim Sam Soon in Korean but it’s a very tedious job. So, I was just contended in having the script printed and read it while watching – which is an equally tedious job. At the same time, the scripts that can be found floating around the internet are the original script and not the drama transcript, thus sometimes there are words or sentences that were altered. I would prefer a transcript than a script so that I can follow exactly what they were saying (though I like reading the scripts too because I can usually find out interesting scenes that the writer originally wrote that were either edited or deleted). I usually re-write them but since my Korean is not good enough, I sometimes can’t confirm what I am hearing. My solution – google! There are many Korean blogs that feature drama scenes and dialogue. If a particular scene is famous, there are usually blog entries about it and they are exact transcript of the dialogues more often than not.

Tonight, I was just refining my study materials. As I’ve mentioned a few posts ago, I’m learning TOPIK vocabulary through Korean dramas. I’ve been listening to the dialogue where the vocab that I want to learn was used. I just realized it’s difficult listening only to the dialogue and thought I could print the transcript of the dialogues too and read it while I listen. That way I can have a better recall. I don’t necessarily have to remember all the words in the dialogue, but I know that having a printed transcript will help me remember more words as I not only listen now but also read it over and over.

I’m using the scripts I downloaded. Again, I want the exact transcript as much as possible. I guessed and I googled and everything went well until I came across a scene I clipped which is not a very famous one. The dialogue was altered and I’m not sure if I’m hearing it correctly so I googled but I didn’t find what I need right away. So I tried and I tried many key word combinations until I stumble upon a gold mine!


When you preview a drama, there’s a menu on the right side that read 자막보기 (See transcription). And lo and behold the entire episode’s transcription is there! It’s not available in all dramas, but at least it is in Scent Of A Woman.

What makes me even happier is that I got the transcript until the final episode! I only have the script of Scent Of A Woman until Episode 8. [Download Scent Of A Woman Korean Transcript]

It’s in a transcription format, therefore there are no character names (and no scene descriptions). So it maybe difficult to look for certain dialogue or scenes. Not for me though. Since I have memorized the scenes of Kim Sun Ah’s dramas. And it’s even better for me because I can now make Korean subtitles for Scent Of A Woman easily!!! All I have to do is to just replace the English lines. I don’t have to edit then anymore from the script.

I’m still keeping my script though, because I still am curious about the changes that happen in between the release of the script and filimin/actual airing.

앗싸!!!! I already have complete script (transcript at least) of Scent Of A Woman. I have the complete script of My Name Is Kim Sam Soon and When It’s At Night. So I’m only lacking City Hall script and I’ll have scripts of all of Kim Sun Ah’s dramas. Unfortunately there are no transcripts available for City Hall. If only there are, then I’m going to declare this day as the happiest superb day of my life!

PS: If anyone has the script/transcript of City Hall, please PLEASE let me know. 🙂

^__________^ I’m just so happy today!!!! I wish it’ll be summer vacation when I wake up tomorrow. I can’t wait to get my hands on these sweet transcripts and make Korean subs. Gah! I have already burned episode 1-8 of Scent Of A Woman with only English subtitles. Now I have to re-do them! But I don’t care! I don’t care! I’ll re-do everything! I have the complete transcript! Lalalalalalala~!!!!

On Hiatus

어머, 시간이 벌써 이렇게 됐네!

I only have less than 5 weeks before the end of the semester. And end of semester means paper deadlines, exams and projects. 어떡해? 어떡해?!!!

I guess I have to put down my Korean lessons for the meantime. I’ve been so addicted in studying TOPIK papers these past few weeks and before I knew it my schoolworks have piled up. I also need to work double time to save for school fees next semester. ㅠㅠ

Well, as always, I will not really stop studying (that is just unforgivable and unacceptable! ㅎㅎ). I just won’t delve into TOPIK papers or textbooks and spend hours writing down notes and making sentences (and drop my dramas for now). But I will forever be listening (active or not – just like what I am doing right now) to the audio clip I’ve compiled. To help me remember new vocabs I came across with while answering TOPIK papers, I look for them on my Kim Sun Ah dramas, then rip the scene’s audio where the new vocab was used (there are times that I cheated and included even those words that are not really new to me just because I like a particular scene 🙂 ). I have already compiled about 40 minutes worth of audio (for the 어휘 및 문법 part of the 18th TOPIK). I think that’s enough to keep me company while preparing for exams, writing papers and going to and from school. Want to hear a sample?

What I like most about listening to dialogues is that I don’t only get to study the new vocabs and grammar I’ve encountered in the TOPIK paper/s I’m reviewing but I also get to pick up more words and grammar points from the dialogues even if I’m not intentionally trying to remember them. It also improves my listening and, hopefully, speaking skills. I mimic the dialogues once in a while too.

I will still also bring with me the TOPIK paper that I have murdered with notes so that I can read and review them when I have free time.

And will still sleep with 내 이름은 김사순 book by my side so that I can still practice reading at least a paragraph or so a day, before going to sleep. That is, if I’ll still be sleeping in the next 5 weeks. O.o

And still fangirl! But no dramas for now. Just read news about Kim Sun Ah, if any (yes, if any! ㅠㅠ I miss her! But it’s kinda okay since the least I need at the moment are distractions).

All I think about now is that once this semester is over I’m free!!! Yey (at least before the next semester starts)! And I can study as much Korean as I want, blog as often as I want, watch as many dramas as I want, and fangirl to my heart’s content! Can’t wait!