Missing Parokya Ni Edgar

Before Korean drama OST invaded my playlist, I used to listen to a lot of Parokya Ni Edgar. I was never a fan, but I definitely enjoyed their “astig” songs so much! They were really popular when I was in high school.

And now we are writing an ethnolinguistics paper about them and their songs. Thus I’ve been listening to their songs the entire day as I check each and every lyrics. I just realized I’ve missed them a lot. Creating a Parokya Ni Edgar playlist now. ^^

And I think I haven’t seen them perform live yet. I’m now thinking should I go to the university fair to see them?

Random: I was searching some CDs for my Parokya Ni Edgar mp3s last night and came across some of pre-2NE1 Sandara Park’s songs! Cute!

[드라마] Drunken To Love You – My Taiwanese “My Name Is Kim Sam Soon”

It was my mom who’s into this Drunken To Love You (醉後決定愛上你) thing (just like how she was into My Name Is Kim Sam Soon first). I was actually in the middle of watching a different Taiwanese drama In Time With You. It was o~k, and Ariel Lin is so pretty and all, but the drama is not good enough to hold my interest thus I stopped watching midway. Maybe I just can’t relate to it.

My mom loved Drunken To Love You and I got envious so I downloaded it and started watching it on my own. And I loved it!

It reminds me so much of My Name Is Kim Sam Soon. There were a lot of similarities, but of course Kim Sam Soon is a hundred times better (forgive me Drunken To Love You fans).

I thought it was just me because I have a tendency to compare each and every romantic comedy to Kim Sam Soon, but a friend also shares the same thought (but please note that my friend is also a Kim Sun Ah fan. XD).

So we both have a girl that is far from being feminine (though Lin Xiao Ru’s character is not consistent and can be oh so feminine at time, then be so rough the next) who loves cooking and eating (and I wonder why Lin Xiao Ru is not fat!). Both were betrayed by their first great love and the lead guy coincidentally witness the gruesome and break-up. Lead guy is also suffering from a heart break from a very lovely girlfriend whose looks are far better than the lead (or at least that’s what they want to imply. I believe both Kim Sun Ah and Rainie Yang are very pretty!). The lovely girlfriend thinks the guy can’t let them go because they are very confident because they are the prettiest thing on earth and it’s very unlikely that their men will fall for someone like Xiao Ru and Sam Soon. Guys get into a contract relationship with the girl. Girl agrees because she needs money all of a sudden. They have a contract that they will later on violate each and every clause. Girl ends up preparing for ex-boyfriend’s wedding. Then the girl falls for the guy. Guy falls for the girl after realizing they are better than pretty ex-girlfriends. Ex-girlfriends obsessively try to get the guy back while a half-Westerner loves them unconditionally. Ex-girlfriend won’t succeed and will end up with the half-Westerner. Lead girl and lead guy will end up being together and will have sweet moments together. Oh, not to forget, the pig!

Of course there are lots of differences as well and there’s more to Drunken To Love You than what I’ve mentioned above.

Sometimes I hate Lin Xiao Ru. Because she is just too good to be true. If it was Sam Soon on her place, Sam Soon would definitely raise hell. I also hated the adoption thing, kidnapping, gansters and all the action stunts. It was sooo Filipino drama. And I hate it. I also hate the kisses! Darn! There were a lot. But they wasted each one of them. Do Taiwanese kiss that way? Or am I just too spoiled with Kim Sun Ah and her hot kisses on her dramas? I am often thrilled during kissing scenes, but on this drama I think it’s even better not to have any kissing scenes if it would just be as lousy as that (the bed scene was better though! haha!).

But I love Samantha. For once, there’s a mother-in-law who doesn’t hate her future daughter-in-law – finally! And I also love Song Jie Xiu more than Sam Shik. He is sweeter and caring and more matured.

And I love the OST as well. Just like how I love Kim Sam Soon’s.

Despite its flaws, I still love it. It has captured my heart in a way that no other dramas within the past few years had. I also can’t help but love Lin Xiao Ru. It feels like how I felt when I watched my first Korean drama and my all time favorite Kim Sam Soon (coincidentally, they have a similar plot line).

What’s important to me though, is it’s helping me a lot with my Mandarin lessons. Just like how My Name Is Kim Sam Soon has helped / is helping me with my Korean. Although it didn’t spark my interest in Mandarin, just like how Kim Sam Soon has sparked my interest in Korean, it did increase my interest in Mandarin a few notches higher.

I’m just so glad that I liked my first Taiwanese drama this much. Thanks mom!

I don’t think I’ll watch some more Taiwanese dramas, especially when my Korean drama to-watch list is getting longer and longer each day. I’ll just watch Drunken To Love You over and over until I get tired of it (though I think that won’t happen soon. Ha ha!) 🙂