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[드라마] 나도, 꽃!

Yey! I guess I found my next drama! 나도, 꽃! Me too, Flower! is an upcoming MBC drama. I don’t know much about it yet, but the fact that writer Kim Do Woo is the writer makes me excited! Kim Do Woo THE great! THE My Name Is Kim Sam Soon writer! ^_^

Wait! Don’t I have tons of dramas on my to-watch list already? O.o

Finally passing a Japanese exam!

I’ve been failing my Japanese exams one after the other. And when I say failing, I mean like 3 out of 20-30 points! We have a total of 7 long exams for Japanese II and usually comprises of 4 parts: Short quiz, Grammar and Vocabulary, Listening and Kanji.

I wished that I could perfect at least one set of exam. It may sound like a BIG dream for someone getting a score as low as 3, but the exams were pretty easy, I just don’t have time to study (ehem, linguistics papers overload, ehem!).

Yesterday we had Exam 6 and it was an easy one – IF I had studied. I could easily get a perfect score, but since I didn’t study again, I only get passing scores. Oh, did I say it right? I passed!!! Haha! Finally! I actually got a perfect score (for the first time) on the short quiz part! Then passed all the other sections. Well, that’s good enough considering I didn’t study at all.

And I still have a chance to perfect an exam. Because exam 7 is take home! Woot!

Now my last worries will be the Finals! When I don’t think I’ll have time to review again because of other linguistics subjects that I mustn’t fail else I’m dead!

I hate finals week!!! And can’t wait for the semester to end so that I can blog again, study Korean again, watch my dramas, and continue fangirling over Kim Sun Ah. ^_^

Korean Movie Night

Yesterday was a really nice day. Since I stayed in a boarding house, I rarely have a chance to go out of our campus (unless I go to our hometown… or there is a sudden trip to erhm… Cebu! XD).

Yesterday me and my language partner cum best friend meet up for our English language exchange on her dormitory. As always, I enjoy every minute with her. We talked a lot about lots of stuff. Her English is getting better and better and she asks really good questions. I wonder when will my Korean be at par with her English? ㅠㅠ

After our lesson, we wen’t straight to the movie house to catch a Korean movie. There’s an on-going Korean Film Festival in the metro and we got tickets! I was supposed to watch My Dear Enemy (멋진 하루) last Thursday night, but was too busy to go out on a weekday. Me and Yoo Rin ended up watching last Happy Life (즐거운 인생).

I remember a few years back, we can’t easily watch a Korean movie in our country. But recently there are Film Festivals and they are getting more and more popular each year.

It was actually very easy to download these movies over the internet, but still, being able to watch it on the big screen, in comfy cinema seats, together with a friend, is definitely more fun than staying in your room and staring your laptop screen.

The movie was fun. Nothing special. But it was like watching a movie and a concert at the same time. I’m glad I liked it. I was actually trying to stay away from that particular film because I don’t like one actor (hey, what the…? I didn’t mention his name! Why are you still throwing tomatoes at me?). But he was not bad at all in the movie. And his fans were really funny! Whenever he appears on screen, they either scream, clap their hands or simply giggle on their seats. It WAS really funny! And I must say he has a big fanbase in the Philippines, and I was quite surprised about that.

After the movie, we had a nice dinner, then we head back to our university.

I wish we can do things like this more often… 🙂

세부에서생긴일- What happened in Cebu

Kim Sun Ah, and the rest of the Scent Of A Woman team, in Cebu, Philippines.

Photos from Cebu… as posted on my me2day.

김선아언니 이렇게… 우리 나라에… 다시 만나서 정말 반가웠어요… 언니의 필리핀말 정말 잘하시네요. 정말 정말 행복해요! 우리 나라에서 폭 쉴 수 있어서 정말 다행해요.사릉해요~ ♥

Kim Sun Ah Unnie… I’m glad to meet you again… (this time) in our country…. Unnie’s Filipino is really good. I’m very very happy! It’s good that you were bale to take a good rest in our country. Iluvyah~

감사합니다 언니! 한국에 잘 도착하시기 바랍니다. 제가 아직도 세부에 있어요. 오늘밤에 (한밤중) 마닐라로 비행기를 타고 돌아갈거예요. ^_^

Thank you Unnie! I wish you’ll get to Korea safely. I’m still in Cebu. Tonight (midnight) is my flight back to Manila. ^_^

이 사진 자막이 “한국 출발” 맞죠? 김선아언니, 이동욱님, 선물 있어요. 우리요. ^_^

This photo’s title is “Setting off to Korea” isn’t it? Kim Sun Ah Unnie, Mr. Lee Dong Wook, we have a present. Us. ^_^ (ooriyo)

우리 강지욱 본부장님도 만났어 정말 반가워요. ^_^

I’m glad to meet our (General Manager) bon-boo-jang-nim(wrong spelling dia!!!!) Kang Ji Wook. ^_^

Detailed stories later… 🙂

My Suna Unnie is here – IN THE PHILIPPINES!!!

Oh my friggin’ god!!!! OH MYYYYYYY GOOOOODDDDD!!!!

The “love of my life” is here in the Philippines!

It was reported today that Suna Unnie and the Scent Of A Woman team (including actors Lee Dong Wook, Eom Ki Joon, Seo Hyo Rim + Writer and PD) are going to Cebu for a vacation after the filming of Scent Of A Woman ended.

It’s been my/our lifelong wish for Suna Unnie to visit the Philippines. And now it came true!

I would really want to meet her again…

But Cebu is really far from where I am… I have to take an airplane to go there. And I also have no idea yet where to find them…

Lee Dong Wook: 세부 출발!! (

To go or not to go to Cebu? – that is the question!

Withdrawal syndrome at its best!

Scent Of A Woman just ended a few days ago (ME 1: Was that just a few days ago? ME 2: Yes, it hasn’t been a week yet! ME 1: I feels like years already… ㅠㅠ)… and my withdrawal syndrome is just starting to get worse and worse each day. ㅠㅠ

I usually have just a day of withdrawal syndrome for a typical drama… maybe just a few hours for a so-so drama… and just 10 minutes for a really bad one. For dramas that are good (most of the ones listed on my Top10), my withdrawal syndrome could last for a week… sometimes 2 weeks… 3 weeks max!

But for a Kim Sun Ah drama, it will last for months… sometimes even years (honestly!).

Now, Scent Of A Woman has become my number one drama, toppling my 5-year-long number one drama, My Name Is Kim Sam Soon. For 2 months I’ve engaged myself with fan activities – 본방사수, soompi, subbing, etc etc etc… I’ve sacrificed precious study hours and sleeping hours for this drama. And because I know that I have spoiled myself so much while this drama was airing, I decided to cut things out. I even blocked soompi so as not to distract myself further. But it’s just making me feel emptier.

I think I really need help! ㅠㅠ What shall I do? 살려주세요!!!