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[노래] 늦은 시작

Even before I can understand it, 늦은 시작 has been one of my most favorite Korean Drama OSTs. I don’t know why. It’s not even from Kim Sun Ah’s drama. Maybe it’s the melody and the ‘feeling’ of the song and how perfectly it suits the drama What’s Up Fox?. I’ve listened to and sang this thousand of times already and have almost memorized the entire song.

Recently I started understanding this song more and more. Every time I listen or sing this song, I keep recognizing more and more words and grammar patterns I’ve learned from my class or on my own. I started understanding words after words and eventually lines after lines.

I had thought of translating it. Then I learned that CoreanBigSis is taking song translations request. I would really love to know the meaning of this song, so I requested it to be translated.

But before I read CoreanBigSis’ translation, I tried translating it myself. I’d rather not post my version to spare myself from embarrassment – seriously there are still a lot of wrong translations – I don’t want other people to get the impression that it’s correct. But I’m happy that I get to understand a big percent of the song now – with a big help of a dictionary still (ㅜㅜ).

I think translating on my own, then comparing it with a more correct translation is a good way for me to practice my comprehension. I’m thinking of the next song that I’ll be requesting.

For now, let me share the link to CoreanBigSis’ translation of 늦은 시작

늦은 시작 (병희 테마)
여우야 뭐하니 OST

좀 달라졌어 널 보는 내 마음
기대 만큼 가슴 떨리는 시작은 아니지만
생각보다 어려운 일인 것 같아
늘 지나는 그 자리에서 인연을 알아보기가

조금 두려워 아직 어려워 너의 눈을 바라보기가
사실 이런 건 말야 생각도 못해 본거야

이제는 내게 말해봐 이런 날 사랑한다고
늘 가까이 있어도 찾지 못한 그런 사람 나라고
그럼 나 다시 말할게 나도 널 사랑한다고
내 꿈들의 조각을 다 비워 너를 초대할게 To me

난 뭐하나라도 잘 한게 없나 봐
간직해 온 사랑조차도 방향이 틀렸었더
손 내밀면 뭔가가 잡힐 것 같아
늘 버리지 못한 꿈들을 쫓으며 살았는데

너도 그러니 나는 그랬어 남들보다 늦었으니까
다른 사람들처럼 쉽사리 되진 않았어

이제는 내게 말해봐 이런 날 사랑한다고
늘 가까이 있어도 찾지 못한 그런 사람 나라고
그럼 나 다시 말할게 나도 널 사랑한다고
내 꿈들의 조각을 다 비워 너를 초대할게 To me

우리 처음 만난 날 우리 처음 만난 날
그때부터도 우리는 좋은 사이야
어떤 환상에 다른 사랑에 눈 뜨지 못했던
지난 날들 지나고 둘이서 함게 하는 걸

한번 더 내게 말해봐 이젠 날 사랑한다고
늘 가까이 곁에서 날 아끼는 그런 사람으로만
이제난 나도 말할게 정말 널 사랑한다고
나 어렵게 꺼냈던 모든 말 기억해 줬으면

이제는 내게 말해봐 이런 날 사랑한다고
늘 가까이 있어도 찾지 못한 그런 사람 나라고
그럼 나 다시 말할게 나도 널 사랑한다고
내 꿈들의 조각을 다 비워 너를 초대할게 To me

용색 will make me rich!

Anyone who understand 용색하다, stop what you are thinking now (that is if there’s anyone who understands it, ㅋㅋㅋ) . It’s not what you think it is. I’m referring to the word itself, not the act.

용색 sexual union [intercourse] ―하다 have sexual intercourse

It was part of our “10 words a day” project. And was taken from the drama “여우야 뭐하니

I showed our 100-word list to a Korean friend a few days ago and she told me that ever her didn’t know 용색하다. I told my study buddy about it and I said that I’ll ask other Korean friends if they know this word or not.

It’s not easy to ask about this word because of it’s meaning. But nonetheless I was curious, so I decided to ask a new Korean acquaintance in our university.

But that guy, Paul, didn’t just simply say that he doesn’t know the word, rather he STRONGLY insisted that that word doesn’t exist at all. I was confident that it does exist so I offered a bet of 50 pesos (about a dollar) if I can prove that it does exist. But I guess he was more confident than me for he made a counter offer of 1,000 pesos.

I then ask another Korean acquaintance. He also doesn’t know the word, but luckily he have a dictionary with him, so he looked it up and poof! There’s 용색.

I immediately showed it to Paul. 천 페스 주세요!

Unfortunately he is a liar! hahaha. So I’m not a thousand peso richer. But the look on his face after I showed the dictionary entry to him was priceless. ^^

I love this word. It’s gonna make me richer!!!