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Listening to K-dramas

This started as a comment in Hangukdrama and Korean blog’s Learning Languages – a revolutionary approach entry. And after clicking the POST COMMENT button, I was surprised that it was really long and that it looks like a blog entry itself. So why don’t I blog it anyway? (edited some parts)

I watch Korean movies and dramas, and started listening to Korean songs (mostly Drama OSTs) on my computer, ipod and cellphone. I listen to podcast lessons too, if I have time.

And just recently, I decided to LISTEN to Korean dramas. I just went back to school and, although Korean classes are part of my current curriculum, it still means lesser time to study self-study Korean. AND lesser time to watch Korean dramas (sad!). I usually have my music on whatever I do (review for an exam, reading readings, writing a report, going to and from school), so I thought, why not listen to dramas instead? I extracted the audio of my favorite drama (My Name Is Kim Sam Soon and later on will listen to City Hall too – yey!) and I listen to it while studying, and while on my way to and from school. Sometimes even during classes if I can sneak it.

At the moment, it doesn’t matter whether I understand everything or nothing at all. I just familiarize myself with the sounds, intonation, expressions, speed. I get to pick up vocabs and grammar patterns too as I listen, intentionally or unintentionally. At the same time I get to enjoy listening to Kim Sun-Ah‘s voice. And I also get to memorize some lines from the drama too.

Recently I started studying the scripts too. My Korean is still not good that’s why I’m still lost with a lot of grammar patterns that I don’t know. So I’m focusing on vocabs for the mean time. It’s fun when you get to recognize a pattern you just learned as you listen. And it’s also equally fun, when you are in class and a new grammar or vocab is being introduce and you remember it from the drama. For me it makes my remember grammar or vocabs easier – especially if it was Kim Sun-Ah who said it! 🙂

Of course this method will only work for some people. It may sound really boring, but since I’m so addicted to a My Name Is Kim Sam Soon and City Hall. I wouldn’t mind listening to it over and over until I memorize all the lines. ㅋㅋㅋ

Funny thing though, I was told, about 3 times already, by 3 different groups of Korean friends, at 3 different times, that I sound very much like Kim Sam-Soon. Hmm… would I sound like Mi-Rae when I start listening to City Hall?

So I guess it’s a proof that you’ll get to pick up something from listening. I was not mimicking Sam-Soon at all. I don’t even know how to mimic her. It just came out naturally.

And this is exactly my concern when I start learning Japanese next semester. I am not exposed at all to Japanese. In my lifetime, I think I’ve only seen 2 Japanese dramas, 1 anime series and no more than 20 Japanese movies. I have 6 Japanese songs out of my 500+ Korean songs in my netbook (and no Japanese song in my ipod) and I don’t remember the last time I played any of them. ㅋㅋㅋ My only motivation: Kim Sun-Ah speaks fluent Japanese. So i guess I just have to watch video clips and interviews of her speaking Japanese over and over and over. 🙂

스트레스를 많이 받아요…

I was struggling to write my speech for our Speech Contest for the past 3, 4, 5 days. It was very difficult. I guess I’m not into writing speeches. I guess I’m just not into writing – period!

Today I finally finished the English draft of my speech. I’m so relieved that I’m done writing it in English. I’m going to translate it to Korean now and I assume it’s gonna be easier this time.

Far from it! Translating is really really REALLY difficult! Sad. I even dreamed of becoming a translator in the future. And I realized another thing. My Korean is not going anywhere at all.

Why did I even think of joining this speech contest? 😦

Jeju Island

I have to finish writing a speech today in Korean. I have to write about a place in the Philippines or Korea. I find the topic a bit difficult because I usually write speeches about stuff that I am familiar with and I have experienced. For a homebody like me who rarely travel, this is quite a challenge.

If I’m going to write about a place in the Philippines, I wouldn’t know what place I should choose. My hometown? There’s nothing much to say about it. Manila? Possible. But I’m not that interested. Pagudpud? It’s pretty and all but I’m not really familiar with the place.

If I’m going to write about a place in Korea, what do I know about it? I haven’t been to Korea.

Can I write about Taiwan instead? Please….

I wish I can talk about Korean Dramas instead.

Then I suddenly got the idea of talking about Jeju Island – using My Name Is Kim Sam Soon’s famous confession scene as part of my introduction.

Finally, I have decided to talk about Jeju Island. However I still can’t get my ideas organized for the speech.

I am currently researching about Jeju Island and the idea of it being magical strikes me most.

Wait! Magical? Jeju Island? Secret Garden! 좋다! 좋은 아이디어! I love it. I just hope I can make it work.

But would that mean I have to let go of my first idea? I hope I can still include it. I’ve been anticipating to wear a dress similar to Sam-Soon’s after all.

내 엄마 땜에 진짜 못 살아

내 엄마 땜에 진짜 못 살아 is an expression I learned from the movie 친정엄마. I find this expression really useful. Especially today!

I noticed that my mom is depressed lately and keeps thinking and blabbering about our financial problems. And I HATE it!

We are really very different. I’m the type who opts to stay quiet. I worry and I think a lot too. But I don’t show it to anyone, not talk about it. I opt to stay positive and just continue fighting. It’s very difficult for me to show my feelings to anyone. But my mom often sulk and pity herself. And more than that, she keeps talking and talking and talking about the same things.

And in a time like this when deadlines are knocking on my door and exams are looming above my head and I have so much to do, think about and write about it doesn’t really help! Times like this I wish I’m staying in a boarding house or dormitory instead.

아 진짜! 내 엄마 땜에 정말 못 살아!

Don’t get me wrong though. I love my mom so much. 내가 세상에서 제일 사랑하는 건 엄마예요. That’s why I so love the movie 친정엄마. I believe it really captures mother-daughter relationships. I love my mom, but sometimes she just gets on my nerves!

미안해 엄마… 사랑해, 정말 사랑해…

[드라마] 왜 내 눈앞에 나타나 “Secret Garden” Episode 5

I’m officially hooked!

I guess…

Finally we are moving! And a lot of things are happening.

First off, I love love LOVE the OST! 다 좋아해요! 다 좋아하지만 특히 “그 여자”하고 “그 남자”를 좋아해요. I reminds me of Bad Couple‘s “사랑한단 말이야” (Dang-Ja said & Ki-Chan said versions).

And I love the fantasy side of this drama. I find it wonderfully created and written. I totally enjoyed it.

And of course the most awaited body switch! My hats are off to Ha Ji-Won. She was totally awesome as Joo-Won! The way she stance was just perfect! She’s indeed an excellent actress.

However, I’m still trying to reach out to Ra-Im. There’s still something missing in her character. Which is totally weird because I usually fall for the main female character rather easily. I’m also still not buying their love / attraction with each other. That’s why I wasn’t moved at all on their confrontation scene in the room. That’s when you are supposed to cry with the characters, but I just didn’t feel anything. I just feel bad because I wish I can cry with them. I love that feeling. ^^

Another odd thing. I was teary eyed when Oska and Joo-Won were alone on Oska’s room. I guess I was able to connect more to Joo-Won. I wasn’t surprised though because right from the start her characterization has been solid. However, I don’t usually connect with the guy characters in drama.

But this episode made me cry even if I’m still missing the connection to the romance part and to Ra-Im. Why did I cry? Because I badly want to watch the next episode, but I just can’t afford to do so because I still have loads to do!

어떡 해? ㅠㅠ

선아포에버의 10주년


Our cafe celebrates our 10th year anniversary! This year’s gonna be my fifth year with them. Woah! Time flies indeed!

I started learning Korean because of the 선포 (our cafe’s nickname). I made a lot of Korean (and overseas) friends because of 선포. I was recognized by Suna Unnie because of 선포. I’ll forever be grateful to all members and to Suna Unnie herself for welcoming me in the cafe with open arms even if I’m a foreigner.

My first registration using my bestfriend's Daum ID

These are my 등업 requests. Hahaha! It was fun reading my Kong-lish then.

My second (and final) registration using my own Daum ID this time

Two accounts, 5 years, regular visits, difficult-to-write posts, good friends, late night chats. I had a great time in the cafe. And I’m looking forward to more years of great time.

I just feel bad…

I was planning to send them ballers as souvenir items for today’s 10th year anniversary party. But I’m totally broke right now, I wasn’t able to do anything. I was planning to write a lot of stuff in the cafe too, but I haven’t started any.

Nonetheless, I still have another full day to write tomorrow. I just have to complete my designs for KCC, watch a couple of episodes of Secret Garden and write write and write all day long tomorrow.

열심히 하겠어!!!

What makes me so happy today, aside from our anniversary, is that our dear Suna Unnie visited us tonight and posted a funny message. She photoshoped a news screencap and naver’s trending topic with 선아포에버! 우리 언니 정말 웃겨요!


[드라마] On “Secret Garden” Episode 4

Why is it very sloooow? At least for me.

The only thing that is truly wonderful in this episode was the pregnant 아줌마!

“잘생기고 키크고 돈많으면 오빠죠!”

I just couldn’t stop laughing!!!

But other than that… it feels just like another Boys Over Flower and Lovers In Paris to me (the first one I didn’t even bother to finish, the second one was okay but I was pretty bored at some parts). A very very very poor girl meets an insanely rich guy (and his evil mother).

Good thing Joo-Won never fails to make me laugh.

Another consolation: I can smell the completion of “Finding A Bridge” trailer/s! (What’s Finding a Bridge? I’ll talk about it later. Summer vacation! I can hardly wait!)

I hope Episode 5 will be better. I’m still addicted to this drama, but I can feel that I’m about to loose my patience real soon.

Oh! And I so love the location they used as Joo-Won’s house HOUSE. I wonder where in Korea it is. Can anyone tell me? I will put it on my when-I-go-to-Korea-I-must-visit-these-places list.

[드라마] 당신 혹시 나 좋아해? “Secret Garden” Episode 3

I’m not very impressed with Episode 3. Maybe I was expecting too much since I enjoyed the first 2 episodes. I’m not saying Episode 3 is bad. No! Not at all. But it seems like not much happen on this episode.

I can’t help but remember My Name Is Kim Sam Soon with this scene though:

라임: 당신 혹시 나 좋아해? 나 좋아한냐구?!

주원: 내가 그렇게 미친놈같아? 아니 내가 어디 모자라보여? 나 같은 사람이 댁같은 여자 좋아하는거 봤어? 현실적으로 그게 말이 된다고 생각해? 착각하는거 같아 말해두는데 나랑 결혼하고 싶어 줄서있는 학벌집안외모되는 여자들 사진만 쌓아도 빌딩 하나 쌓아. 근데 그쪽은 집안학벌능력나이 뭐하나 괜찮은게 없잖아 혹시 해당사항 있음 손들고?!

아 진짜! Really! When Joo-Won raised his hand, I was half-expecting he’ll say Ra-Im’s hands are ugly! That they look like 족발.

삼순:  너 나 좋아하니? 너 나 좋아해?

진헌: 전에 얘기하지 않았나. 당신같은 여자를 누가 안고 싶어 하겠냐고. 당신… 내 타입 아냐. 왠 줄 알어? 손이 안예뻤거든. 족발이야?

Then when Joo-Won started raising his voice…

주원: 봐, 없지?

라임: 근데 왜 따라다녀

주원: 그걸 왜 나한테 물어?

라임: 그럼 누구한테 물어?

주원: 댁한테 물어야지? 자꾸 떠오르는데 어떡해! 안봐도 계속 같이 있는거나 마찬가진데 나보러 어쩌라고?! “김수한무 거북이와 두루미” 어?! 내가 이걸 밤마다 어?! 내가 오죽하면 이래? 당신대체 나한테 무슨 짓을 한거야 왜하필 난데?!

I was then expecting Ra-Im to answer, “알았어, 꺼져줄게”

진헌: 자꾸 생각나서 미치겠어! 왜 내 머릿 속에 들어와서  날 괴롭혀 왜! 차라리 꺼져버리든가!

삼순: 알았어, 꺼져줄게

It was a little bit annoying for a big My Name Is Kim Sam Soon fan like me… since they were not from the same writer. But it didn’t ruin my viewing. I am just nitpicking a little.

I still am not buying how Joo-Won can fall for Ra-Im so easily. Not that Ra-Im is not likeable. In fact she is. But it’s still so fast for me that I didn’t feel anything with the supposedly swoon-worthy sit-ups scene (that I’m sure a lot of Secret Garden fans almost died of).

But I did like it when Joo-Won pulled Ra-Im’s chair for her:

주워: 그 나이되도록 의자 빼주는 놈도 없었어?

Make’s me wonder, is Joo-Won perhaps not just Oska’s cousin but Jo Guk’s too?

조국: 이런건 남자가 하게 해야죠.차문 열어줄때까지 타지도 말고, 손수건 안깔아주면 어디 앉지도 말고,숟가락 젓가락 안놔주면 밥도먹지말고. 한번도 안그래봤죠?

I also still can’t feel anything for the characters. Joo-Won is insanely funny. And for the first time, I’m literally rolling on the floor laughing at the lead guy instead of the lead girl. But I still can’t get into him.

Nor into Ra-Im.

Which is weird. For Ra-Im seems to be a lovable and really cool character.

Now I’m trying to imagine, had Ra-Im been Kim Sun Ah, would it make any difference? I can confidently say NO. Sure I will have a bias towards Suna Unnie, but with that aside, Ha Ji-Won is actually playing Gil Ra-Im perfectly.

I just don’t understand why I still feel detached to the characters. Despite the fact that I’m enjoying this drama. Maybe I just need more time for the characters to grow into me.

Sorry if I keep comparing Secret Garden to other dramas, specifically My Name Is Kim Sam Soon and City Hall. I know it’s not very… uhm ethical? Next time I’ll make sure I’ll put a disclaimer saying that I’m not doing any reviews of this series, just simply prattling about it as I watch. 🙂

Oh, and did I mention I love THE bag?

용색 will make me rich!

Anyone who understand 용색하다, stop what you are thinking now (that is if there’s anyone who understands it, ㅋㅋㅋ) . It’s not what you think it is. I’m referring to the word itself, not the act.

용색 sexual union [intercourse] ―하다 have sexual intercourse

It was part of our “10 words a day” project. And was taken from the drama “여우야 뭐하니

I showed our 100-word list to a Korean friend a few days ago and she told me that ever her didn’t know 용색하다. I told my study buddy about it and I said that I’ll ask other Korean friends if they know this word or not.

It’s not easy to ask about this word because of it’s meaning. But nonetheless I was curious, so I decided to ask a new Korean acquaintance in our university.

But that guy, Paul, didn’t just simply say that he doesn’t know the word, rather he STRONGLY insisted that that word doesn’t exist at all. I was confident that it does exist so I offered a bet of 50 pesos (about a dollar) if I can prove that it does exist. But I guess he was more confident than me for he made a counter offer of 1,000 pesos.

I then ask another Korean acquaintance. He also doesn’t know the word, but luckily he have a dictionary with him, so he looked it up and poof! There’s 용색.

I immediately showed it to Paul. 천 페스 주세요!

Unfortunately he is a liar! hahaha. So I’m not a thousand peso richer. But the look on his face after I showed the dictionary entry to him was priceless. ^^

I love this word. It’s gonna make me richer!!!