100 Happy Days: Day 004


오늘은 잠깐 우울한 느낌 또 느꼈다. 나랑 같이 있고 싶은 사람이 없다고 생각했다. 나는 왜 애정같은 걸 필사적으로 찾아보고 있냐? 나는 왜 좋아하는 사람을, 친구들을 그렇게 붙잡고 싶냐?

그리고 또 안좋은 생각 했다. 예전에 받았던 다뜻함 그리워졌다. 근데 의심했다. 그 다뜻함이 진짜 다뜻함인가 그냥 습관인가?

자기가 절망적인 사람이 된다고 생각하기 전에 Angeli 씨랑 만날 약속 생겼다. 기분이 풀렸다.

만나기 전에 회사에서 같이 일하는 동료들이 장난쳐서 내가 웃게 만들었다. 그리고 퇴근한 후에 좋은 마사지를 받았다.

그리고 제일 좋은 것은 Angeli씨를 만나는 것이었다. 그 친구와 늦게까지 수다를 떨었다. 난 행복한다.

그리고 오늘은 우리 집에 다시 돌아올 수 있어서 좋았다. 내 침대야!!! 오랜만이야!!! 오늘 밤에 행복하게 잘 수 있다.


It was not a good day to start with. I was once again starting to entertain useless and senseless thoughts. I guess I’m still not entirely okay because every little not-so-good thing can trigger depressing thoughts and the moment it’s been triggered it just won’t stop.

Good thing, before the day ends, I get to meet Angeli and being with her made me really happy!

I’ve known her from this blog but since she lives far from where I live we haven’t met. The first time I saw her was at KCC – the testing center for the last TOPIK exam. I’m so glad she approached me because I might have not recognized her if she didn”t.

We didn’t get to talk much before and after the exam. I’m glad she agreed to meet me this day.

Even if it was technically the first time we sat down and talk with each other in person it doesn’t feel, in any way, the first time we’re seeing each other.

We talked and talked and talked and talked until it’s almost midnight.

We talked mostly about Korean – the TOPIK exam, learning Korean, blogging, other bloggers (ehem), Korea, fangirling, books, etc etc. It was really fun and if only we both don’t have to go home that day we can probably stay up until morning talking.

*Meloncreme, I’m stealing this photo! The ones I took weren’t as good.

Hyunwoo and Mikyung – Manila Meetup

캬악~!!! 빅뉴스!!!!

Guess what?!!!

Talk To Me In Korean‘s Hyun Woo Sun, pretty wife Mi Kyung, and family are coming to the Philippines and will be having a meet-up in Manila on February 12th!

Yes, him! THE Hyun Woo Sun!

OH.MY.GOD! *Fangirl mode*

I dunno why I’m sooo excited! We can meet Hyun Woo! I’ve been listening to his voice since I stumbled upon TTMIK. And I can’t believe we’ll get to meet him.

I DEFINITELY AM GOING! And I’m also quite excited (albeit shy) to meet fellow Korean learners from the Philippines.

Again, that’s February 12, 2012. Sunday. Mark your calendars!

RSVP here: Hyunwoo and Mikyung – Manila Meetup