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Until Next Time

It has been ages since I last updated this blog! I can’t believe that I’ve been putting off writing for 4 years now! I knew deep inside I won’t be able to do so. Well, technically I really haven’t. I just don’t want to leave the blog hanging (actually just for my own sanity and peace of mind as I know it is pretty obvious that this blog is in a coma). So finally, I’m officially closing this blog – for now. Maybe… just maybe… sometime in the future I’ll decide to write again. I still have gazillion of things I’ve wanted to share regarding my Korean language learning journey.

Many things have happened since my last post. Life happened. And a gazillion of things happened in terms of my Korean language learning journey.

As a final update, I still am on level 3 of TOPIK (and still trying to show up on an intermediate TOPIK exam the soonest). I now work for a company where I use both English and Korean. And I’ve been to Korea 6 times and counting.

Cobwebs, spams and ads are crowding this dusty blog now. But I still receive valid comments and messages every now and then. And my sincerest apologies for not being able to respond to any of them (I’ll still try to do so!). But feel free to leave a comment or a message and I’ll still try to answer them. But I can’t promise anything.

So, until next time! My sincerest thanks to everyone who dropped by.