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ANNOUNCEMENT & UPDATES: “I Do I Do” Snack Event by International Fans

*Edited post to remove bank details, addresses and phone numbers. Anyway the event ended already*

Hi everyone!

First, thanks to everyone who has helped and is helping us with the SNACK EVENT FOR I DO I DO STAFF. Thanks for sending in your donations too. We now have 805,295 krw (though 56,000 of which are yet to be confirmed) and there we are waiting for some more pledges.

To those who have sent their donations:

1. Please send me your message to Kim Sun Ah (if you haven’t) by Monday 11:59pm Seoul Time. Send it to my email:

2. Join us in our Facebook group: because I’m posting all the updates there. If you have sent a request but hasn’t been approved, please email me:

Since the event was moved on Wednesday, July 18, we are still accepting donations until Monday 5:00pm Seoul Time (we can still make extensions until Tuesday 5:00pm Seoul Time, but if you can make it on Monday instead, it’ll be easier for us).


1. Via paypal

* Please send until Monday 6:00am Manila time only

2. Via BPI (for Filipino fans only)

3. Via Western Union

4. Telegraphic Transfer to a Korean bank


Kim Sun Ah’s manager has confirmed the date and exact place with us. He told me an estimate of the staff members last week, but I want to confirm it to him again by Monday or Tuesday. And he also still have to confirm the time.

Today I’ll be going around the markets and downtown to check what stuff we can bring for the staff and Kim Sun Ah. And check printing prices as well in my university area.

We are planning to give Vitamin Water, kimbap, rice cakes, Binch (chocolate biscuit), and bread to the staff in a paper bag with sticker that reads cheering message from Kim Sun Ah’s International fans. For Kim Sun Ah, we’ll give the same package + a basket of fruits and more vitamin waters (plus flowers?). If her manager will confirm that it’s the last day of filming and our budget permits, we might get a cake for the them as well.

Aide from the snacks and gifts to Kim Sun Ah, money will also be spent on printing (stickers, posters and messages/cards) and on paper bags. For transportation, maybe we can afford it since it’s kinda near the subway station so I’m guessing (hoping) the cab fee won’t be too expensive.

Again, thanks to everyone. I’m truly touched that many people participated. And I’m looking forward for a few more participants since the event was moved. ^^

See previous announcement HERE.

[촬영장소] My Name Is Kim Sam Soon – Sam Shik’s Restaurant

My first ever stop was My Name Is Kim Sam Soon‘s Bon Appetit restaurant. Probably because it was the easiest one to find and is also near the area that I am going that day. And it’s a good thing, I thought. After all my “relationship” with Korea started with My Name Is Kim Sam Soon and we all know how big of a role this restaurant have in that drama.

Scene from the drama

Scene from the drama

Me and my friend kept walking until we saw the famous clock from the main street. We got really thrilled when we saw the tip of the clock of that famous filming location for Kim Sam Soon.

But when we get nearer, we were both disappointed with what we saw. 😦

The place is now a total rundown. 😦 It was renovated so it doesn’t look the same anymore, though there are still traces of materials from the original building (like the clock, the bricks, the flooring, the doors, and the tiles. It’s so sad to see wild weeds sprouting between the tiles and the abandoned restaurant stuff inside. It looks like no one has stepped inside for a loooong time.

When the drama was filming it was Hippo Family Restaurant. Although the drama named the restaurant Bon Appetit, you can still see some logos of Hippo on it. Then I heard it was closed after the drama (my thoughts: they scouted for a restaurant that is about to close – since the drama needs the location for a long period of time it would be difficult for both the restaurant owner and the production staff to use a place that is currently operating). Then it was renovated and turned into Todai Restaurant (Western Restaurant I’m guessing). There are still logos of Todai on the building when we went there. I think they are the reason why the clock was pushed back instead of the original position. But we also noticed that there was a different restaurant name on it – Aribann (a Traditional Korean Restaurant).

I don’t know why the place was abandoned. If only I had the money I’ll buy the place and make it alive again, just to relive the Kim Sam Soon memories.

It’s just really sad seeing the place like that. It has changed a lot. But as what my friend said, What do you expect, it’s been 7 years! O.o

I promised myself I’m never going back to that place. It just makes me feel sad. Me and my friend felt really really sad after we need to cheer ourselves up. There’s something in the place that would make anyone who have seen My Name Is Kim Sam Soon feel gloomy.


If you are still interested and doesn’t mind feeling lonely, take subway line 2. Get off 삼성 station. Get of exit 2. Walk straight ahead. It would only take your a few minutes. It’s on your left. It’s not easy to see the place right away because it’s covered by some trees. But if you keep looking up, you won’t miss the clock.

There’s a BMW showroom in front of it (which is just along the main street (영동대로). You can pass by a small door beside the BMW showroom to get to the restaurant. Or you can turn left on the third corner (역삼로).

[촬영장소] Scent Of A Woman – Incheon Airport

scene from the drama

Scent of a Woman, episode 2.

Also take note of She’s On Duty.

I’ll take more photos on my departure next month.


Fans of Kim Sun Ah would know that for years now, our dear Sunny loved Vitamin Water. You can often see her holding a bottle of it.

So whenever fans prepare snack support, they make sure they send her Vitamin Water. Just like here on Scent of a Woman and what they sent on the press conference of I Do I Do (and what we are going to prepare on the upcoming snack event too).

Vitamin water are easy to find in Korea. Any convenience store has it and is also available on vending machines. Prices range from 1,600~1,900 depending on the location of the store (In Seoul and at Incheon airport it’s 1,900. I can see some convenience store that sells it for 1,800, and it’s just 1,600 here in Gwanju).

Take note that there are lots of different Vitamin Water brands here in Korea. What Kim Sun Ah drinks is the Glaceau brand (You can see it written on the cap) – the most expensive among the vitamin waters.

It was my first ever purchase in Korea. It’s kinda expensive for a drink (I think) so I said I’ll only get one and stop. I got the pink one first – kiwi-strawberry (focus: vitamin a+b) and it was good. However I want to try the black one too acai-blueberry-pomegranate (xxx: triple antioxidants) which Suna Unnie often drinks and I like it so much (not because Suna Unnie drinks it, but because it taste really good!). Then I bought another one – the red one dragonfruit (power-c: vitamin c + taurine). Now I want to try every flavor!!!



*Edited post to remove bank details, addresses and phone numbers. Anyway the event ended already*


Hi everyone! It’s me Dia and I’m writing from Korea right now. Have you been enjoying I Do I Do so far? I bet you all are. Our dear Kim Sun Ah, together with her fellow actors and the entire drama staff has been working really hard to give us this wonderful drama.

The drama will be ending in a couple of weeks from now (July 19) and we wanted to cheer not only Kim Sun Ah but the entire I Do I Do staff as well. Therefore on Wednesday (July 11, 2012) <EDIT: MOVED TO JULY 18> we will be visiting the set and we will prepare simple snacks for the entire team. AND WE NEED ALL THE HELP WE CAN GET.

We’ll prepare something like these

I know it’s not an easy thing to do but I am confident that you guys will all help us, right?


1.) If you are a non-Korean fan of Kim Sun Ah who is in Korea right now, please contact me. My phone number is 010-5826-9090. If there will be more people to join me on Wednesday to buy the snacks, pack and label them and carry them all the way to the studio, I would appreciate it.

2.) You can donate money for the event. We are not planning anything grand. We just want to give a set of drinks, and snacks to go with it (maybe some bread or cookies). We are thinking 4,000~5,000 KRW (4~5 USD) is enough for each person. A team consists of about 120 people. If there will be 2 teams filming, then it’ll be about 250 people. So we need to raise around 600,000~1,000,000 KRW (500~800 USD). So far I have received a small amount from the Philippines (thank you guys!)

I have already spoken to Kim Sun Ah’s manager and they are glad to hear about this plan. I’m sure Kim Sun Ah will be happy to know that international fans are continously supporting her even if we are all far away. It will be a great way to show, not just Kim Sun Ah and her management company, but also other actors and the production team that Kim Sun Ah has a lot of supporters from abroad too. So I am really hoping you will all help us to make this event successful.


OPTION 1:Transfer the money to a Korean bank account (Woori Bank)


OPTION 2: Western Union


OPTION 3:Telegraphic transfer to a Philippine bank account



Fill our the following:

Full name:


Amount donated:

Method of transfer:

Transaction/tracking number (for Western Union transfers):

Message to Kim Sun Ah (2-5 sentences only) + indicate your nickname and country after the message:

email the information to by July 10, 2012


 We need to receive it by afternoon of July 10, 2012 Tuesday. So please check with the bank how soon it can be transferred. I believe Western Union transfers are real time. But bank deposits usually take 24 hrs. We can give extensions until early morning of July 11, 2012 (Wednesday) but please let us know because it will be VERY difficult for us.


1. Snacks for ALL I Do I Do staff (vitamin water + bread/cookies)

2. Print stickers that would show a cheering message for the staff + Kim Sun Ah’s photo + name of the countries who participated (and will stick it on every pack of snacks we’ll be giving away.

3. Print a small tarpaulin that would show our cheering messages, Kim Sun Ah’s photo and the names of all the countries who participated (optional).

4. Give a printed copy of all the individual messages to Kim Sun Ah of all the fans who participated in the event.

5. Buy packaging materials (paper bags or plastic containers).

6. Transportation (we’ll probably have to take a cab! Ouch!)

EXTRAIf you want to give something else to Kim Sun Ah (like personal letters or gifts, you can send it to me via my friend’s address above). I can print your letters too if you want and I can also buy gifts here for you. Just tell me what you want and of course send the money for it too.

The amount of donation doesn’t matter. Even if we need to raise quite a sum, we can take as many donations as we can. So it doesn’t have to be big. We’ll appreciate any amount. But please, please, please send them all in by Tuesday. I am a student so I don’t have extra money that I can use. So I really have to wait for all the donations to come in.

Thank you. I am confident all the international fans will participate. And I promise to work hard to make this simple event successful.

*Please share and translate this to other international fans of Kim Sun Ah*

If you have questions, please leave a comment or send me an email:

40 Days in Korea: Day 9.1

view from my room – and I so love it!

Day 9 in Korea? I’ve been here for 9 days?

And I can’t believe it.

Has it been 9 days already? It seems too fast!

Has it only been 9 days? I’ve done a lot and many… oh so many things have happened already! I’ve walked around Seoul (literally waaaallllkkkiiiing!) in the morning, at night, at midnight, at dawn – was even barefoot for some parts of it since my feet had bad blisters already because of a bad footwear; I’ve gone back and forth Seoul and Gwanju twice already; Lost left my bag on the subway train; talked to many Koreans; met strange Koreans; run out of money; took lots of photos; visited many places; ate the cheapest food (even though ‘cheap’ doesn’t seem to exist here); was mistaken as a Korean many times; answered a survey of some university students in Korean; lost my way; missed my bus stop; been stressed whenever my t-money sends off a beeping sound because of some error (aka my stupidity);  dragged my luggage all around Korea (like all around – Incheon-Seoul-Gwangju-Gwangju-Seoul).

Sorry, I was supposed to be blogging everyday, but something happened here and there and was only able to settle down and sit down today. Will try to write some back entries regarding my experiences for the past 8 days. Hopefully I can still remember what I did and all that jazz.

Meantime have to do some fangirling related stuff (stressed!) and watch a re-run of I Do I Do on the big television in our 휴게실 (rest room? I rather call it a lounge or something).