[updated 2013.08.26]


top10 copy 2013

1. My Name Is Kim Sam Soon (내 이름은 김삼순)

If there’s a perfect K-drama, then this is it for me! The best thing that ever happened in K-dramaland. The drama that started my obsession with Kim Sun-Ah, Korean dramas, Korean language and Korean culture. Very special, meaningful and closest to my heart. Wonderful characterization. Funny yet heart-warming and realistic. A drama that taught me a lot of things. Of course Kim Sun-Ah is the BEST!

I guess no matter how many good dramas come in the future, My Name Is Kim Sam Soon would remain as my top drama – now and forever. It paid enough rent in my heart to last a lifetime. But seriously, it was Sam Soon’s character that made this drama extra EXTRA special. And so far I haven’t met a drama character as wonderful and as real as her! Sam Soon rocks!

2. Sand Glass (무래시계)

Need I say more? It wouldn’t be one of the highest-rated TV series in Korean broadcasting history for no reasons. It’s a masterpiece!

3. Alice in Cheongdamdong (청담동 앨리스)

Well and bravely written realistic drama. Touches issues that are not usually addressed in Kdramaland. Not to mention Moon Geun Young is awesome – as always! L’effort est ma force.

4. City Hall (시티홀)

Love, LOVE and more LOVE! Although I found a great love story in Scent Of A Woman, I still believe that there is nothing sweeter and more romantic than this one. A drama that taught me to be courageous and not to give up. Also a drama that raised my standards in men a hundred and ninety-nine notches up. Wonderful story! Wonderful chemistry between Kim Sun-Ah and Cha Seung-Won! Wonderful OST! Oh, and did I say it’s wonderful?

5. Rooftop Prince (옥탑방 왕세자)

A really fun and funny drama! One of the best time warps drama in my book! I also love the twist! Also heart-wrenching! Oh my 저하!!!

6. A Gentleman’s Dignity (신사의 품격)

It’s written by K-drama goddess Kim Eun Seok, so what else do you expect? Romance, one-sided love, ahjussis, Jang Dong Gun – I’m totally sold!

7. Scent Of A Woman (여인의 향기)

Bravely written. Wonderful execution. Kept me at the edge of my seat from the get go. Impossible not to be emotionally attached to the characters. A drama that can make me cry by the mere thought of it – not because it is sad but because it pulls a dozen heartstrings. A drama that taught me a dozen and two life lessons. A drama that is a bit difficult to let go of. If dramas can be hugged, then this is the drama I want to hug forever. 토닥 토닥.

8. H.I.T. (히트)

Beautifully written. Not a single boring part. Can’t stop watching (and re-watching it). Ms. Go is simply awesome here!

9. On Air (온에어)

Beautifully and carefully written story! I can totally relate to the tv production storyline. Good chemistry among the 4 cast. Lee Bum-Soo is really great! Park Yong-Ha is really handsome. I realized Kim Ha-Neul is good. And Song Yoon-Ah is lovable!

10. Flowers For My Life (꽃 찾으러 왔단다)

A brave drama that tackles death in a very frank yet heartwarming way. Unusual plot with unusual characters played well by excellent actors. I’m just so glad to have watched this. It’s just that it can’t capture my attention like other dramas when I can’t help but watch episode after episode. But nonetheless it is, and will remain as one of the best Korean dramas ever!


I Do I Do (아이두 아이두) – An unusual drama with your not-so-usual female lead character and not-so-usual male lead character. A drama that deals with the struggles of an powerful woman. I love the brave and mature attack of this dramas to different issues. Has taught me a thing or two about the future.

The Women Who Still Wants to Marry (아직도 결혼 못하는 여자) – Goes straight to your heart! Jung Da-Jung is sooo cute, and I want to be like Boo Gi-Woogie!

Tree With Deep Roots (뿌리 깊은 나무) –Wow! A wonderful 사극 fiction about The Great King Sejong and Hangeul! How can I not love this?

49 Days (49 일) – Wonderful concept. And finally we have a lead guy that is smart – thank goodness! It kept me engaged. Wonderful message. But the ending ruined everything. Actually it was okay for me, but after watching Scent Of A Woman I realized how lousy 49 Days’ ending was.

What’s Up Fox? (여우야 뭐하니?) – Kim Do-Wo is really a poignant writer. A fun fun fun drama. An unusual love story done in a very realistic way. A totally different Ms. Go.

Secret Garden (시크릿 가든) – I love it. I hate it. I hate to love it. I love to hate it. The drama that makes me so confused whether I like it or not. Overall, it is a good one. I enjoyed watching it. I even can’t stop watching it. Writer Kim Eun Sook is really the best when it comes to romance. However, me being a great My Name Is Kim Sam Soon fan, I get pretty annoyed at times.

Bad Couple (불량커플) – I watched this because of Kim Hyang-Ki, but got hooked to it in no time. I love the characters. Can relate to Dang-Ja and I wish Ki-Chan does exist! He’s the most IDEAL guy character among all the K-dramas that I’ve seen. Wonderful OST too!!! (Of course, Noh Young-Shim is really the best!). But after watching Scent Of A Woman, I just had to take this down my top 10 list.

When It’s At Night (밤이면 밤아다) – It’s not that bad… Really, it’s not THAT bad! And Kim Sun-Ah is very pretty here… And I still believe she and Lee Dong-Gun has a good chemistry… Writing and directing is not so good, but it’s a Kim Sun-Ah drama, so it should be on my top 10 list! hahaha.

Dal Ja’s Spring (달자의 봄) – Woman Power at it’s best!

Drunken To Love You (醉後決定愛上你) – My first Taiwanese drama and I haven’t felt this way in watching a drama for a long time. I so love it.

Housekeeper Mita (家政婦のミタ) – The first Japanese drama that I loved so much! It’s difficult not to get attached to Mita and the rest of the Asuda family.



  1. Kim Sun Ah
  2. Han Ji Min
  3. Song Yoon Ah
  4. Shin Eun Kyung
  5. Go Hyun Jung
  6. Moon Geun Young
  7. Kim Seo Yoon
  8. Kim Ha Neul


  1. Lee Jung Jin ♥
  2. Jang Dong Gun ♥
  3. Park Gun Hyung
  4. Cha Seung Won
  5. Cha Tae Hyun
  6. Park Yoo Chun
  7. Park Yong Ha
  8. Gong Yoo
  9. Hyun Bin
  10. Lee Dong Wook
  11. Lee Joo Hyun


  1. Kim Hyang Ki
  2. Jun Min Seo
  3. Lee Young Yoo
  4. Shim Eun Kyung


  1. Kim Eun Seok (Lovers series, On Air, City Hall, Secret Garden, A Gentleman’s Dignity)
  2. Kim Do Wo (My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, What’s Up Fox?, Me Too, Flower)
  3. Kim Young Hyun (The Great Jang Geum, Queen Seon Deok, H.I.T., Tree With Deep Roots)
  4. Lee Hee Myung (Bad Family, Rooftop Prince)
  5. Noh Ji Seol (Scent Of A Woman)
  6. Kim Ji Woon, Kim Jin Hee (Alice in Cheongdamdong)


  1. Kim Yoon Chul (My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, Her Flowerpot No. 1)
  2. Shin Woo Chul


  1. Davichi
  2. G.O.D.
  3. 2NE1
  4. DBSK
  5. AOA


  1. Noh Young Shim



(in chronological order)

  1. My Name Is Kim Sam Soon
  2. Lovers In Paris – it was so much fun and promising at first, but I hated it when it suddenly took a 360 degree turn to melodrama at the middle. I also hate the kisses. For a Kim Sun Ah fan who was spoiled with hot-open-mouthed-passionate kisses, I throw tantrums at each and every kiss in K-dramaland that doesn’t meet the ‘standards’ set by Kim Sun Ah.
  3. What’s Up Fox?
  4. H.I.T.
  5. Coffee Prince – I picked it up because Kim Sun Ah has nothing on and I like Gong Yoo. It was not really bad, but I had to keep dragging my feet just to finish it. Not my type of drama.
  6. My Girl – same with Coffee Prince, I had to drag myself to finish watching it. It was not bad… but maybe it’s really just not my type.
  7. 14 Year Old Mother (Japanese) –  I love it! The brave attack to a controversial theme and kudos to Shida Mirai who did an excellent job!
  8. Dalja’s Spring
  9. Who Are You? – A good story and concept. But somehow the acting irked me towards the later part. Not engaging enough thus it took me years to get to the final episode. Good thing Yoon Kye Sang smiles a lot.
  10. When It’s At Night
  11. Nodame Cantabile (Japanese) – Uhm… I’m not really into manga/anime type… But Nodame is cute though!
  12. Koi No Chikara (Japanese) – love it for it’s maturity that I never thought I can find in a Japanese drama.
  13. Bad Couple
  14. Bodyguard – discovering Cha Seung Won – the comedian.
  15. City Hall
  16. Soul – a nice cure for City Hall withdrawal syndrome. Engaging but I just don’t get the ending. I understand it… but I just don’t get why things happened that way.
  17. On Air
  18. Kyeong Suk, Kyeong Suk’s Father – wonderful dark comedy and Shim Eun Kyung is such a darling.
  19. The Women Who Still Wants To Marry
  20. Secret Garden
  21. 9 Ends 2 Outs – ugh! I love the premise, the lines were awesome. But I got tired towards the middle. Finished it for the sake of finishing.
  22. 49 Days
  23. Scent Of A Woman
  24. Flowers For My Life
  25. Doctor Champ – Cinematography is really wonderful. I love all the characters. But the story is kinda weak. The premise is good, but the execution is weak. Quoting my mom, it simply looks like a movie prolonged  to 16 hours. It’s engaging though because the characters are well played.
  26. Tree With Deep Roots
  27. Drunken To Love You (Taiwanese)
  28. Rooftop Prince
  29. Gentlemen’s Dignity
  30. Anego (Japanese)
  31. I’m your housekeeper, Mita (Japanese)
  32. Rich Man Poor Woman (Japanese)
  33. I Do I Do
  34. 18 vs 28
  35. Reply 1997
  36. Alice in Cheondamdong
  37. The Queen’s Classroom
  38. I Can Hear Your Voice
  39. Faith
  40. TEN Season 1
  41. TEN Season 2
  42. Me Too, Flower
  43. Master’s Sun
  44. Arang and the Magistrate
  45. The King 2 Hearts
  46. Around 40 (Japanese)
  47. Gumiho: Tale of the Fox Child
  48. The Queen’s Classroom (Japanese)
  49. I Need Romance
  50. I Need Romance 2
  51. God’s Gift 14 Days
  52. You Who Came From The Stars
  53. I Need Romance 3
  54. Boss 1
  55. Boss 2
  56. Pasta
  57. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
  58. ?Healer
  59. ?Punch
  60. ?Dream High
  61. ?Producer
  62. ?Birth of a Beauty
  63. ?It’s Okay It’s Love
  64. ?Oh My Ghost
  65. ?Missing Korea
  66. ?Splash Splash Love
  67. Signal



  1. Superman Returns
  2. She Was Pretty
  3. Another Oh Hae Young



Moon That Embraces The Sun (on episode 6)

Gourmet (on episode 10)

I Am Legend (on episode 7)

Bad Guy (on episode 4)

Lovers (on episode 4)

Fantasy Couple (almost watched the entire series with my mom)

Bad Family (on episode 1)

Worlds Within (on episode 4)

La Dolce Vita (on episode 2)

Last Scandal of My Life (on episode 1)

The Greatest Love (episode 1)

Lovers In Prague (episode 2)

Style (episode 1)

All About My Romance (ep 3)

Ohlala Couple

Sand Glass

Winter Sonata


Love Shuffle



Lovers In Paris (with Korean subtitles)

Bad Couple

Scent of a Woman (with Korean subtitles)

A Gentleman’s Dignity (with Korean subtitles)

Rooftop Prince

9 Ends 2 Outs



All In

Angry Mom


Attic Cat

Beethoven Virus

Can You Hear My Heart?

Can We Get Married?

Coffee House

Dae Jang Geum

Down With Love (Taiwanese)

Easy Fortune Happy Life (Taiwanese)

Fated To Love You (Taiwanese)

Flowerboy Next Door

Good Doctor

Hello Teacher

It Started With A Kiss

Love For A Thousand Years

Miss Mermaid

My Princess

My Sweet Seoul

Nice Guy


Personal Taste

Prosecutor Princess

Protect The Boss


How To Meet A Perfect Neighbor

Que Sera Sera

Queen In Hyun’s Man

Queen Seon Deok

School 2013

Single Life


Sons of Sol Pharmacy


Story of a Man

Sunkyungkwan Scandal

The Woman Who Wants To Marry (2004)

They Kiss Again

Thorn Flower

When A Man Loves

White Lies

Will It Snow For Christmas?



You’re Beautiful

No thanks!

In Time With You

It was supposed to be my first Taiwanese drama. I enjoyed it. Not bad at all. But it doesn’t capture my heart. I am also annoyed with the lead guy character. Ariel Lin is very pretty though. I can’t find subtitles for later episodes so I stopped watching and watched another Taiwanese drama instead (Drunken To Love You) and loved it to pieces, thus dropping this one and will just re-watch and re-watch and re-watch Drunken To Love you to familiarize myself with the sounds of Mandarin. Maybe, if I find some time in the future, I’ll pick this drama up again.

Flames of Ambition

Though I love Shim Eun Kyung, the plot doesn’t interest me… and what? 50 episode? With plots about chaebols and stuff… hmmm no thanks for now.


I’ve been wanting to watch this, but after seeing few scenes from the local broadcast, I don’t think I can tolerate watching it. (1) Too similar with City Hall’s plot – a drama I consider second best (before Scent Of A Woman changed my entire drama perspective) and (2) somehow Ms. Go doesn’t impress me anymore, in this drama at least.

Boys Over Flowers

“Popular” is not really my type of thing. Or is it the Hana Yori Dango thing? I’ve heard and believed so much about the Hana Yori thing. I know it’s good. But somehow I can’t get myself to watch any versions at all. Ok, call me weird. Just glanced at episode one to check what the people are talking about and stopped there.

Brilliant Legacy

No thanks!

Bad Love

My mom bought the DVD… searched for Kim Hyang-Ki’s scene – and… that’s about it.

I Really Really Like You

Glanced at it while my mom was watching (on local broadcast and on her DVD). Liked Lee Min-Ki, but has a very low tolerance with Yoo-Jin.

The Lawyers of Korea

Got a bootleg DVD copy but – and it was defective – didn’t bother to make an effort to download and watch it.

My Man’s Woman

Mom bought the DVD. I feel it’s the same old story, so I just didn’t bother

Fly High

Yawn! No thanks! I just want to see the grown up little Mi-Joo that’s why I looked at it.

Wonderful Life

I love the child star Jung Da-Bin, but again it’s Yoo-Jin, so thanks but no thanks.

Hana Kimi

Mom bought a CD… not my type.

A Game About Love

Mom adores Joe Chien, I like her, but I’m not that much into her.


23 thoughts on “Dramalist

  1. Hi!
    Add to your to watch list
    A Man’s Story/Story of a Man/Slingshot ( I can’t watch this anymore although I really want to)
    Will it snow at christmas (the younger actor kim soo hyun is one to watch for!)

  2. Hi!
    Add to your to watch list
    A Man’s Story/Story of a Man/Slingshot ( I can’t watch this anymore although I really want to)
    Will it snow at christmas (the younger actor kim soo hyun is one to watch for!)


  3. Pingback: Withdrawal syndrome at its best! « My Korean Corner

  4. abandon everything and watch ‘me too flower’,,,it’s from the writer of sam soon, though not a hit, it hits the right spots in my heart…the leads have great chemistry,,,and sometimes, just some times,,,I see a shadow of Sam Soon in Bong Sun (the heroine)…it’s endearing…really

    • Thanks for reminding me. I remember I was excited when it was announced because it was from one of my favorite writers! Plus it has my dear Seo Hyo Rim on it as well, right? I said I won’t watch any more dramas until the semester is over, but I want to download it now and… and… I might end up watching it right away. 🙂

      By the way, who subbed this drama?

  5. hi.. i just found your blog here,,, its so nice to have come across fan of Kim Sun Ah too… well to be honest my starting of k-drama actor/actress fan-girling was from Jang Dong Gun (All of the Eve) then Lee Dong Gun.. then from there i met Kim Sun Ah… how awesome she is.. even though that is kind-of-historical story but she make it interesting still.. but then i dig for more of Kim Sun Ah… she is very good actress.. in MNIKSS , SoW.. and for this year,i become a fan of Lee JangWoo.. i’m so happy that he is pairing with my all time fav Kim Sun Ah.. they gonna be having a good chemistry in upcoming I DO , I DO drama.. and i cant wait to see it screening soon..
    and your drama list.. hehe almost the same with me. .. i’m into rom-com most of the time..
    tq for reading my comment here.. 🙂

    • hi mimi! It’s always a delight meeting Kim Sun Ah fans through my blog. I love Jang Dong Gun too and I’ve been wishing for her and Kim Sun Ah to do a drama or movie together. Of course Lee Dong Gun, our lovely Kim Bum Sang. 🙂 Nice to hear that you like Lee Jang Woo. I don’t know him prior to his casting in this drama (but don’t mind me, I really don’t know much about Korean entertainers) so I have no idea if he will be a good pair for Kim Sun Ah. Hearing that you are excited with the two makes me more at ease. 🙂 Since we like similar actors, most probably we have similar tastes and like the similar types of dramas. 🙂 Really nice to meet you! Drop by often coz I’m pretty sure this blog will have lots of I Do I Do content in the next months. 🙂

  6. Seems like there’s plenty I could copy after you’re back here in the Philippines. But don’t come back too fast 🙂 Hope you’ll have many wonderful adventures there 🙂 Fighting Unni~

  7. Hello~ I think you should get a mydramalist acc, it’s much easier to update ^^ I’m gonna check out some of the dramas that you’ve posted here 😀

  8. Hi, there! I Hear Your Voice is also worth watching for. I started loving it already as the episode 1 keep rolling in. What I like most is the character of Park Su Ha (LEE JONG SEOK). Two thumbs up for its storyline. Complete package.

  9. I suggest u watch healer too xD its very beautiful drama and thanks for write about ur favorite drama cuz I didn’t know to watch which drama next and ur list really helped me

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