My Little Mijoo has grown up!

Do you remember Hyun Bin’s niece who wouldn’t talk in My Name Is Kim Sam Soon?

Her name is Suh Ji Hee and she surprised a lot of netizens as she appears all grown up now at  13 (going 14) as the young Seol in the currently airing Sageuk drama, The Moon That Embraces The Sun.

I’ve seen her on her other dramas after Sam Soon (in my ever failing attempt to create a trailer for my favorite Kim Sam Soon fanfic) like One Fine Day and Fly High and saw her grew up little by little over the years. But seeing her THIS big now just confirms how fast time has flown.

Gosh, I miss My Name Is Kim Sam Soon so badly. I need to find time to re-watch it soon… maybe on summer vacation? ㅠㅠ