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My 저하: A Rooftop Prince Rambling

I was not really planning on watching Rooftop Prince. Not that I’m not interested, but I was too busy with school and I still have tons of unfinished dramas to watch. But because of this post of Hangukdrama, I got curious. The short 헐 scene is quite ‘epic’ and at the same time it introduced me to the premise of the drama – and it caught my interest. For someone who just started on watching 사극s what’s more funny and interesting to see a Joseon prince along with his 3 minions roaming around busy Seoul, palace outfits, attitude, gestures, 말투 and all.

I thought it will be difficult to sit through the first episode because I’m already excited to see the (mis)adventures of the 4 Joseon guys thrown right in the middle of Seoul. But the first episode was really good that I actually wished that they were not transported to Seoul anymore and just continue with the murder mystery and all. Nonetheless, when the Seoul misadventures began I was hooked.

I am totally sold with the concept. And everything is so funny! And I particularly enjoy the 말투 in present day Seoul.

And I sooo love 저하. I remember telling my mom, whoever this actor playing the prince is really good. He could even level up with Hyun Bin. Only to find out later that he is DBSK’s Micky Yoochun. The Yoochun my classmates are crazy about. I only know him by name (thanks to my classmates), but the clueless-about-Kpop-and-Korean-music me only found out it was him after a few episodes. Well, well, well. Now that I know him, I’m sorry kiddos, but Unnie’s gonna snatch him away from you. 저하 is mine!

Actually 저하 is not far from the typical Korean drama lead guy – those arrogant chaebols! But this time, we have a legit reason for his arrogance. He IS a prince! So he’s used to giving orders, people following him, taking care of him, and doing what he wants. And he is go goddamn good-looking! My 저하!!! This is, I think, the first time I ever spazzed over an actor that has never been paired with Kim Sun Ah.

Oh the minions! Yes all three of them! I sooo adore them! I wish to turn them into keychains so that I could carry them around anywhere I go. They are just sooo adorable, right?

It’s also a I-promise-just-one-more-episode drama for me. The kind when you’ll crave for the next episode even if it’s 4am already. Probably the reason why I was able to finally managed to finish a series.

I also love the OST. Or should I say, I love 한참 지나서. I’ve had it on loop since the day I got a copy. And that song joined me through all of my all-nighters to finish a school paper.

If there’s anything I hate (aside from Tae Mu and his inability to successfully murder anyone and Se Na and her never-ending lies) are the kisses. Any Kim Sun Ah fan would know why (haha!). I really really don’t understand why, up to this day, I still can see Lovers-In-Paris-kind-of-kiss-let’s-just-press-our-lips-together? Well, the last kiss though was good, so I’ll let the first kisses pass.

There were some episodes, or maybe not episodes but scenes, that are a bit dragging… then I feel that episode 19 was quite fast – too fast. But it’s the kind of show that I enjoyed a lot, enough for me to forgive the its shortcomings… the lousy kisses… too much PPL… or how come the rooftop apartment’s floor area suddenly became bigger when they renovated it… and why did the writer seemingly forgot that there were two other cast members by the names of Mimi and Becky (whom I adore!).

Becky, Mimi, what happened to you girls? ㅠㅠ

And what makes the show special for me is the wonderful and unexpected ending.

I’ve always had my doubts on this show because somehow I have a 49 Days feeling over this show. It was good and it’s keeping me engaged, but a minor mistake could ruin it.

My first issue was Bu Yong in Joseon. First, our 저하 doesn’t love Bu Yong and is madly in love with her crown princess. Just look at how devastated he was over her death. Also the murder in Joseon. It kinda looks like it was Bu Yong who poisoned her sister. It’s quite logical. But of course we didn’t want it to happen because she’s our lead girl. But… how?

Then all the having-to-return-to-Joseon brouhaha and Lee Gak leaving Bak Ha with Tae Yong. I don’t want that to happen! Bak Ha fell in love with Lee Gak, not the comatose Tae Yong. I was one of those who wished that Tae Yong will be sent to Joseon instead of Lee Gak.

But I’m glad that it didn’t end up like 49 Days. I was very very very satisfied with the ending.

I love how it was actually Bu Yong whom Lee Gak was weeping for. It was something I have never imagined will happen. And I love it.

I also like the fact that the show was able to convince us (at least me), that it doesn’t matter whether it is Lee Gak or Tae Yong because Tae Yong is in fact a reincarnation of Lee Gak. After 300 years, his soul was able to find Bu Yong’s soul who is now Bak Ha. So there’s really no Tae Yong and Lee Gak; and Bu Yong and Bak Ha. Tae Yong and Lee Gak is one. So is Bu Yong and Bak Ha.

It’s just a bit sad though that Bak Ha will no longer see 저하 and his minions. And it’s heartbreaking that, although 저하 managed to find a way to communicate to Bak Ha, there’s no way for her to reach him in Joseon.

The saddest wedding in a Kdrama ever! Just thinking about this scene right now makes me teary-eyed.

It’s a kind of a bittersweet ending for me. Something that I haven’t felt in a long time after completing a drama. It kinda gave me the same feeling I had when I watched My Name Is Kim Sam Soon – poignant, bittersweet ending.

I’m glad they did not show this photo without 저하 and his minions. I would die if they did. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

I also like the lessons from this drama. Something quite similar to My Name Is Kim Sam Soon. Not having to worry about the future and just cherish every moment.

박하: 그러니까 하자고. 우리 남들하는 대로 하자. 결혼할 사람들 100년, 200년 같이 살 줄 알고 결혼하나? 나는 하루라도 족해.
이각: 미련하게 왜 이러느냐?
박하: 저하 말대로라면 모든 결혼은 새드엔딩이겠네? 언제 헤어질 줄도 알고. 괜히 우리 먼저 헤어질 거 생각하고 아무것도 못하는 겁쟁이처럼있지 말자. 나, 남들하는 것처럼 하고 싶어. 중간에 멈춰지는 게 우리 운명이라면 어쩔 수 없는 거지, 뭐.
이각: 왜 그런 고통스러운 기억을 만들려는 게냐?
박하: 그게 왜 고통이야? 나는 너랑 결혼했었다는 추억을 가지고 싶은 거야. 결혼한다면 너랑 하고 싶은 거라고.

This drama did make it to my top10 dramas. And I would love to re-watch and re-watch and re-watch Rooftop Prince.

But unfortunately I have to let my 저하 and 박하 go right away because my Suna Unnie’s drama just started. I have a self-imposed drama ban whenever Kim Sun Ah has a currently airing drama. I must not watch any other drama and just give my full attention, heart and soul on her drama. Haha!

But in all honesty, I’m having a hard time letting go of Rooftop Prince. I still want to savor the moments and re-watch this drama over and over… and it’s probably why I Do I Do hasn’t capture my heart yet. I’m not ready to say goodbye to Rooftop Prince yet. I Do I Do just give me awesome episodes will you?

어디 있었어요?
나는 계속 여기 있었는데.

300년이 지나도…. 당신을 사랑합니다.

What a beautiful love story. *sniff, sniff* 우리 저하, 박하야, 잘 살아~

[노래] 꽃보다 그녀 (English Translation)

*This is the first time I’m attempting to translate a full song… be nice to me. Hahaha!  Please leave a comment for corrections.

꽃보다 그녀 (Her Over Flowers)
by: 예성 (Yesung)

I DO I DO OST – Part 1

그대를 사랑해 my love 모든 걸 줄게요 oh my love

I love you, my love. I’ll give you everything, oh my love.

저 하늘의 별보다 그대를 밝혀줄게요

I’ll give you brightness more than the stars in that sky.

끝내 줘요 그대는 모든 게 완벽해

You’re terrific. Everything about you is perfect.

그 어떤 누구도 비교할 수 없는 한 송이 장미

No one else is worthy to be compared to a stem of rose (???)

꽃보다 아름다운 그대는 라일락 향기보다 향이 좋아요

You who’s more beautiful than a flower is more fragrant than the scent of a lilac

내 옆을 지날 땐 머리 흩날릴 땐 냄새가 좋아

When you are by my side, the smell of your wind-blown hair is nice (good).

천천히 내게 다가와 줄래요 내 마음이 녹아내려요

Would you please come closer to me slowly. (because) My heart is melting.

그대를 사랑해 my love 모든 걸 줄게요 oh my love

I love you, my love. I’ll give you everything, oh my love.

저 하늘의 별보다 그대를 밝혀줄게요

I’ll give you brightness more than the stars in that sky.

한 송이 꽃보다 그대는 예뻐요 눈이 부셔요

You are prettier than a stem of flower, my eyes are dazzled.

사랑하고 있어요 꽃보다 그녀

I love her over flowers. (I love you. You/her over flowers)

여길 봐요 다른 곳은 보지 말아요

Don’t look at any other place, just look here.

그대의 두 눈에 나 말고 다른 건 담지 말아요

Don’t look at anybody else, just look at me.

조금만 빨리 다가와 줄래요 내 마음이 타들어가요

Hurry up a bit, come closer to me. (because) My heart is burning.

그대를 사랑해 my love 모든 걸 줄게요 oh my love

I love you, my love. I’ll give you everything, oh my love.

저 하늘의 별보다 그대를 밝혀줄게요

I’ll give you brightness more than the stars in that sky.

한 송이 꽃보다 그대는 예뻐요 눈이 부셔요

You are prettier than a stem of flower, my eyes are dazzled.

사랑하고 있어요 꽃보다 그녀

I love her over flowers. (I love you. You/her over flowers)

그대를 사랑해 my love 모든 걸 줄게요 oh my love

I love you, my love. I’ll give you everything, oh my love.

저 하늘의 별보다 그대를 밝혀줄게요

I’ll give you brightness more than the stars in that sky.

그대만 바라보는 난 해바라기 넌 새빨간 장미 그댄 내 삶의 전부

I’m a sunflower that only looks at you. You are a bright red rose. You are my life.

그대를 사랑해요

I love you.

*Actually this is a fairly easy song… OR my Korean is finally improving??? Gasp!!! No, I think the lyrics are quite simple. Thus I attempted to translate it. And I’m so happy that I know almost all the words here and just checked the dictionary for 끝내 주다, 비교하다,  머리 흩날리다, 녹아내리다 & 타들어가다.

Sigh, why are Korean songs more romantic if you leave it as it is… it’s not so romantic anymore after translations. O.o

Join us in subbing!

I’ve been subbing since 2009. Not actively subbing though… basically just subbing Kim Sun Ah’s dramas (When It’s At Night, City Hall, Scent Of A Woman) and other stuff related to her. And I swear, subbing has helped me a lot with my Korean.

I started as a timer, and ended up coordinating most of the time. I’ve also tried translating / co-translating / spot-translating some/parts of episodes.

Anyone interested in joining us in subbing this upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama, I Do I Do? It’s going to be fun! We are not looking for experienced subbers. Newbies are more than welcome and we will guide you on what to do. And you don’t have to be fluent in Korean (unless you are applying as a translator). I actually started timing before I can even say 생일은 언제예요? You also don’t need to be fluent in English (unless applying as an Editor or Quality Checker). And it’s a collaboration, so the entire team will help out until the final work is done. So it’s an opportunity to learn from each other too. I’ve learned a lot over the years (well, who wouldn’t remember new words and expressions after having to rewind a scene over and over and over and over to make sure the timing is accurate?).

So what are you waiting for? Join us now! Send me and email or leave a comment below if you’re intersted!

Korea, see you this summer!


After God-knows-how-many years of waiting dreaming… I’m FINALLY going to Korea!

I haven’t been seriously blogging much lately because I’ve got to many things to do – preparing for a Korean speech contest this coming Friday (Wtf?!!! This Friday? As in THIS coming Friday? I’m dead!) and writing papers to be submitted in presented this coming Thursday and Friday (Wth?!! 또?)… but I just want to share this fabulous news!

Actually I already knew I got accepted.. or rather I was nominated by our university to CNU a few months ago (March 16th to be exact! 🙂 ). But it’s definitely different now that I received my Acceptance letter and Invitation letter from CNU. It’s more… REAL now.

Though I still can’t be 100% at ease unless I’m holding my plane tickets on one hand and my visa on the other… but yeah… just a few more steps… I hope the embassy will be good to me. Wish me luck, guys!

Korea, see you this summer!

I’ll probably talk more about this after the speech contest and my summer classes. Now, back to practicing my speech and writing my school papers! O.o



Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! 🙂 🙂 🙂

I Do I Do campaign! 시작!

Following Kim Sun Ah‘s “command” to join her in campaigning for her upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama, I Do I Do, I’m sharing this poster – edited by Kim Sun Ah herself.

Posted in Kim Sun Ah’s Official Facebook Page


Kim☆star’s first… experience!


For the first time I made a poster by myself!

Well…! Copy like the way I’m thinking
Well…! Using photoshop sofly ~~
Well..! All the things to promote my new drama ~ (>_<)

It has portrait rights…
(I wanna warn you in advanced. You’ll be in serious trouble if you use this photo to promote other productions)

But only for my drama^^ I want all of you guys to join in drama campaign promotion ~! With this ambition I did on the way back home after filming diligently…

Kim star making poster round 1!!!
Pretending to be crazy and posted this photo~
Well~ 페 떴 (phetteok = facebook?),
트위 스터 (twister = twitter), 미 1 (me1 = me2/me2day) ,카 툰 (katoon = kakaotalk???), 틱 틱 (tic tic = ?), 라 임 (raim = ?) ,
마이 인간들 (my family = ?) ,왓 job (what job = ?), DC Gallery~Ah~~~ We have so much hehehe

(alodia: I think she played with the names of social networking sites here!)

Will all of you join the drama campaign promotion?

Yes , I Do I Do~~~~~^^

In this late ambitious night..!
I’m sorry if there were people awaken by the “alarm”!!!!!

Everyone, please take care
And always be happy….^^

And good night~(^_−)−☆
Good ~~ night~~~~^•^


This thing is called marketing promotion……
Looking at the result…It may make you feel lonely…You can do it or not. But when you can do this, let’s do your best as much as possible,,,,!!
The way we go together…hihi Let’s participate together.
I DO I DO ………. And shout it…….!!*^^*


R-19 (for adult’s only) photo..?? U..h..m.,,,

Whenever, a drama is drama!!!! Hihi

Translated by: Suh Zin

*I edited it a bit. 🙂

Kim Sun Ah & Lee Jang Woo’s Koala Pose

I am totally sold! With this two!

Me. Me who was never really into a Noona-Dongsaeng love story is excited more than anybody else!


Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo’s woozy first meeting made public.

Couple Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo catches attention as we see them riding a motorbike in MBC’s upcoming Wed-Thurs drama I Do I Do (produced by Jo Jung Hwa, directed by Kang Tae Sun) set to broadcast after The King 2 Hearts.

The publicly released still photo of Kim Sun Ah dressed up chicly in a trenchcoat sporting a “bottomless fashion” (the type of fashion where it appears like the person is not wearing any pants) tighly holding unto Lee Jang Woo’s waist gained and drew hot reactions from netizens.

Kim Sun Ah’s adorable koala-like look and Lee Jang Woo’s convincing expression show quite a different feel and give us a glimpse of the “Super Alpha Girl” Ji Ahn and “Romantic Bum” Tae Kang stirring more curiosity from the public.

On this scene Ji Ahn is running late for a fashion show and for the first time, met Tae Kang riding on his motorbike.

—- I have to stop here… school works! urgh! will try the next parts later… —–

갑자기 나타난 태강의 오토바이에 깜짝 놀란 지안은 별로 다친데 없어 보인다는 태강의 말에 “슥 보고 어떻게 알아? 당신 눈이 MRI예요?”라고 발끈, 서로의 염장을 지르며 티격태격 신경전에 돌입할 ‘염장커플’의 본격 시작을 알렸다.

Ji Ahn was startled when Tae Kang’s motorbike suddenly appears out of nowhere

특히 이 장면은 김선아 이장우 커플이 촬영 도중 막간을 이용, 오토바이로 촬영장을 질주하며 스릴 넘치는 데이트를 즐기던 도중 찍은 장면으로, 실제 현장에서는 솔로들의 가슴에 불을 지피는 또 다른 의미의 ‘염장커플’로 등극했다는 후문이다.

뿐만 아니라 틈틈이 함께 대본을 맞춰보고 장난을 치는 등 남다른 호흡을 과시해 브라운관을 통해 보여질 이들의 캐미스트리에 기대가 더욱 모아지고 있다.

한편 ‘아이두 아이두’는 지독한 워커홀릭 ‘슈퍼 알파걸‘ 김선아(황지안 역)와 허세끼 다분한 ‘낭만 백수’ 이장우(박태강 역)의 좌충우돌 로맨스를 그린 작품으로, 백마탄 왕자를 기다리는 정통 로맨스에 일침을 가하는 발칙한 로맨틱 코메디다. 오는 30일 첫 방송될 예정이다.

Source: TVDaily