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I loooove watching Korean dramas. And I equally love learning Korean through them. I hunt down transcripts (or scripts if transcripts are not available) of my most favorite dramas and read them as I watch re-watch or as I listen to the episodes. Yes, I listen to the episodes. Some people would listen to K-pop or Korean radio program or podcast either as a hobby or in the background while doing something else. I’m not into K-pop (or music in general) so I easily get bored when listening to songs and Korean radios and podcasts are still too difficult for me. So I often prefer listening to Korean dramas instead. Of course, if I have time it’s better to re-watch the dramas properly (and with 한글 subtitles as much as possible, instead of just a pdf file or a printed script – though I also like the later because you can write down notes as you go along). But since I rarely have enough free time, I listen to my favorite dramas instead – while doing something else, or while commuting.

Anyway, a good blogger friend, meloncreme, asked if I can send her my drama audio files and scripts. Since to be able to send them to her I’ll be uploading them all anyway, I decided to post them all up in my blog too (in case there’s anyone who would actually want them??? XD).


My Name Is Kim Sam Soon Script (pdf)

My Name Is Kim Sam Soon Audio Files (mp3):
Episodes 1-4 | Episodes 5-8 | Episodes 9-12 | Episodes 13-16



Scent Of A Woman Transcript (pdf)

Scent Of A Woman 한글 subtitles <<<IN PROGRESS>>>
Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3 | Episode 4
Episode 5 | Episode 6 | Episode 7 | Episode 8
Episode 9 | Episode 10 | Episode 11 | Episode 12
Episode 13 | Episode 14 | Episode 15 | Episode 16

Scent Of A Woman Audio Files (mp3):
Episodes 1-4 | Episodes 5-8 | Episodes 9-12 | Episodes 13-16



A Gentleman’s Dignity Transcript (pdf)
*transcription for the second half of episode 16 was truncated*

A Gentleman’s Dignity 한글 subtitles <<<IN PROGRESS>>>
Episode 1Episode 2 | Episode 3 | Episode 4 | Episode 5
Episode 6 | Episode 7 | Episode 8 | Episode 9 | Episode 10
Episode 11 | Episode 12 | Episode 13 | Episode 14 | Episode 15
Episode 16 | Episode 17 | Episode 19 | Episode 19| Episode 20

A Gentleman’s Dignity Audio Files (mp3):
Episodes 1-4 | Episodes 5-8 | Episodes 9-12 | Episodes 13-16 | Episode 17-20

Sorry I don’t take requests. Although it’s easy to extract audios and find transcripts/scripts; compiling, compressing and uploading takes time (and that’s something that I don’t have). Here are some quick tutorials instead:

Where to find Korean Drama Scripts*?

  • Dramabeans (English)
  • 방송작가구성작가 Naver Cafe (Korean) – must have a Naver account and a be a leveled-up cafe member to view the scripts
  • Official Drama Websites (Korean) – some dramas allow downloads of scripts for a minimum fee through their official websites; must be a registered member of the network website; must have a credit card/Korean bank account/ARC to purchase scripts.
  • Google! They are everywhere! I usually google the drama’s title + 대본.

Where to find Korean Drama Transcripts**?

  • So far I only know of one place with a big library of Drama transcripts – SBS VOD Library. Click the drama you want. Choose the episode number. On the right side of the video there are 2 menus: 프로그램정보 (Program info) and 자막보기. Click 자막보기. If the transcripts are available you’ll be able to see it right away. If not, you’ll see the message: 해당 영상은 자막이 제공 되지 않습니다. Of course SBS VOD Library are for selected SBS dramas only.

How to open hwp files?

  • Most scripts are in .hwp format or .txt format. Get a software that can open/view HWP files like Haansoft Hangul. And make sure your computer has Korean Language pack. Follow Dramabeans’ instructions HERE.

How to extract drama audios? How do I extract drama audios?

  • I download the dramas first (usually in .avi format). Check WithS2’s guide on where to download raw dramas.
  • In Gom player (my favorite video player), you can Right Click on the screen, chose Audio then chose Advanced Audio Capture. Choose the directory where you want your audio to be saved, click Start and watch your drama while the audio is being extracted. Take note that when you pause or rewind, it will be reflected on your audio recording.
  • Or you can open the .avi file in Sony Sound Forge (paid software). Click File > Save As and chose MP3.
  • Or the fastest and my preferred method- using Virtual Dub (free). Open your video file. Click File > Save as Wav. That’s it! You can further convert the .wav file to .mp3 (or any other formats) by using audio conversion softwares.

DISCLAIMER: Drama audio files and scripts/transcripts/subtitles are my personal compilation from various open internet sources. Feel free to download for personal use only. No copyright infringement intended.


*Scripts – actual script submitted by the writer that includes sequence numbers and scene descriptions. It may not be the final version therefore there are still sequences and dialogues that may not be included in the drama anymore and the dialogues may not be exactly how it was said in the drama.

WHY I LIKE READING SCRIPTS: It’s exciting to know what the writer’s original idea and it’s fun to imagine how deleted scenes would turn out if they were not edited out. It’s also fun to find out who among the actors follow their script word for word (usually the extras) and who loves throwing adlibs every now and then. It’s also easy to locate specific parts since the name of the characters are included. Scripts can also be read on its own.

WHY I DON’T LIKE SCRIPTS: It’s difficult to search dialogues by typing a word that you hear and using Ctrl+F since it’s not exactly how it was said in the drama. It’s also impossible to use it to make Korean subtitles for the same reason (unless one has a really good command of Korean already and can edit the lines one by one according to how they were spoken).

** Transcripts – are done after the drama was aired and are exact transcriptions of what the actors were saying.

WHY I LIKE TRANSCRIPTS: Since they are exactly what the actors said, it’s easy to follow. It’s easy to use the Ctrl+F function when locating particular scenes. Can be used to create Korean subtitles.

WHY I DON’T LIKE TRANSCRIPTS: You can’t read it on its own since it’ll be difficult to figure out who’s talking. Difficult to find.


59 thoughts on “K-drama Scripts/Transcripts & Audio Files

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  2. Thank you sooooo much. Learning alot from the MLSS script, favorite eps are 6 piano kiss, 9 toilet sceen, 10, 11, 12 downfall of jin heon into unstoppable love of Sam Soon. Can I say that most people do not give Jin Heon a break. He had his heart shattered by lost loveat the same time he lost his soul to guilt, causing the greatest pain you can to his family and others, and the only way he could hold it together was to keep it locked up thiking that Hee Jin was the only one with a key. What happened to him is my worst nightmare. I actually lost two cousins (35 yrs ago) when they avoided a dog and hit a tree. Anyway I know I am rambling, but I always wanted to say this about why it wasso hard for him, he didn,t want to cause any more pain. IMHO. Thanks again for you hard work and generosity. PattyC.

    • Nice thoughts there! Since I’m rooting for Sam Soon from the get go, I’ve always considered Jin Heon as a really arrogant 나쁜 남자. In fact if only our Sam Soon doesn’t love him so much, I wouldn’t want him for her. But you made me pause a bit and look at Jin Heon from another perspective. Still he is arrogant and a perfectly bad guy. But yeah, he has his reasons. 🙂
      Thanks for the lovely comment PattyC! 🙂

  3. hello…….i love korean dramas. The koprean wave has hit us hard in Zimbabwe, Africa. I am a freelancee writer, any ideas on how i can jump-start my career in writing for thye korean short dramas industry thanks!

  4. hi..i love korean short dramas i am from zimbabwe africa, any ideas how i can write scripts for them online as a career…thanks

    • I am only just seeing this. I am from Zimbabwe as well and I have been in love with Korean dramas for the longest time that I even went to study abroad there for a semester last year. Recent events have led me to think of doing a Zim-Korea collaboration series and am currently trying to figure out ways of doing so. Would appreciate your thoughts on this.

  5. Do you know how to get contact with the korean script writer or where to submit script or idea? I dream of making my idea real and get into movie. Big dream. 🙂

  6. thanks before for your effort.
    but i would like to ask you a little thing.
    would you like to help me, to find a script?
    it was actually “Queen of Reversal”, episode 15, i need So Yoo Kyung monologue as soon as possible, and i need it writen in hangeul.
    please contact me if you could help me.

    • Oh MBC! I don’t know where to find the transcript either. But I found this link: http://blog.daum.net/kehstudent/13620260 the 역전의_여왕1-31.zip link must be the script.
      You may also try googling “역전의 여왕 15회” and parts of So Yoo Kyung’s dialogue you can remember/understand. Most likely a blog or two will show up with the transcript of the monologue. 🙂

  7. This site is great. Any idea on where to find the script for 별그대? It looks like SBS now doesn’t give the script in the 자막보기 area.

  8. Does the SBS still provide drama transcripts in their website? They used to before, but why is it that when I visit their VOD LIBRARY now and click any drama(e.g. You Who Came From the Stars), I’m always directed to an unfamiliar page(seems like their homepage)?? 😦 help me out please..

  9. omg im learning korean too and this is soooooo helpful. i dont have words to describe how grateful i am for all these scripts!! i have to go my neighbourhood library to find books with korean dramas/movies script (and these are just snips and parts of the drama only) so really thanks a lot for these!!! YOU ARE DEEPLY APPRECIATED~~

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  11. I’m going to try using KDrama for Korean learning. I am nervous, as I am just a beginner. Thanks for your great post. It is pretty confusing to attempt without any guidance.

  12. Hello,do u know where to apply to become a korean drama translator? I’ve been wondering on how they hire the people to translate the drama..tq

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  15. Hello, thanks for the audios. This site is great. 내 이름은 김삼순 is my first K-drama and I started learning Korean due to it. I’d like to recommend another two of my favorite dramas–“Thank you–고맙습니다” and “My girl- 마이걸”. It will be great if the two drama audio files and scripts can be found in your blog.

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  17. I’m learning Korean and I found your masterpieces. It help me a lot in studying Korean. Could I ask you whether you are still making Korean Subtitles of A Gentleman’s Dignity? I am looking forward to seeing the next episodes!!!

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  20. I still have a problem with understanding spoken Korean though. It’s too difficult for me. Do you know of any youtuber or blogger that speaks fluent but easy-to-understand Korean?

  21. HI,
    I am from India. I am not a professionally writer, but i love writing and its my passion.
    I am craziest lover of Korean dramas and movies
    I have nice fiction love story for drama, and its perfect suit for Korean dramas
    I wanted sale my script for Korean. I don’t want any popularity

  22. This idea is great. actually I was looking for Goblin and Coffee Prince Transcript that I found your great website. I was wondering if you could kindly upload those two dramas script too. Thanks a lot.

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