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Korean Grammar Database, where did it go?

어디갔지? 어디?

없어졌나보다! 안돼!!!! ㅠㅠ

Since I’ve started going over old TOPIK papers, I visited my favorite grammar website Korean Grammar Database so that I can do quick searches for grammar patterns I don’t know yet. But I was greeted by an ad from their previous host.

It makes me sad! All those grammar database gone now? Forever?

Can anyone recommend a good grammar database/dictionary?

ㅠㅠ I’ve been using Korean Grammar Database for a long time and I love how easy it is to search for what you are looking for and how direct the definitions and sample sentences they provide.


32nd TOPIK 중급 Study Log # 1

Today I literally wipe the dusts off old TOPIK papers and notes I studied last year when I was preparing for the 28th Intermediate TOPIK. I kinda left them sitting on my desk for almost a year now and they got really dusty.

Along with old TOPIK papers, I made a compilation of dialogues from my favorite dramas that uses vocabulary and grammar patterns I encountered in the TOPIK papers. I first read my drama script compilation and I was a bit surprised with myself because I was able to breeze through most of it. I put highlights, underlines and jotted down notes for words that I do not know and when I see them now I can’t believe that those were words that I didn’t know then.

Same goes when I go over an old TOPIK paper I answered last year for practice. There were many words that I know (and comfortably using now) were marked last year because I was struggling with them then.

And the funny thing is I have no idea that 1.) I learned that much in one year and 2.) how exactly I learned all of them! To be honest, I never really studied seriously after taking the 28th TOPIK last year – thus the dust-covered papers and notes.

Of course many things have happened this past year. I’ve stayed in Korea for a month and a half using only Korean everyday. I’ve been talking to AND stalking The Crush The Ex-Crush almost everyday. And I’ve overdosed on Korean dramas for the past 4 months.

What I’ve learned over the year though is not something I’m proud of. Had I studied seriously I wonder how much better I would be now. But nonetheless it makes me happy as I go over my notes and mutter to myself, “Seriously? You didn’t know that word/grammar pattern last year?”

Happy? Did I say happy?

Is this the effect of 보여줄께? ^^

Had I known that these little notes I crammed on the margins of these old TOPIK papers could make me feel happy, I would’ve checked them out months ago.

3:18am. Tired and sleepy. But my mind is still fully awake as I try to finish the 어휘 및 문법 section of the 18th TOPIK paper. Maybe I’ll continue until the 쓰기 section too. ^^ I love feeling this way again. Studying until morning. Getting excited in getting correct answers. Getting more excited in learning new things.

[노래] 보여줄게

The Crush The Ex-Crush gave me 6GB worth of Kpop last spring probably because I can’t relate when he’s gushing over this song and that song of this girl group and that girl group since my Korean music knowledge, aside from G.O.D songs and 2NE1’s is only limited to drama OSTs. Because of that, I’ve gotten to know Kpop more and started liking it. Yes. I’ve learned listening to Kpop!

However I’m no expert compared to real Kpop fans. I still don’t know who’s who in SNSD and know nothing outside my now 600+ Kpop songs.

Anyway, I asked Ally from The Blue Hanbok Ally for song recommendation after reading her Top 5 Songs on my Korean Playlist post and she recommended 보여줄게 to me.

I’ve heard this song a number of times before because it’s one of the 600+ songs The Ex-Crush gave to me. But it’s only now that I put much attention to the lyrics – and it instantly became a favorite! The MV is also 완벽해!

I’ve watched the MV for like 5 times and I was smiling the whole time. I still have nothing to 보여줄게 at the moment because I’m still stuck and keep going back to the 자꾸 눈물이 흐르는 순간. But heck, the song makes me want to 부여줄게 too!

그래! 좀 기대해! 나도 새로운 나로 변할 수 있어! 더 예쁜 나로 더 행복한 나로 변할거야. 기대해! 보여줄게! 칫!

Thanks Ally! I shall listen to this song the moment I wake up every morning! A good dosage of mood-lifter for the brokenhearted.

내가 사준 옷을 걸치고
내가 사준 향술 뿌리고
지금쯤 넌 그녈 만나 또 웃고 있겠지

그렇게 좋았던 거니
날 버리고 떠날 만큼
얼마나 더 어떻게 더 잘 해야 한 거니

너를 아무리 지울래도
함께한 날이 얼마인데
지난 시간이 억울해서
자꾸 눈물이 흐르지만

보여줄게 완전히 달라진 나
보여줄게 훨씬 더 예뻐진 나
바보처럼 사랑 때문에
떠난 너 때문에 울지 않을래

더 멋진 남잘 만나 꼭 보여줄게
너보다 행복한 나
너 없이도 슬프지 않아
boy you gotta be aware

산뜻하게 머릴 바꾸고
정성 들여 화장도 하고
하이힐에 짧은 치마 모두 날 돌아봐

우연히 라도 널 만나면
눈이 부시게 웃어주며
놀란 니 모습 뒤로 한 채
또각 또각 걸어가려 해

보여줄게 완전히 달라진 나
보여줄게 훨씬 더 예뻐진 나
바보처럼 사랑 때문에
떠난 너 때문에 울지 않을래

더 멋진 남잘 만나 꼭 보여줄게
너보다 행복한 나
너 없이도 슬프지 않아
무너지지 않아
boy you gotta be aware

니가 줬던 반질 버리고
니가 썼던 편질 지우고
미련 없이 후회 없이 잊어 줄 거야
너를 잊을래 너를 지울래

보여줄게 완전히 달라진 나
보여줄게 훨씬 더 예뻐진 나
바보처럼 사랑 때문에
떠난 너 때문에 울지 않을래

더 멋진 남잘 만나 꼭 보여줄게
너보다 행복한 나
너 없이도 슬프지 않아
무너지지 않아
boy you gotta be aware

해님 달님

*this is a scheduled post

While reviewing for the essay writing portion of TOPIK Intermediate, I came across this 전래 동화 called 해님과 달님. It’s been a while since I last read/watch/listen to a children’s book in Korean.

You can also find it at Junior Naver.

떡 하나 주면 안 잡아먹지~

[노래] 처음 사랑

I discovered this song while watching The King Two Hearts (episode 7) and I find myself tearing up just right after hearing the first line! I thought of making the lines that I like bold, but I just ended up changing every line to bold letters so I dismissed the idea.

I love the melody. I love Lee Yoon Ji’s voice. And most of all I love the lyrics – because it’s my story. I can listen to this song over and over and over… until I become 괜찮아.

이거 다 내 마음이야. 내 철없는 첫 사랑 이야기야.

그래, 괜찮아. 괜찮을거지? 내 마음이 먼저 선택한 그 사람은… 처음사랑으로 충분해서 괜찮지?

나도 다 언젠가 괜찮다고 말할 수 있으면 좋겠다.

처음엔 친구처럼 소중한 연인처럼
나의 마음에 너의 맘을 들여놓은 순간부터
설레던 내 마음은 운명이 될거라고
믿었던 철없던 내 처음 사랑

숨만 쉬어도 행복했었어
햇살같은 사랑 이었어
영원할거라 생각했는데
그 추억속에 남았어

이젠 아픈맘 슬픈눈물 내 뺨에 기대어도 괜찮아
기억속 상처 온몸가득 남겨져도 괜찮아
마음이 먼저 선택한 너 처음사랑으로 충분해
영원히 지킬께 내 처음사랑

짜릿한 마법같은 너의 그 입맞춤이
나의 마음에 설레임은 그렇게 시작됐고
불꽃처럼 뜨거운 사랑을 속삭이듯
미래를 꿈꾸었었던 내 처음 사랑

너의 미소가 나를 웃게해
별빛같은 사랑 이었어
마냥 좋았어 그땐 그랬어
아름다웠던 시간들

이젠 아픈맘 슬픈눈물 내 뺨에 기대어도 괜찮아
기억속 상처 온몸가득 남겨져도 괜찮아
마음이 먼저 선택한 너 처음사랑으로 충분해
영원히 지킬께 내 처음사랑

사랑해 행복했던 처음사랑

내 자리를 지키기 위해



“자리를 지켜라!”

In the midst of my unending whining, self-pity, anger and depression someone told me “자리를 지켜라”.

Honestly, I still don’t know how. I still don’t have the confidence to protect whatever’s left of myself. I’m still afraid to do anything.

After much thought and hesitation, I muster my courage and registered for the 32nd Intermediate TOPIK on the last day of registration.

I don’t have the confidence to pass even Level 3. And I know there isn’t much time left to prepare for it. But… 나도 내 자리를 지키고 싶다. Maybe… hopefully with this I’ll be able to remember how I was before and will be able to find my old self back.

And at least I’ll have something to focus on instead of thinking useless thoughts day in and day out.

일하는 것, 운동하는 것, 드라마 보는 것, 생각하는 것. 요즘에 그것을 밖에 안 해.

I miss studying Korean. I miss blogging.