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Oh my g.o.d.

Oh my god! I never thought I’d go crazy over g.o.d. this much. I just discovered their music a couple of days ago yet I’m spazzing over their recent perf on Music Bank last night. Too bad there’s just Tae Woo, Ho Young and Danny (did I get their names right?) last night. I wish one day they can all (including Yoon Kye Sang) perform together.

By the way, I love the fanchants for their 거짓말. Actually since I don’t watch music shows, probably 2 months ago I have no idea what fanchants are. I just learned about it from my classmates who are Super Junior fans. 🙂 I wish I can learn the exact fanchants for 거짓말. ^^

Right now I’m enjoying watching their old perfs… ㅠㅠ

I think I know what song/s I would like to study next. 🙂


와! I just discovered my newfound love – g.o.d. a couple of days ago. I wished that they’ll have a reunion album or concert soon. And now I was so surprised when I saw some news today: ‘뮤직뱅크’ 600회 특집, 지오디 5년 만에 한자리에 모여 – Danny Ahn and Fellow g.o.d. Members to Have a Reunion at “Music Bank”

꺄악~! I’m still in the process of getting to know them and their songs yet my wish will come true tomorrow! Can’t wait for music bank tomorrow!!! Oh I mean later tonight! 꺄악~~!!

g.o.d. is love

I could recite Korean drama dialogues and sing Korean drama OSTs but when it comes to K-pop I’m helpless. I thought G-Dragon is a girl (thanks to the Secret Big Bang). I can’t distinguish Wonder Girls from SNSD (unless one of them sings either Tell Me, Nobody, Gee or Oh). If Kim Sun Ah didn’t dance Sorry Sorry in City Hall, I wouldn’t know Super Junior. I only know 2NE1 because of Sandara Park (and if we hadn’t performed I Don’t Care last semester I wouldn’t know who CL, Minzy and Bom are).

I love listening to music but I guess I’m just not really into the music scene. Be it local, Korean or American. My playlist is full of Korean Drama/Movie OSTs. And whenever I go to 노래방 with my friends or classmates, I usually have no idea what they were singing, and they have no clue with my song choices either.

Recently I was introduced to 2AM because I got their Saint O’ Clock album from the Korean Speech Contest that I joined. I find their ballads really nice and have included them on my playlist. But it was nothing special to me.

But last night, I was searching random stuff in youtube and got myself checking out g.o.d.. I know and have heard a lot about them in the past. But I haven’t tried listening to any of their songs before. After listening to two songs I’m officially in love with them!

And no! This has got nothing to do with Kim Sun Ah. Although I know a long time ago that Kim Sun Ah started training with them and was supposed to be one of the original g.o.d. members (Yup! When G.O.D was formed, it was supposed to be five guys plus a girl to form a six-member-group. And they were supposed to be named G.O.D Six) and these lovely boys often calls her 형 instead of 누나, it’s got nothing to do with me liking them. In fact I’m glad that Park Jin Young decided to take Kim Sun Ah out of the group. I kinda hate him for doing that because my Suna Unnie must have been hurt, but I’m truly grateful too because 1 ). I wouldn’t have “met” Kim Sam Soon and the rest of her lovely drama/movie characters if Suna Unnie pursued (*chokes*) singing and 2.) I couldn’t imagine g.o.d. with Kim Sun Ah!!!

If I'm not mistaken, this is from "The Last" concert of g.o.d. This is not Kim Sun Ah, but Jung Sun Ah (a theater actress) playing as Kim Sun Ah. They are apparently re-enacting some fictional events among g.o.d. members (re-enacting fictional events? go figure!). I think they are implying that Danny Ahn kissed Kim Sun Ah back in the days, but they are both saying it was not true and this 'scene' is just fictional.

I like their style. I think their music and voices are very soothing (who has that very husky and deep voice?), be it a ballad, disco, R&B, or a pop song. I listen to their music until I fall asleep last night.

I guess I finally found my K-pop group!

I don’t think I’ll go to the extent of saving all their images, researching their biographies, watching their interviews and all that jazz. But I’ll definitely keep listening to their lovely music (and probably watch their MVs and perfs once in a while).

recent photo

지오디, 만나서 정말 반가워요. ♥ I hope they’ll have a reunion album or concert soon. 🙂

[드라마] 누구세요?

Finally! After almost 3 years I managed to finish the drama Who Are You?. Has it been 3 years? That’s how bad my procrastinating abilities are.  Me and my mom were watching it regularly and earnestly during the summer of 2008. We were on the 16th episode (of 17) when Kim Sun Ah’s When It’s At Night came. I got caught up with Suna Unnie’s drama (and involved myself into subbing it), got myself a new job, and continuously tells fools myself that I’ll finish Who Are You? soon. I changed jobs, Kim Sun Ah made another drama (and I involved myself into subbing it again), I quit working and I went back to school, Kim Sun Ah accepted and quit another drama (and yes, I have involved myself into subbing it too – and quit) – yet I haven’t gotten myself to finish it. Not until two days ago. Finally!

Long before Secret Garden, there was a good and heart-warming body-switch drama – Who Are You?. Alright, they didn’t really switch bodies, rather the soul of the dead Son Il Gun (Kang Nam Gil) goes inside Cha Seung Hyo’s (Yoon Kye Sang) body once in a while. But Hyun Bin’s funny antics and nuances in Secret Garden whenever he is Gil Ra Im is not new to me anymore because of Yoon Kye Sang and this drama.

Yes, Yoon Kye Sang is ♥! He is one of my (very few) favorite actors (along with Park Yong Ha, Cha Seung Won, Hyun Bin, Cha Tae Hyun & Lee Bum Soo). He is just so adorable in this drama, especially when Son Il Gun is taking over his body. And once upon a time I had wished Suna Unnie to have a similar role as Yoon Kye Sang ‘s. But that was before Secret Garden (so just imagine yet another frustration when I was watching Secret Garden). Now I just wish that she and Yoon Kye Sang will be in a drama because I think they look good together (Aside: Did you know that Kim Sun Ah was supposed to be part of g.o.d.?). I heard he’ll be starring in a new drama soon – Greatest Love. 꺄~! And with my other ♥ – Cha Seung Won. 꺄악~! But why is my Kim Sun Ah Unnie not with them? 흑흑흑

Ok. I was supposed to be writing about Who Are You? and not Kim Sun Ah.

So, I didn’t manage to finish Who Are You? sooner not because it was not good. I, in fact, find it really good. And I think that this drama is very underrated. However it doesn’t have the I-must-see-the-next-episode-now-or-else-I’ll-die feel on it that’s why it stayed on the back-shelf far too long.

Though I can still remember the story, I have forgotten a lot of scenes already. I only have to watch last episode, but I decided to watch episode 16 too so that I can get a feel of the drama again. It feels like I was watching episode 16 for the first time. I also noticed that I can understand their dialogues more than I did before. I remember this was the drama that made me not forget the word 그림 anymore. I would have liked it better to start the drama again, however despite the fact that I find it good, it is not something that I’m willing to spend another 17 hours of my life. At least not now when I have tons of things to do and hundreds of dramas to watch. Maybe in the future I will re-download and watch it again. Or maybe not. For now, it’s good enough that I have finished it. And so finally, I have deleted the last 2 episodes of Who Are You?. My hard drive is now 1.4GB freer. Yay!