[촬영장소] City Hall – Porridge Restaurant 본죽 당산점

Any City Hallers would know this porridge restaurant that has been on a number of City Hall episodes. How can one forget how Jo Guk tried hard not to cry while eating his porridge and looking at Mayor Shin Mi Rae’s photo?

scene from the drama

scene from the drama

scene from the drama

scene from the drama

scene from the drama

What I love most in this shop is that they preserved the props used in the drama  – the tarpaulin with Shin Mi Rae’s photo even if it has been 3 years already. They also proudly display some more photos from the drama inside and outside the shop. There’s even a nice signage that reads “City Hall Filming Location” outside. Whereas some of Kim Sun Ah’s filming drama locations have either renovated their place already or have taken down photos from her dramas.


서울특별시 영등포구 당산동6가 216-8
+82 2-2635-6287


Take line 9. Get off 당산 station. Take exit 8. Walk straight ahead. You’ll find the porridge shop on your left.

[촬영장소] City Hall – National Assembly of South Korea

Alright, there were actually no scenes that was ‘really’ filmed inside (or even outside) the National Assembly, I believe. Just a POV of Jo Guk from his car and some studio-filmed scenes that was supposed to be the inside of the National Assembly (unless they really filmed it inside?).

Nonetheless, for Kim Sun Ah / City Hall fans (fondly called Cityhallers), the National Assembly = Congressman Jo Guk!

scene from the drama

scene from the drama

photo taken from the back – which i think is how it was shot in the drama as well


Take Line 9 and get off 국회의사당 station Exit 1.

[촬영장소] I Do I Do – 수상한 포차 목동점 Choong Baek’s Restaurant

The place where EVERYTHING started in I Do I Do – Choong Baek’s 포차.

Scene from the drama

Scene from the drama

I went there twice. First to just look at the place. Next time I went there to join a 모임 with some Korean fans of Kim Sun Ah. The food and drinks were good! 🙂


서울시 양천구 신정동 902-1 산정빌딩 4층 403호.



Take subway line 5. Get off 목동역 exit 1. Walk straight for a few meters. It’s on your left, right next to a 노래방.

[촬영장소] When It’s At Night – National Museum

Whenever Korea’s National Museum is mentioned, When It’s At Night is always the first thing that comes to my mind. Why not? If more than half of My Name Is Kim Sam Soon was filmed on Sam Shik’s restaurant, more than half of When It’s At Night was filmed at the National Museum.

Scene from the drama

Scene from the drama

Scene from the drama

Scene from the drama

The M cafe!

After the drama finished, there used to be a tarpaulin of a photo of Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Gun in this cafe. But it’s gone now. Instead a photo of a different was attached to one corner (and I didn’t bother checking which drama it was).

1. I wasn’t able to go around (especially the park areas because we don’t have much time (on my two visits to the National Museum).


2. I haven’t seen When It’s At Night for a veeeery long time, so I can’t remember where exactly most of the scenes were and what National Treasures appeared on the drama.

But they are all there! Inside and around the National Museum. 🙂


Get off 이촌역 and basically it’s just around the corner. You can see it right away. You won’t miss it.

The M cafe is on the second floor.

[촬영장소] Scent of A Woman – Line Tour

We were on our way to King Kong Entertainment, Kim Sun Ah’s agency, from Sam Shik’s Restaurant near 삼성 역. I kinda saw the name POSCO from afar, but I’m not sure if it’s the same POSCO as the one used as Line Tour in Scent Of A Woman. Luckily we have to pass by that building and I was able to confirm that it was indeed Line Tour.

Behind The Scenes photo


735-3 Posco P&S Tower, Yeoksam-dong, Kangnam-ku Seoul

서울특별시 강남구 역삼동 735-3 포스코P&S타워


Take Line 2. Get off 역삼역 exit 3 and walk a few meters. It’ll be on your left.

However, we actually just walked from Sam Shik’s restaurant to reach this place. Quite a long walk though if you are not used to walking.

[촬영장소] My Name Is Kim Sam Soon – Sam Shik’s Restaurant

My first ever stop was My Name Is Kim Sam Soon‘s Bon Appetit restaurant. Probably because it was the easiest one to find and is also near the area that I am going that day. And it’s a good thing, I thought. After all my “relationship” with Korea started with My Name Is Kim Sam Soon and we all know how big of a role this restaurant have in that drama.

Scene from the drama

Scene from the drama

Me and my friend kept walking until we saw the famous clock from the main street. We got really thrilled when we saw the tip of the clock of that famous filming location for Kim Sam Soon.

But when we get nearer, we were both disappointed with what we saw. 😦

The place is now a total rundown. 😦 It was renovated so it doesn’t look the same anymore, though there are still traces of materials from the original building (like the clock, the bricks, the flooring, the doors, and the tiles. It’s so sad to see wild weeds sprouting between the tiles and the abandoned restaurant stuff inside. It looks like no one has stepped inside for a loooong time.

When the drama was filming it was Hippo Family Restaurant. Although the drama named the restaurant Bon Appetit, you can still see some logos of Hippo on it. Then I heard it was closed after the drama (my thoughts: they scouted for a restaurant that is about to close – since the drama needs the location for a long period of time it would be difficult for both the restaurant owner and the production staff to use a place that is currently operating). Then it was renovated and turned into Todai Restaurant (Western Restaurant I’m guessing). There are still logos of Todai on the building when we went there. I think they are the reason why the clock was pushed back instead of the original position. But we also noticed that there was a different restaurant name on it – Aribann (a Traditional Korean Restaurant).

I don’t know why the place was abandoned. If only I had the money I’ll buy the place and make it alive again, just to relive the Kim Sam Soon memories.

It’s just really sad seeing the place like that. It has changed a lot. But as what my friend said, What do you expect, it’s been 7 years! O.o

I promised myself I’m never going back to that place. It just makes me feel sad. Me and my friend felt really really sad after we need to cheer ourselves up. There’s something in the place that would make anyone who have seen My Name Is Kim Sam Soon feel gloomy.


If you are still interested and doesn’t mind feeling lonely, take subway line 2. Get off 삼성 station. Get of exit 2. Walk straight ahead. It would only take your a few minutes. It’s on your left. It’s not easy to see the place right away because it’s covered by some trees. But if you keep looking up, you won’t miss the clock.

There’s a BMW showroom in front of it (which is just along the main street (영동대로). You can pass by a small door beside the BMW showroom to get to the restaurant. Or you can turn left on the third corner (역삼로).

[촬영장소] Scent Of A Woman – Incheon Airport

scene from the drama

Scent of a Woman, episode 2.

Also take note of She’s On Duty.

I’ll take more photos on my departure next month.

40 Days in Korea: Day 9.1

view from my room – and I so love it!

Day 9 in Korea? I’ve been here for 9 days?

And I can’t believe it.

Has it been 9 days already? It seems too fast!

Has it only been 9 days? I’ve done a lot and many… oh so many things have happened already! I’ve walked around Seoul (literally waaaallllkkkiiiing!) in the morning, at night, at midnight, at dawn – was even barefoot for some parts of it since my feet had bad blisters already because of a bad footwear; I’ve gone back and forth Seoul and Gwanju twice already; Lost left my bag on the subway train; talked to many Koreans; met strange Koreans; run out of money; took lots of photos; visited many places; ate the cheapest food (even though ‘cheap’ doesn’t seem to exist here); was mistaken as a Korean many times; answered a survey of some university students in Korean; lost my way; missed my bus stop; been stressed whenever my t-money sends off a beeping sound because of some error (aka my stupidity);  dragged my luggage all around Korea (like all around – Incheon-Seoul-Gwangju-Gwangju-Seoul).

Sorry, I was supposed to be blogging everyday, but something happened here and there and was only able to settle down and sit down today. Will try to write some back entries regarding my experiences for the past 8 days. Hopefully I can still remember what I did and all that jazz.

Meantime have to do some fangirling related stuff (stressed!) and watch a re-run of I Do I Do on the big television in our 휴게실 (rest room? I rather call it a lounge or something).

40 Days in Korea: D-day. Day 1.3. Thoughts.

My first day in Korea was a very tiring day. I realized that, even if I had prepared, my initial plan of going around Incheon and Ganghwa on my first day is something impossible. Especially when you have heavy luggage with you! Yes, I could use some storage lockers, but I am not also familiar with the places yet, so I don’t know what’s the best place to leave my things except on my friend’s dormitory.

I woke up early because of the cold.

In Korea # 008: In Korea it can still be freaking cold even in summer!

It was raining when I wake up and the wind was blowing so hard.

Wait, where am I again? In Korea? Like really in Korea? In the Korea that I’ve been dreaming to go to since god knows when?

But honestly it hasn’t sunk in yet. I don’t know why and I’m starting to feel really annoyed. Where’s the excitement that I was supposed to feel?

Maybe because I was tired. And maybe because I came unprepared. Hopefully my feeling would improve eventually.

40 Days in Korea: D-day. Day 1.2. Getting my phone and getting lost.

When I entered the subway I was amazed. It feels like I’m inside a Korean movie! So cool! I rarely see subways on dramas, but I often see subways on movies, so I was reminded with movies. The seats were all comfy too.

I enjoyed looking outside because the sights feels too City Hall-ish – Kim Sun Ah’s 2009 drama that was actually filmed mostly in Incheon.

The travel time was quite long and I often fell asleep once in a while.

When I reached the Hongik University Station, the real challenge started. Dragging my uber heavy luggage is something that is not easy! Especially when you have to transfer stations. It doesn’t help that I didn’t get enough sleep and rest.

But somehow I managed to get myself to line 2.

I didn’t know that the most difficult part is just about to come. The exit I need to take from line 2 is very far and there are no more elevators! I’m dragging a trolley and a duffel bag that’s about 20 kilos, plus a paper bag, a back pack, and my Sam Sooki.

Also during the exit, since I can’t fit myself and my bags on the swivel doors, I used the ‘help’ one, but my T-money beeped and somehow this time my Korean didn’t work with the station officer. I can’t understand him and I actually barely spoke because I don’t know what was happening. He just let me go.

One the way out of line 2, an ahjumma approached me and helped me in carrying my luggage. I was so touched with the gesture and was really thankful.  I also feel a bit shy because my luggage was really heavy. BUT I think the ahjumma made it more difficult for me. She walks fast. Too fast for my pace, so I practically have to catch up with her speed while carrying a heavy duffel bag on my shoulders. And even if I want to stop, I can’t because my other bag is with her.

In Korea # 004: In Korea, ahjummas are the strongest and most powerful person!

I also feel amazed at her power and speed. And I feel quite embarrassed that I my age, I was panting and I almost lost my breath when we reached the exit.

I followed zemoneko’s guide into getting a prepaid phone for foreigners near Dongdaemun History and Culture Park station.

But somehow it seems like I left my sense of direction in the Philippines! I used to be very good in directions, but it just doesn’t work in Korea anymore. Maybe because everything’s new.

Anyway, I kept walking and when I can’t continue anymore, I decided to stop by a convenience store and buy a banana milk to give me energy.

In Korea # 005: In Korea, stores don’t give out receipts all the time and they don’t put the things you brought in plastic bags. – actually it’s more practical that way, however I’m just used to how it was in the Philippines. You buy a gum for less than 50 cents (USD) and they will give you a receipt for it and put it in a tiny plastic bag. Come on people! It now looks ridiculous to me after living here in Korea for 9 days without having to put my purchases on plastic bags.

I kept walking. I know it’s near Paris Baguette and I just saw one earlier. But the thing is I saw another one. I don’t remember that there’s another Paris Baguette nearby. Also I reached a crossroad and it’s quite complicated and I don’t know whether to go straight or make a turn.

So I decided to ask a delivery ahjussi on his way to his motorbike. I don’t know the name of the place, so I just opened my laptop and showed the map to him. When he can’t figure the location either, he went to his bike and guess what he did. He pulled out his smart phone. Tap tap tap. And he showed me the way.

In Korea # 006: In Korea, almost everyone has smart phones! actually our Korean professor told us that according to survey 1 out of 2 Koreans uses smart phones these days. I beg to disagree – if your sampling are subway commuters, 9 out of 10 people uses smart phones here!

Apparently I walked too much and the place I’m looking for is quite near the exit. I walked straight ahead when I was supposed to turn.

Anyway I went inside the store after locating it. I took my time choosing a phone and was lucky to find a cute pink LG ice cream – for free! I just paid 10,000 won for the phone and it was activated and I have 10,000 won worth of credits on the phone. So basically the phone was free. Cool! It’s a damn LG ice cream! How much is that model in the Philippines now? The phone, just like most of the available in the store, was second hand. But who cares. There’s actually a better one, an any call phone that looks so neat and new, but I opted for the LG since it’s pink (and luckily when I get home and after cleaning it it looked brand new and no one believes me when I said I got the phone for free. I  guess I was just so lucky that day! Not everyone can get a second hand phone as pretty as mine).

It took many minutes to activate the phone. I should’ve walked around the area instead while waiting but 1.) I was too tired and 2.) I don’t know if they will need me, say for my passport or payment or what not. So I decide to stay.

After getting the phone I went out, dragging my luggage still. I sat on a small post on the sidewalk near a cart vendor. I was supposed to buy one toast but the ahjumma disappeared. I was too tired and I decided it’s time to ask my friend to rescue me! After sending a message to my friend from SNU, I headed back to the subway station. Slowly.

But my friend was actually somewhere nearby so she was able to go to Dongdaemun Park station quickly – even a few minutes earlier than me.

We met halfway and we were just so excited to see each other. We are really close in school and we both love chatting and walking. And we kept in touch via Facebook even after she went here in Korea early this year.

Upon entering the station my T-money beeped again. The station officer talked to us but my brain has totally shot down by that time due to lack of sleep and painful back and shoulders (from the bags I was dragging along) and painful feet (from my uncomfortable footwear). He then called someone (yes on his smart phone) who can speak English and he talked to me. I actually can’t understand him much but somehow it seems like my card wasn’t charged on one of my transfers or something so they need to charge it. I said no problem. I might have tapped it incorrectly or something.

Me and my friend took the subway, then we get off 낙선대 station to take a bus going to her dormitory in SNU. Another ahjumma came and helped us with my luggage. She also talked to us in Korean and when she talked in English she was really good!

Riding the bus for the first time is so cool! If subways makes me feel I’m inside a Korean movie, buses makes me feel I’m in a Korean drama!

On the bus, a certain ahjussi had small talk with my friend. And I was really glad to see my friend talking in straight Korean now. We were classmates in some Korean classes way back home and I know she’s good. But it’s always difficult for her to talk, especially to our Korean teacher. Like she is always thinking what to say. But today, I was surprised and was very happy to see her conversing in Korean freely and confidently!

In Korea # 007: In Korea, dragging heavy luggage could start a conversation from the locals. – we think that it was because of the luggage that we were carrying that made people talk to us.

So we finally arrived at my friend’s dormitory. I told her I am planning to go to Kangnam that day to visit Kim Sun Ah’s management agency’s office. Then we can have dinner and probably go some other places in Seoul. I just want to put my bags down. I said I’ll also rest a bit. But the moment my back touches the bed, I fell into a deep sleep. When I woke up it’s already early morning.