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[드라마] On “Secret Garden” Episode 4

Why is it very sloooow? At least for me.

The only thing that is truly wonderful in this episode was the pregnant 아줌마!

“잘생기고 키크고 돈많으면 오빠죠!”

I just couldn’t stop laughing!!!

But other than that… it feels just like another Boys Over Flower and Lovers In Paris to me (the first one I didn’t even bother to finish, the second one was okay but I was pretty bored at some parts). A very very very poor girl meets an insanely rich guy (and his evil mother).

Good thing Joo-Won never fails to make me laugh.

Another consolation: I can smell the completion of “Finding A Bridge” trailer/s! (What’s Finding a Bridge? I’ll talk about it later. Summer vacation! I can hardly wait!)

I hope Episode 5 will be better. I’m still addicted to this drama, but I can feel that I’m about to loose my patience real soon.

Oh! And I so love the location they used as Joo-Won’s house HOUSE. I wonder where in Korea it is. Can anyone tell me? I will put it on my when-I-go-to-Korea-I-must-visit-these-places list.