40 Days in Korea: Day 9.1

view from my room – and I so love it!

Day 9 in Korea? I’ve been here for 9 days?

And I can’t believe it.

Has it been 9 days already? It seems too fast!

Has it only been 9 days? I’ve done a lot and many… oh so many things have happened already! I’ve walked around Seoul (literally waaaallllkkkiiiing!) in the morning, at night, at midnight, at dawn – was even barefoot for some parts of it since my feet had bad blisters already because of a bad footwear; I’ve gone back and forth Seoul and Gwanju twice already; Lost left my bag on the subway train; talked to many Koreans; met strange Koreans; run out of money; took lots of photos; visited many places; ate the cheapest food (even though ‘cheap’ doesn’t seem to exist here); was mistaken as a Korean many times; answered a survey of some university students in Korean; lost my way; missed my bus stop; been stressed whenever my t-money sends off a beeping sound because of some error (aka my stupidity);  dragged my luggage all around Korea (like all around – Incheon-Seoul-Gwangju-Gwangju-Seoul).

Sorry, I was supposed to be blogging everyday, but something happened here and there and was only able to settle down and sit down today. Will try to write some back entries regarding my experiences for the past 8 days. Hopefully I can still remember what I did and all that jazz.

Meantime have to do some fangirling related stuff (stressed!) and watch a re-run of I Do I Do on the big television in our 휴게실 (rest room? I rather call it a lounge or something).


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