40 Days in Korea: D-day. Day 1.3. Thoughts.

My first day in Korea was a very tiring day. I realized that, even if I had prepared, my initial plan of going around Incheon and Ganghwa on my first day is something impossible. Especially when you have heavy luggage with you! Yes, I could use some storage lockers, but I am not also familiar with the places yet, so I don’t know what’s the best place to leave my things except on my friend’s dormitory.

I woke up early because of the cold.

In Korea # 008: In Korea it can still be freaking cold even in summer!

It was raining when I wake up and the wind was blowing so hard.

Wait, where am I again? In Korea? Like really in Korea? In the Korea that I’ve been dreaming to go to since god knows when?

But honestly it hasn’t sunk in yet. I don’t know why and I’m starting to feel really annoyed. Where’s the excitement that I was supposed to feel?

Maybe because I was tired. And maybe because I came unprepared. Hopefully my feeling would improve eventually.


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