Hyunwoo and Mikyung – Manila Meetup

캬악~!!! 빅뉴스!!!!

Guess what?!!!

Talk To Me In Korean‘s Hyun Woo Sun, pretty wife Mi Kyung, and family are coming to the Philippines and will be having a meet-up in Manila on February 12th!

Yes, him! THE Hyun Woo Sun!

OH.MY.GOD! *Fangirl mode*

I dunno why I’m sooo excited! We can meet Hyun Woo! I’ve been listening to his voice since I stumbled upon TTMIK. And I can’t believe we’ll get to meet him.

I DEFINITELY AM GOING! And I’m also quite excited (albeit shy) to meet fellow Korean learners from the Philippines.

Again, that’s February 12, 2012. Sunday. Mark your calendars!

RSVP here: Hyunwoo and Mikyung – Manila Meetup


8 thoughts on “Hyunwoo and Mikyung – Manila Meetup

  1. Hi~! I found your blog while browsing the comments section on Shanna’s post. ^^ Are you going to the meet up? I wish I could go but I can’t since I’m from the province. T__T I wanna meet Hyun Woo and his wife and personally thank him because TTMIK helped me a lot in getting started in learning Korean. I love your blog by the way and I’m a big fan of Kim Sun Ah too (My Name is Kim Sam Soon is one of my fave dramas).

    • Hi! You are meloncreme, right? I’ve come across your blog a few times before, and even added it on my blog roll – without realizing, until today, that you are a Filipino too! Yup, I’ll definitely join the event. Where are you from? You really can’t make it to Manila by Feb 12? That’s too bad. I think it will be great if I can meet you too! 😦
      Thanks for visiting my blog. And for liking Kim Sun Ah too! 🙂

      • I just noticed I’m included in the blogroll. Haha. OMG, I’ve been here before. LOL XD No wonder I had a strange feeling while reading some of your entries coz it all seemed like I’ve read them before. /facepalm Did you change your layout or something? I got excited I thought I found another big fan of Kim Sun Ah. Ikaw rin pala yun. XD

        I really can’t. My parents and I have plans on going to Manila on February but I’m not sure exactly when. OTL I’m from Tacloban. Yeah, it would be really great to meet some fellow learners as well. Can you just tell Hyun Woo that I said thank you? ^^

      • Ah, yeah I changed my layout this new year. XD
        Ah, so you’re from Tacloban pala. Malayo nga. If you want you can email me a letter/short message for him and I can print it and give it to him.

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