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Fans of Kim Sun Ah would know that for years now, our dear Sunny loved Vitamin Water. You can often see her holding a bottle of it.

So whenever fans prepare snack support, they make sure they send her Vitamin Water. Just like here on Scent of a Woman and what they sent on the press conference of I Do I Do (and what we are going to prepare on the upcoming snack event too).

Vitamin water are easy to find in Korea. Any convenience store has it and is also available on vending machines. Prices range from 1,600~1,900 depending on the location of the store (In Seoul and at Incheon airport it’s 1,900. I can see some convenience store that sells it for 1,800, and it’s just 1,600 here in Gwanju).

Take note that there are lots of different Vitamin Water brands here in Korea. What Kim Sun Ah drinks is the Glaceau brand (You can see it written on the cap) – the most expensive among the vitamin waters.

It was my first ever purchase in Korea. It’s kinda expensive for a drink (I think) so I said I’ll only get one and stop. I got the pink one first – kiwi-strawberry (focus: vitamin a+b) and it was good. However I want to try the black one too acai-blueberry-pomegranate (xxx: triple antioxidants) which Suna Unnie often drinks and I like it so much (not because Suna Unnie drinks it, but because it taste really good!). Then I bought another one – the red one dragonfruit (power-c: vitamin c + taurine). Now I want to try every flavor!!!