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I’m on Android (and wireless), finally!

And paperless!


I’ve wanted to get an ipad and kept bothering an 오빠 to sell me his old one since he hated it, only to be discouraged to get an ipad. I just want one but I don’t think it’s necessary. Especially when I still have a netbook that’s working just fine.

Then my netbook’s battery died on me! So I had to carry my adaptors along with my not-so-light netbook all the time and had to look for outlets before I can use it outside. And I can’t fly off when leaving a place because I have to go through all the process of shutting down/hibernating before I can unplug it.

Anyway, I’ve had enough of it and decided to get a replacement battery only to find out that a battery costs as much as a brand new tablet (those on the cheap side). So after some internet research, I decided to get this new baby – a 7 inch MSI Windpad. It’s one of the cheap tablets without the fancy 3G sim capabilities (I have no intention of using this tablet as a phone!) and bad cameras (I also have no intentions of using this tablet as a camera!) and very small storage (I can always get a bigger SD card or mount a USB – though it looks weird with a dangling USB all the time) but it’s pretty, light and it does what I’m expecting it to do so I’m really happy with it.

Why did I decide to get a tablet just now??!!! *hits self* For a techie person like me, I just realized that there were lots of things I was missing without one (aka without Android and Android apps). And lots of the things I usually do were 10x more convenient in this tablet than on my netbook. I love ebook reader apps that can bookmark my ebooks where I left off so I’m reading more these days before going to bed (without having the lights on! ♥). Same goes for the 3 webtoons I’m following. I also love the free Korean novel applications (though I’m stopping myself from downloading all of them). And since I can just lug it just about anywhere, I am spending less time inside my room and breathing some fresh air outside. And I’m finally on Kakaotalk – the best way to keep in touch with my friends, especially Korean friends. Keeping in touch with Korean friends = more Korean practice! I also don’t see the need of printing my pdf lessons and TOPIK papers. And I can easily watch my Korean dramas now while lying on my bed (urgh! laziness!)

And I now also understand and appreciate “syncing”!

And as a bonus, I can also play Fruit Ninja (and Temple Run and Rainy Days) while doing my part-time job! ㅋㅋㅋ Less stress on the job = more working hours = more money! ♥

EDIT 1: Darn! I should’ve chosen a tablet that is a 3G sim card capable. I just learned that there’s a prepaid SK sim card in Korea now for 3G devices and it allows access to SK wiFis. It’s 10,000 won more expensive than my regular route of getting a free prepaid phone (because you have to pay 10,000 won for the sim card itself on top of the initial 10,000 phone credits, wherein, aside from the initial 10,000 phone credits, you don’t have to pay for anything when getting a free prepaid phone – unless you’ll also get a charger for 3,000won) but it looks like it’s easy to have it reloaded (I always had a hard time looking for shops that can reload an LG prepaid number).

EDIT 2: Ah, never mind. I guess it’s difficult to keep my main number on my tablet because the battery drains quite fast. And if I’m gonna keep a prepaid phone on top of the SK prepaid sim card, the extra 20,000won I’ll end up spending ( if all I’m after is wiFi access in Korea) could get me to lots of places if I just use it to top-up my T-money. I’m quite confident I can leech some wiFi signals here and there (Check the TIPS from Seoulistic) (last summer iptime still worked fine with my friend’s ipod touch) and will just make sure I prepare all things/information I need before going out. And there will always be a coffee shop to run into for emergency wiFi needs. Or, if it’s really an emergency I can always get an Ohlleh wiFi prepaid ID from a convenient store.

By the way, I love Zarina’s Budget Travel Guide South Korea blog when it comes to tips and info on… yeah… budget traveling in Korea. 🙂 Do check her blog out! 🙂

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