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The perks of learning Korean

Were there ‘little happy times’ when you feel so ecstatic because you are able to finally understand something… just a teeny-bitsy-something… in Korean? Maybe a few lines from a drama, or your 선생님’s instructions, or phrases that your Korean friend is saying, or a single-sentence-long query from a Korean stranger? Or you’ve managed to successfully convey a message to someone? And that someone understood you and responded to you? I had one of those ‘little happy times’ today.

This morning I saw a photo of Kim Sun-Ah.

고사 지내는 사진 2011.02.08

I was so excited! We missed Suna Unnie soooo much. The last time we saw her was from her 2009 drama City Hall. After that, she was just seen on a few TV interviews, few(er) CFs, some fancafe events and a couple of overseas fanmeetings. And during that time, news about possible projects (mostly movies) come and go – literally (like there was a time when a news about a possible movie with Jung Joon-Ho was posted in the internet and just after a few minutes it was put down from the web). And I miss her badly.

Anyway, we saw this photo and another one. Our source said she got it from twitter. So I quickly went to twitter to check who posted it. And I found a Korean posted tweeted the photo. Curious and obsessed with details (!), I wanted to know when was this photo taken. So I tried asking the Korean if he/she knows when was this photo taken. I tried, but I wasn’t sure if I’m saying it correctly. Later, he/she replied that this photo was taken yesterday afternoon – and asked me if I am a fan of Kim Sun-Ah.

꺄~! I’m just so glad I know some Korean. If not, I probably won’t be able to find out when was this photo taken. I’m happy, but I do wish that my Korean would go further than that – soon! 🙂