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How big a Kim Sun Ah fan am I?

For the past few days, overwhelmed with schoolworks, I had this sudden fondness in checking random blogs of exchange students who went to Korea. And I came across nanchugeosseo’s blog. I don’t know him but apparently we are from the same university and we have some common friends. I just browsed some of his posts and clicked some random photos, when I came across one from Insadong.

And guess what I first noticed on this photo. Kim Sun Ah!

No, she’s not there. But her photo is. Can you see? Can you? It’s there! On the ice cream store. Still can’t see?



I swear, that’s her!

Believe me!

Back in 2008, she made a drama about cultural heritage, When It’s At Night and she and Lee Dong Gun filmed a date montage in Insadong. One of the things they did there was ate ice cream. So whenever I came across photos of Insadong, I’m always on the look out for ice cream stands hoping I would recognize the exact ice cream stand/store they used for filming and viola! I found it!

See? The hair, the blouse. And the ice cream store owner's vest! I'm not sure if this is still in Insadong... I wish it'll still be there when I visit... someday... someday... someday...

I wish I’m not scaring anyone with this post. O.o Hey, it’s not just me! Other fans of Kim Sun Ah can recognize her on photos even if it’s very blurred (me too! I even recognized a DVD of her movie S Diary among the hundreds of DVDs on the dvd rack in the drama What’s Up Fox?) or even  if it’s only her foot showing.

Anyway, I just got excited seeing this photo (read: seeing Kim Sun Ah on this photo) and I myself can’t believe how big a Kim Sun Ah fan am I. 🙂

Ok, enough of the random things and back to reality. Schoolworks, go ahead and kill me!!!! ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ