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FLTR or Foreign Language Text Reader is a… uhm… foreign language text reader.

Seriously, it is wonderful tool to use when reading articles or blogs or just about any softcopies that can be copy-pasted (well, no one’s stopping you to encode a text from a physical source such as books, magazines or newspapers).

I learned about this from Korean Notebook late last year. I installed it and made myself familiar on how to use it. I started with an article but I stopped halfway. Plain laziness I must say.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to read more these days. Reading used to be one of my strongest suits when I was still a beginner. But it has become one of my weakest areas (along with speaking) since I transitioned to the intermediate stage because I never read.


I so love this little tool because this is exactly what I need. When reading I encounter new words of course. So I check the definition, then I wrote them down or type it on a document. All these checking and note taking kills the momentum of reading and it will become tedious and boring. But if I just won’t take down notes the obsessive-compulsive me can’t be at ease (even though I know I’ll end up not reading the notes I wrote!).

Anyway, what I love with FLTR, it’s easy and fast to check the definition of a word, paste the definition and mark it then continue reading. You can also write sample sentences using the word you looked-up and it will be stored in the program. It’s easy to review because as you hover to a word, and you’ll be able to read the definition you wrote. I am also encouraged by the different colors you can use to mark the words. The more light green colors I see (color for well-known words), the more I’m encouraged to read.

I tried reading THIS ARTICLE today. I was a bit scared because it’s kinda long, but I had fun reading using FLTR, happily checking words out and color coding them. Before I knew it, I finished the article. I even have to double check if left out some paragraphs when I was importing the text to the program. Well, the article is not really that difficult I think. But still, it’s satisfying to read something in full.

How to use FLTR? Visit Korean Vitamin. 🙂