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Facebook in Korean

Deadlines for thesis and other papers are getting nearer and I am still far from finishing half of them. So I decided to pause my me2day and not to log-in to my Facebook often.

I have a tendency to stay online 24/7. I tried plugging out the internet and it only made me fell asleep. I thought of deactivating my Facebook but I don’t want to stop stalking someone miss important updates from important people and friends. So I decided to create a new account with just selected friends. That way, I’ll check my main Facebook account when I log in, spend maybe just 15 minutes checking notifications and answering messages and then log-out. And log-in to my new account and stay logged in forever. It’s more quiet now, very few notifications and fewer new newsfeeds. I can still stalk get updates from really close friends, I can post status and they can comment. Bottomline is, it is not taking too much of my time anymore. On my main Facebook account I have so many friends, there are a lot of new interesting (and uninteresting) things on my newsfeed and a lot of notifications waiting to be clicked.

Anyway, the exciting part is, I also changed my new Facebook account’s language to Korean. And it was awesome! I still have no confidence changing my entire computer system to Korean. I only changed my phone setting to Korean a year or two ago; and my me2day, Naverblog, Nate On and our Daum fancafe have always been in Korean and now Facebook. And it was not difficult afterall. Of course there are many words that are new to me, but I’m too familiar with Facebook, I guess, thus I know my way around and I’m now learning new words. I’ll definitely change my main Facebook account to Korean too when I become active at it again… 125 days from now. ^^