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[Announcement] Essay Contest on Korea’s National Image

What is your impression of Korea? What do you like about Korea? What do you dislike about Korea?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade seeks the input of people like you to understand how Korea is perceived by non-Koreans. Please share your impressions and opinions about Korea’s national image. The Grand Prize winner will receive a Korean brand laptop.

◇ Contest open to all foreigners without regard to age or gender.
– Those of Korean descent are not eligible.
* Please note that there is a separate contest for those of Korean nationals, in which Korean descent may participate.(please refer to www.mofat.go.kr for details)

◇ Submissions will be accepted from Sep. 3 until Oct. 19, 2012
– Please complete the attached application form and submit it with your essay(English or Korean) to culturemofat@gmail.com


SOURCE: MOFAT, Republic of Korea