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Jumping on the bandwagon called 해품달

Though I love watching Korean dramas, I’m not into sageuks because they are all pretty long and I THOUGHT they were boring.

But that was after my first sageuk Tree With Deep Roots. I had no intentions watching Tree With Deep Roots but my favorite professor said she wants to watch it. I was quite surprised because I don’t think she is someone who watches dramas because whenever we talk about dramas she doesn’t seem to get what we were talking about. I got curious and started watching Tree With Deep Roots and before I knew it I was staying up until 4:00 or 5:00am, trapped in the just-one-more-episode spell.

Tree With Deep Roots changed my view towards sageuks. I finally understood why a lot of people are getting hooked on sageuk dramas. They can be really addicting. Not to mention sageuks are beautiful – the story, the sets, the costumes, the language -everything!


I just finished Tree With Deep Roots when I first heard about The Moon That Embraces The Sun. A lot of people online were raving about it just after the first episode aired. I was a bit tempted to watch it but I was torn between watching a new one or picking up one of the dramas I left behind. OR selecting from my long to-watch list. OR re-watching Kim Sun Ah’s dramas. OR not watching any – after all school works are starting to pile up.

I decided to not watch any for the meantime (and just re-watch Scent Of A Woman once in a while as I encode them on DVDs). But the drama-addict in me feels so empty not having a drama in tow. Thus I decided to watch Me Too, Flower over The Moon That Embraces The Sun because I was thinking I just finished a sageuk. But Me Too, Flower doesn’t get (or probably haven’t gotten?) my attention, thus I barely start an episode (cobwebs are starting to collect on my Me Too, Flower folder). And I find it better that way. At least I’m not too much distracted from school works and Korean studying. I also can get more sleep.

But The Moon That Embraces The Sun keeps nagging me.

I found out the Kim Yoo Jung is playing the young Wol. Gah! Mom and I adores her so much from the first few episodes of Dong Yi (my mom watches the local broadcast, I just glance at it from time to time). *ignores*

I found out that my little Mi Joo (who has grown a lot), Suh Ji Hee plays the young Seol. *curious, but still… ignores*

A lot of people are raving over it. *ignore, ignores, lalala*

Saw how georgeous Han Ga In is in hanbook! *drools… but still.. ehm… okay, putting it on my to-watch list… someday… someday… I’ll watch you*

A lot of blogger-friends talk about it non-stop! *summer vacation, please come faster! I wanna watch it now! They are killing me with their blog posts and tweets

Then Kim Sun Ah posted about it on her Me2Day! *starts downloading the episodes right away!*

Haha! I thought all along that I’m doing well in restraining myself from watching this drama. But it only took one me2day post from Kim Sun Ah and here I am, with my eyes closed, jumping on the bandwagon too! Sleepless nights, here I come!

*Urgh download, can’t you go any faster?

My Little Mijoo has grown up!

Do you remember Hyun Bin’s niece who wouldn’t talk in My Name Is Kim Sam Soon?

Her name is Suh Ji Hee and she surprised a lot of netizens as she appears all grown up now at  13 (going 14) as the young Seol in the currently airing Sageuk drama, The Moon That Embraces The Sun.

I’ve seen her on her other dramas after Sam Soon (in my ever failing attempt to create a trailer for my favorite Kim Sam Soon fanfic) like One Fine Day and Fly High and saw her grew up little by little over the years. But seeing her THIS big now just confirms how fast time has flown.

Gosh, I miss My Name Is Kim Sam Soon so badly. I need to find time to re-watch it soon… maybe on summer vacation? ㅠㅠ