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[드라마] Bodyguard (2003)

Originally written on my old blog – April 26, 2009

Finally! After some months, I managed to finish watching Bodyguard. It took me some time not because I didn’t enjoy the drama nor because it was not good. In fact it’s the other way around. I enjoyed it and I think this is a good drama. I was just busy subbing When It’s At Night and preparing my new drama City Hall. If not for my unreliable internet service provider, I might not have finished this drama yet (since I don’t have internet for a few days a month ago I managed to get past episode 3 – watched the next episodes one by one – managed to finally finish it when my internet lagged again yesterday and today).

I’m not the usual fangirl who roots for cute hot and handsome actors. I appreciate actresses more.

But this drama is an exception. If I just have one thing to say about this drama, it’s as simple as “Cha Seung-Won is sooo hot and cute!”

These drama doesn’t leave much impression on me unlike the other dramas I saw. Maybe because the main character is a guy and I can’t relate much to his character. But there were some scenes that I was able to appreciate.

So, since I don’t have much to say, let me just list the things I like and I don’t like about this drama.

I like…

Cha Seung-Won! Cha Seung-Won! And Cha Seung-Won! Hahaha! No, seriously… I like him. This is the first time I saw Cha Seung-Won. He’s the only reason why I put out this drama out of the old drama closet. It’s not the type of drama that I would pick up out of interest or curiosity. But since Cha Seung-Won will be collaborating with my Kim Sun-Ah Unnie really soon, I must get to know him. And I have no regrets. I enjoyed his screen presence as he plays Hong Kyung-Tak. I clearly see his talents. Plus I really like his nuances and quirks that would definitely match Kim Sun-Ah Unnie’s own comedic timing. They would definitely be a perfect comedy couple.

I like Park Yu-Jin! The lady bodyguard! I’ve always loved strong women characters, so how can I let Park Yu-Jin pass? Too bad her own background story was not tackled that much on the drama. I might have loved this drama more if her character was revealed more. But nonetheless I like her.

And I sooo love the Hong family! They seem like a real family to me. I love Kyung-Tak’s mom and dad. And I love the brother-sister relationship of Kyung-Tak and Kyung-Mi. For me, it’s the drama’s strongest point.

I love Song Il-Gook! I hate him to death on this drama! It only means he’s a good actor.

AND THE FOOD!!! I don’t know but everytime I watch Bodyguard, I crave for Korean foods! Maybe because they are always eating… and they were always so into eating!

I hate…

I hate Na-Young. I don’t know. But she annoys me. It may be the weak character that annoys me or it can be Lim Eung-Kyung’s acting (or the lack of it).

What annoys me the most?

Lack of sweet moments between Kyung-Tak and Yu-Jin. They could have kissed – even just once. But they didn’t. Maybe the director and the writer don’t want this drama to appear like the usual romantic-comedy… but still…  so annoying. They look so good together.

Overall, it’s enjoyable. Plot is good as well. But a re-watch? Hmm… I don’t think so. Let’s just leave it as it is.