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First attempt at 중급 TOPIK

So, I don’t have time to study Sogang Online Lessons throughly and the date for the next TOPIK is getting nearer and nearer each day. So I decided that even if I haven’t started the intermediate lessons, I’ll start completing TOPIK papers – slooooowly.

It is way difficult for my current level. And not being able to comprehend even the first question scares me. But when I found the courage to work on it, I realized it’s not that bad after all. Yes it was difficult. And I have to check every other word on the dictionary. Some grammar patterns are either new for me, or confusing. But I didn’t realize that answering and studying it can be so much fun! Especially when I encounter lots of words from dramas I’m watching, or ‘chatting’ with fellow Kim Sun-Ah fans in Facebook. It excites me and it makes me happy. It can even make me forget that what I’m studying is actually difficult.

Here are some of the words that I learned/recognized that makes me happy.

짧은 글은 작가의 마음을 잘 표현하고 있다.

  • (On Air) 서 작가님!


  • (City Hall) 조국: 상상해 봐요.

반드시, 소원

  • (My Name Is Kim Sam Soon 소설) 삼순: 엄마! 평생소원이야! 나, 이것만은 올해 반드시, 절대로, 꼭 해야겠어!”


  • (My Name Is Kim Sam Soon) 삼순: 내 수준에 맞춰서 간단하게 말 해.


  • (random dramas) 어머나! 갑작이야!!!


  • (Year-end drama awards) 연기 대상

점차 – 점점

  • (두근두근) 특별한 나만의 님으로 설렘이가득찬 선물로점점 다가서는 그대를어쩜 좋아요

마침 – 마침표

  • (City Hall) 고해: 신미래 조국이란 남자 인생에 그저 쉼표도 뿐이예요. 마침표가 아니라.
  • 미래: 전 그 사람에게 마침표도 아니지만, 쉼표도 아닙니다.

소방수 – 소방관

  • (Secret Garden) 길라임의 아버지


  • (Facebook) 아유: 저도 코끼리 타보고 싶어요…^^
  • 디야: 저는 싫아해요… 무서워요. ㅠㅠ 선아언니도 아유언니도 진짜 용감해요. ^^
  • 아유: 디야… 겁이 많구나…

조언 – 상담

  • (City Hall) 미래: 미녀 상담원 항시 됩니다.


  • (My Name Is Kim Sam Soon) 삼순: 다른 patissier 구하세요.


  • (Secret Garden ost) 왜 내 눈 앞에 나타나


  • (Secret Garden) 거품처럼 사라져주겠다


  • (City Hall) 미래: 인주 시민도 당신도 나 포기 못해요.

개나리, 진달래

  • (City Hall) 미래: 봄에는 꽃이 피우죠. 개나리 진달래 기분이구요.

I never thought that studying Intermediate TOPIK can be this fun!!! Bring it on!

24th TOPIK

I was about ready to give up on the next TOPIK. I have killer subjects next semester. And will have to start on a new part-time job too. And as expected, I spent most of my summer vacation fangirling and watching dramas, instead of studying.

But tonight I received an encouraging and motivating message from my 선생님. She’s asking me if I’m going to take the next TOPIK (and if I’m going to apply for the exchange student program). She said that if I can get a 3급 she can recommend me to a Korean training program. She didn’t mention exactly what kind of training program but nonetheless it made me feel flattered.

I don’t care whether I’ll pass or not. And whether I’ll qualify for whatever training program it is. My 선생님’s message is just so touching that I want to do my best. It made me feel guilty for just playing around this vacation instead of seriously studying Korean.

So, I told her I’m not confident but I’ll take the exam. I’ll probably have to review with her. What should I do? It seems like I have forgotten most of the things she taught us last semester ㅠㅠ. I don’t think I can face her if I’m like this.

I still have a few days left before school starts. I guess my playing around will have to stop today. Tomorrow I’ll be more serious in studying, working and trying my best to finish my to-dos before school starts again. 아자!