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여인의 향기

여인의 향기. Scent Of A Woman.

We first heard of it from MBC Drama Gallery. Then a few news [Hankooki, Xsportsnews, JoynewsYstarDramabeans] came out last May 11th. A possible comeback drama of Kim Sun-Ah opposite Lee Dong-Wok.

I would usually be thrilled to death with such news. But over the years we’ve been disappointed and our hearts and spirits were crushed many times due Kim Sun-Ah’s projects that reached the news (and sometimes filming even started) but eventually didn’t push through (Thursday’s Child, SK Telecom CF, a movie with Jung Joon-Ho, My Son, I Am Legend, etc, etc, etc).

I’m happy about this. Yes I am. But I don’t want to raise my hopes yet.

In her fancafe, we posted the links to the news but the admins removed them and apologized to us, saying it’s better not to post something that has not been confirmed yet. I guess Korean fans are as weary as us.

I’m sure Suna Unnie and her management team will make the right decision – they always do anyway.

I miss her badly though. ㅠㅠ