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[드라마] Queen Seon Deok (Chuseok Special)

Originally written on my old blog – November 25, 2009

Two of my close friends have been persuading me to watch Queen Seon Deok for the past weeks/months.  But I gracefully decline every time they do. As much as I like and respect Ms. Go (Go Hyun-Jung)… a sageuk? 60 episodes? Thanks, but no thanks.

I have nothing against sageuk dramas. I just don’t have the time and patience (and hard disk space) to watch them. They are, most of the time, long. Dialogues are a bit difficult. I’m afraid it may be boring to watch too.

Tiluk gave me a copy of Queen Seon Deok Chuseok Special. She told me, if I really don’t want to watch the series, at least watch the special. I agreed. 2 hours is not bad after all. But even so, I still procrastinated. Until I got myself (finally!) a new DVD player that can play DivX files and srts a couple of days ago. After testing the player, the first one I decided to watch is the QSD Special.

And now I ask myself: Why did I procrastinate a lot from watching it? Ok, ok. I know the answer why. Yet, I still wished I’ve started watching it earlier. Now I have to start from Episode 1 while everybody is either following it real-time, or at least halfway through.

I enjoyed watching the special so much. I didn’t get to enjoy much of Mi-Shil’s presence due to excessive editing out of her scenes, but was surprised that I didn’t cringe at Lee Yo-Won’s acting – who is not one of my favorite actresses. And my heart goes to the young Deokman (Nam Ji-Hyun) who is really cool! I also like the story. Boring? Not at all. I guess it’s not a bad idea to try watching a sageuk once in a while. Specially for someone like me who love “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”, “Harry Potter” and “Mulan”. I realized I’m just missing a lot for skipping sageuks.

I’m not surprised why most friends from soompi and almost all of my Korean friends watch this. Thanks tiluk for giving me a copy. I owe you one. I’m looking forward to watching the entire series now.