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“Kim Sun Ah is a brave actress” – Kim Hye Ok

Reviewing for TOPIK when I came across an old article. This is an interview of Kim Hye Ok – the actress who played Kim Sun Ah’s mother in Scent Of A Woman. I tried translating it. 🙂

“Kim Sun Ah is a brave actress” – Kim Hye Ok


Kim Hye Ok reveals her impressions of Kim Sun Ah whom she’s worked with in the drama Scent Of A Woman.

When asked last September 12th on YTN News who among the actresses, who have played the role of her daughter, she likes the most, she answered, “I’m very much amazed with Kim Sun Ah.”

“Frankly speaking, because I’m always busy I don’t get a chance to watch dramas. Thus I’ve only met Sun Ah, for the first time, through this drama project (Scent Of A Woman). Before this project started I’ve only heard about her. I’ve heard that she’s good. Finally meeting her and working with her, I can say she is really good,” she said.

“Kim Sun Ah is very free-spirited. I think actresses are much concerned about their appearance… of being pretty, but Kim Sun Ah is a brave actress who can boldly shake that thinking off,” said the veteran actress. “I myself still can’t let go of that thinking, but Kim Sun Ah is indeed a daring actress. And that makes her very adorable,” she added.

Source: Paran News