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[노래] 두근두근

As I’ve mentioned, the opening of The Greatest Love got me right away – an old MV of  K-pop group 국보소녀. In that drama 국보소녀 was the most popular K-pop group 10 years ago. Their most popular song is 두근두근. And I find it so cute! I’m glad that 두근두근 is finally released – they even released an MV!

Yey! I have a new song to study!

아티스트 – 써니힐 (Sunny Hill)
관련앨범 – 최고의 사랑 OST Part 3

우린 처음부터 어울리지는 않았죠
다투기만 하고 속만 태우던 사이였었는데
참 이상한 건요 어느새 맘이 통해서
곁에 없으면 미칠 것처럼 그댈 보고 싶은 걸
특별한 나만의 님으로 설렘이 가득 찬 선물로
점점 다가서는 그대를 어쩜 좋아요

그대 때문에 가슴이 이 심장이 두근두근
난 그대만을 사랑해 내 마음 가득 외치는 말
두 눈을 꼭 감고서 떨리는 입술을 내민 날 보며
먼저 안아주는 그댈 꿈꾸고 있죠

그대에 기대어 슬픈 척했었던 그 날
나보다 더 큰 그대의 심장소리가 들려왔죠
숨겨도 감출 수 없는 건
꿈에도 원하고 있는 건
세상 무엇보다 소중한 오직 한 사람

그대 때문에 가슴이 이 심장이 두근두근
난 그대만을 사랑해 내 마음 가득 외치는 말
두 눈을 꼭 감고서 떨리는 입술을 내민 날 보며
먼저 안아주는 그댈 꿈꾸고 있죠

이미 알고 있어요
그대 나와 같단 걸
눈부시게 심장 속에 새겨진 사랑인걸

그대 때문에 영혼이 이 심장이 두근두근
난 그대만을 사랑해 내 마음 가득 행복한 말
두 팔 활짝 펼쳐서 떨리는 가슴을 내준 그대여
최고의 사랑을 가득 안겨줄게요.

I am so loving the MV too! There’s nothing special to it. It doesn’t even look like an MV at all – rather it looks like they just filmed these parts as inserts whenever there is a need for a flashback on the drama. But it makes me so smile! Ear-to-ear-wide smile! Funny thing too… since this MV was released, some people even thought that 국보소녀 is a new Kpop group! XD

두근두근 on loop for the entire day!

[드라마] ‘최고의 사랑’ 최고다!

I started watching 최고의 사랑 – the day after its pilot episode. I was contemplating whether to watch it or not, but I ended up downloading and watching it right after it aired its pilot. 😀

I watched it without subs (I’m not excited, am I?). My Korean is still not good enough to understand everything. In fact I often get lost in their conversations. But I’m happy with the amount of things I can now understand. I think it is more accurate to gauge my comprehension by watching an unsubbed drama than while watching a subbed one.

The opening got me right away – an old MV of  K-pop group 국보소녀. The song 두근두근 is so cute too! It made me smile from ear to ear – I don’t even know why.

Cha Seung-Won is great – as always. But I just don’t like that he is sporting his Jo Guk (City Hall) look in this drama. I think Cha Seung-Won is handsomest in that look, but somewhow  him sporting the Jo Guk look and acting as the crazy Dokko Jin somehow disturbs me a bit when watching it. I have to remind myself every now and then that he is not Jo Guk – he is Dokko Jin! Good thing he is about to change his look in Episode 5! Yey! I don’t have to endure a Dokko-Jin-that-looks-exactly-like-Jo-Guk being sweet and romantic towards Ae Jung. Jo Guk can only be sweet, manly and romantic to Shin Mi Rae (City Hall)

Gong Hyo-Jin is excellent too. This is the first time I’m watching her. Pasta has been on my to-watch list since last year, but I just haven’t gotten a chance to watch it. Although Cha Seung-Won is one of my favorite actors, Gong Hyo-Jin is the reason why I can watch this drama. Aside from the fact that I have a problem watching Kim Sun-Ah‘s previous partners on another drama with another partner, I also have a problem watching other actresses. I have a ‘high’ standard when it comes to actresses (read: high standards = Kim Sun-Ah acting standard). My usual litanies when watching a drama are  either “Kim Sun-Ah can do better than that!” or “It would have been better if it was Kim Sun-Ah on that role!”. Fortunately Gong Hyo-Jin is such a great actress and she plays her role as Ae-Jung very well. Of course, sometimes I think it would have been nice if Kim Sun-Ah’s playing Ae Jung. But I think Gong Hyo-Jin fits the role perfectly! So I don’t mind if it’s not Kim Sun-Ah. 🙂 (I just don’t know if I’ll feel the same way when romance between Ae-Jung and Dokko Jin starts budding :|).

At first I was just planning to continue watching Greatest Love without subs. I don’t want to bother waiting for the subs anymore and I just want to watch it for the sake of watching it. But after watching Episode 1 and browsing Episodes 2 and 3, I think it’s so good that I don’t want to miss out a lot from the dialogues. So from now on I’ll watch it with subs – even if that would mean more waiting.