[세부에서생긴일] Part 2 of 7: We are setting off to Cebu too!

I don’t travel much. No. I don’t travel at all. The last time (and the first time) I was in a plane was to meet Suna Unnie in Taiwan. I can’t believe that I’m boarding a plane again to meet Suna Unnie – again!


7:00am we arrived in Cebu.

Where can we find them… where shall we go… we don’t know! Where shall we start looking for them… we also don’t know! What shall we do? We also don’t know! Seriously, we arrived in Cebu without any plans! We were crazy, weren’t we?

Well, some fans said that most Korean celebrities go to Imperial Palace when they go to Cebu (since the owner of the place is also Korean), so Imperial Palace is our first (and only, thus far) target. But of course, we are not even sure if they really went to Imperial Palace.

That’s why we checked first all the Hotel and Resort booth in the airport and got all their brochures and pamphlets. We were thinking of going there one by one. But we were amazed at how plenty they are! How on earth can we find them?

We first went downtown. And I was surprised to find a lot of Korean establishments that it almost looks like a Korean Town. Korean restaurants were everywhere… there’s a Korean grocery store, a computer shop, even a beauty salon. There were also lots of Koreans around. Are we really still in the Philippines or did we take the wrong flight and landed in Korea? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

We ate our brunch downtown and went online. We tried making our plan (finally!). We looked for clues and we asked help from other fans (in soompi and to other Korean fans in Sunaforever, me2day and DC Inside) to alert us if they read or saw any news about their Cebu trip. We tried looking for maps in the internet, but we can’t understand them. Wennah said we really must buy a map. So we went to a famous department store in Cebu.

We found out that Cebu has 4 major islands (I wish that none of my Philippines history and social studies teachers are reading this!). The more we realize that locating the SOAW team is no joke. As advised by other fans, we decided that it’s better to simply enjoy our stay in Cebu and just try to look for them as we play. So we marked all the famous tourist places we want to go to on our map and made our itinerary.

But in the end, we just decided to go to Imperial Palace first. ㅋㅋㅋ

We went to Imperial Palace but we don’t know what to do. We don’t want to ask the hotel staff directly that we are looking for actors and a group of production team. We know that the guest information is confidential. We are also afraid that if the hotel found out that we are looking for their guests, they might chase us away making it more difficult to find and meet them.

We think and think and think of plans. Wennah thought that we could just go in, ask the hotel staff, and if they refuse to give nay information, to just leave our presents and ask them to give it to the SOAW team and have some photos signed and we’ll just go back the following day to pick it up.

But the thing is, we actually haven’t prepared anything. I basically went straight to the airport from my class and wennah from her work.

We went to a nearby internet shop and we printed some photos and write our letters for Suna Unnie.

And coincidentally, just when we were in the Imperial Palace area, I received an email from a fan, telling me that another fan posted an important message [My friend in Cebu says it’s confirmed that they’re booked at the Imperial Hotel. Hope Dia catches a glimpse of them.] I immediately contacted my fellow fan, then she referred us to her friend. We immediately went back to Imperial Palace after quickly packing up our things. We get to talk to my friend’s very nice friend, and we started getting our hopes up. That friend didn’t confirm 100% that they are in Imperial Palace but said that her friend who works there said that they indeed checked in at Imperial. So although it is not 100% sure, there’s really a big probability that they are indeed in Imperial Palace.

We went inside and we inquired about their packages. We still didn’t tell them that we were actually looking for some actors. It was starting to get dark and of course we can’t afford to check-in in Imperial Palace overnight. After getting the information we need, we went back downtown.

We ate haemultang in a Korean restaurant and we made a good plan for the next day. We planned to go sightseeing in Cebu in the morning, get an early lunch, then go to Imperial Palace around lunch time and wait in the lobby until 3pm. At 3pm we can check in for their night tour package which is a 6 hour stay inside the resort (3-9pm). So we will basically have 6 hours to look for them inside. We just wish that they don’t have any plans to go outside or something.

We found a cheap and nice place to stay for the night. We were so tired we both fell asleep early (I was actually planning to do my homeworks while wennah was planning to do some of her paperworks, but we weren’t able to do any). We had an early flight. We had lots of worries. We thought a lot. We walked here and there. We transferred vehicles and went from one island to another. It was indeed a very long day.

We were so tired and have lots of worries that I didn’t even realize that it was the first Saturday without SOAW.

I watched it live (with you guys) since episode 1. I was really afraid for the first Saturday without SOAW to come. I was so used to watch live every weekend, that I wouldn’t know what to do when that first Saturday after the final episode comes. I imagined I would feel really empty and sad when that time comes.

But the first Saturday without SOAW passed by without me even noticing that it was the first Saturday without SOAW.

So I finally found the best cure to withdrawal syndrome. Stalking!

[세부에서생긴일] Part 1 of 7: How great it would be if Kim Sun Ah will come to the Philippines

As fans of Kim Sun Ah, it’s been our lifelong wish for her to visit the Philippines. It’s difficult for us to go to Korea since visa is required. And getting a tourist visa is no joke. But more than wishing she’ll visit our country, I (personally) instead wished (and still am wishing ^^) to go to Korea. Because I know that the chance of her coming here in our country is very slim. Or so I thought…


I was doing homework with my classmates when I started receiving text messages one after the other.

Message 1: Is there a way we can meet and greet them at the airport?
Me: Huh?
Message 2: They are coming here!
Me: Who?
Message 3: She is coming!
Me: Could it be… HER??? No freaking way!

I had no idea what was happening. And the messages I received were difficult to understand (the senders were all excited!). But it seems like they were trying to say that Suna Unnie is coming to the Philippines? Hey! Very funny! That’s impossible! That is just… impossible! And why would she be coming here? Maybe it’s just a rumor. Or a mistranslated news article…

Nonetheless, I rushed to the library to get internet connection because I was totally confused – and at the same time I was starting to get excited too. As soon as I was connected to the internet, I was greeted by my inbox brimming with messages – all saying the same thing. Suna Unnie is coming to Cebu!!!

Cebu? Philippines? Here in our country? I can’t quite believe it!

I just can’t believe it!

No, really… Cebu?


I saw the photos and read the news. So it’s not just Suna Unnie but also Lee Dong Wook, Eom Ki Joon, Seo Hyo Rim and about 20 staff of Scent Of A Woman. It can’t be true!!!

Finally our wish is coming true!

Other fans of Suna Unnie, mostly from other countries, were all excited for me. I live in the Philippines and Cebu is in the Philippines. It’s another opportunity for me to meet Suna Unnie again. However, no matter how excited I am, I know I cannot and will not be able to go to Cebu. Others may not know but Cebu is really far away from Manila (where I live). In order for me to go to Cebu I have to take a plane. I also haven’t been to Cebu and doesn’t know how to speak the language in Cebu (of course, people in Cebu can speak Filipino – our lingua franca, and English, but still it’s going to be difficult if you don’t know their language). And most of all, I am a student – a working, self-supporting student. I have no money.

Too bad…

Just too bad…

Suna Unnie finally is coming to our country but I/we can never meet her… just too bad…

But that same night, suddenly a good friend… another fan of Kim Sun Ah, sent me a message telling me if I need money just let her know.

I don’t understand why a lot of people are very nice to me (someone also helped me big time last year that’s why I was able to meet Suna Unnie in Taiwan). I don’t think I even deserve such kindness.

That good friend (who’s not even a Filipino), thinks it’s regretful if Suna Unnie will be coming to our country and I will miss the chance of seeing her and that there might not be another opportunity like that in the future.

That’s quite true. But even if I go to Cebu would I really be able to meet Suna Unnie? Cebu is big and composed of 4 major islands. Where will I find them in Cebu? Even if I go there, meeting them is still quite impossible.

But if I just stay and sit and do nothing, I know my heart will never be in peace. Knowing that Suna Unnie is just somewhere in our country and knowing that a friend is more than willing to offer help… how can I just do nothing?

Oh! I don’t know! I don’t know! I don’t care! I learned some life’s lessons from our Lee Yeon Jae. Don’t hold back on things you want to do… you must follow your heart..

I thought that it’s better to give it a try than do nothing. I may not find them. But at least I can say I gave it a try. So that night, I booked for a flight to Cebu.

Most of us, Kim Sun Ah fans, live in Manila (or the outskirts of Manila). Some have work, some have families and kids that they can’t live behing, thus they can’t go. Good thing when I asked my good friend/”twin older sister” wennah,  “Shall we book a flight?”, without hesitation she said YES!

So, as Lee Dong Wook updates his me2day, we started looking for plane tickets over the internet.

세부에서생긴일- What happened in Cebu

Kim Sun Ah, and the rest of the Scent Of A Woman team, in Cebu, Philippines.

Photos from Cebu… as posted on my me2day.

김선아언니 이렇게… 우리 나라에… 다시 만나서 정말 반가웠어요… 언니의 필리핀말 정말 잘하시네요. 정말 정말 행복해요! 우리 나라에서 폭 쉴 수 있어서 정말 다행해요.사릉해요~ ♥

Kim Sun Ah Unnie… I’m glad to meet you again… (this time) in our country…. Unnie’s Filipino is really good. I’m very very happy! It’s good that you were bale to take a good rest in our country. Iluvyah~

감사합니다 언니! 한국에 잘 도착하시기 바랍니다. 제가 아직도 세부에 있어요. 오늘밤에 (한밤중) 마닐라로 비행기를 타고 돌아갈거예요. ^_^

Thank you Unnie! I wish you’ll get to Korea safely. I’m still in Cebu. Tonight (midnight) is my flight back to Manila. ^_^

이 사진 자막이 “한국 출발” 맞죠? 김선아언니, 이동욱님, 선물 있어요. 우리요. ^_^

This photo’s title is “Setting off to Korea” isn’t it? Kim Sun Ah Unnie, Mr. Lee Dong Wook, we have a present. Us. ^_^ (ooriyo)

우리 강지욱 본부장님도 만났어 정말 반가워요. ^_^

I’m glad to meet our (General Manager) bon-boo-jang-nim(wrong spelling dia!!!!) Kang Ji Wook. ^_^

Detailed stories later… 🙂