100 Happy Days: Day 008


커피, 케이크, 인터넷, 좋은 책, 시원한 곳. 좋다!
오늘 기분이 좋아졌다.
아마 한국어 능력시험 준비한것 때문에… 그리고 6일간 내내 회사에서 계속 일해야 해서 너무 피곤해나보다. 피곤해서 마음이 약해졌나보다.

오늘 괜찮아졌다. 회사 입할 때 부터 처음으로 쉬는 날 때 행복한다. 원래 쉬는 날 싫었다. 오늘 쉴 수 있어서 기분이 좋아지고 마음도 괜찮는 것 같다.

게다가 오늘 좋은 곳에서 글을 편하게 쓸 수 있어서 좋았다.

기분이 좋아서 자신감와 용기도 생겼나보다. 오늘 혹시 계획대로 정리 할 수 있을까? 암튼 해보고 싶다.


Thinking about it, I guess I was just too tired the last couple of days that’s why my mood was bad.

I was sleep deprived while cramming for TOPIK. I also spent a couple of nights in the office. On top of that I’ve been working for 6 straight days.

I finally get to sleep comfortably last night because I don’t have to go to the office today. And for the first time since I started working in our company I was happy that it’s my rest day.

I finally don’t have to dress-up and commute. I finally don’t have to talk to clients. I finally can do what I want (keep up with my Facebook, blog and emails more than anything else).

I woke up feeling better despite the scorching summer heat.

To escape from the heat, I went to a nearby coffe shop with my laptop, tablet and book in tow. And I felt happy. Being able to comfortably rest like this today and write to my heart’s content makes me happy.


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