100 Happy Days: Day 007 실패 # 2


오늘도 별로.
어젯밤에 많이 올어서 기분이 좀 가벼워졌다. 그래도 기분이 좋아지지 않다.
오늘 다시 외럽고 다뜻함을 찾고 싶었다.
그리고 기분이 안좋아서 많이 먹었다. 아무리 먹어도 기분이 풀어지지 않았다.

피곤하고 불행한다.

It was so-so today.

I was no longer angry and my heart felt lighter because I get to cry a lot last night. But still I’m not okay.

I’m not angry anymore. I was sad. Again I felt alone. Seeing other people spending time with their loved ones, family or friends makes me jealous and sad.

Work was not any better either. Same irrational clients phoning in.

I also ate and spend a lot on food because nothing I ate makes me feel good. And I just ended up being more depressed because I ate a lot.

I thought I’ll be happy because I finally finished downloading the last episode of God’s Gift 14 Days but the ending disappointed me ㅠㅠ

Today, I failed again. I was not happy at all.

One thought on “100 Happy Days: Day 007 실패 # 2

  1. 아:( 요즘에 저도 그 느낌을 받았어요
    어마 하고 제 가족 엄청 보고싶지만 어쩔수 없어서 많이 먹어요
    한국 생활이 좋아하지만 가족이 우리 꿈 보다 더 귀하는 걸 지금만 잘 알았어요 🙂

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