100 Happy Days: Day 002


우리 팀장님이 나에게 용돈을 주셨다. 내일 한국어 능력시험을 봐야 돼는데 성주간이라서 전철이 운행되지 않대. 우리 회사에서 한국문화원까지 택시를 타야 되는 것을 밖에 없는 것같다. 그 말을 듣고 예상치 못하게 나에게 돈을 주셨다. 택시비로 쓰라고 했다. 좀 놀랐다. 놀라고 감동을 받았다. 감동을 받은 나는 해복한다.

팀장님, 감사합니다. 이 글을 이해가 못해도 고맙다고 말하고 싶다. 합격하겠다는 약속 못해도 덕분에 더 영심히 해보고 싶다.

I was having a bad day at the office. I failed an evaluation just when I was getting perfect scores one after the other. It even merited a memo. I also received a verbal warning for my one-minute tardiness (not that I mind, but still). Was so damn busy today I have no time to sneak at my TOPIK reviewers. I was starting to get depressed again –  just when I waa just starting to get better. Then my boss gave me a hundred pesos to help me out in my taxi fare tomorrow for TOPIK.

It was unexpected and it made me smile. I was getting annoyed at my work but I realized that somehow I’m lucky. I have to report for work tomorrow but they were considerate enough to adjust my schedule so that I can take TOPIK in the afternoon. To think that Korean language have nothing to do with my work.

Im thankful to one of our supervisors. His kind gesture not only touched my heaet but it made me realized that despite the things I do not spectacularly like about my work, there are still a number of things I should be grateful for.

Tomorrow. TOPIK. I’m so not prepared. Cramming whatever I can while I can still keep my eyes open.

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